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Saturday, April 9, 2011

White Puffle IcePrincess back BUT…Club Penguin Bug has proved themselves Incompetent!

I have good News and Bad News…The Good News is that My White Puffle IcePrincess is back home :) Puffle missing from my Igloo BUG! BUT It was NOT easy to get her back as Club Penguin first REFUSED to do so and claimed that we only can have 19 Puffles! AND that they couldn't find any Proof of that I had Adopted her!

…I proved them wrong by showing them the Adopt a Puffle catalog were it says that we can have 20 Puffles adopted! It is AMAZING how little the people that Work on Disney Club Penguin know about the Game!

…AND then I showed them a Picture of my Puffle IcePrincess Adopt Certificate!

…With these Two Proofs Club Penguin gave in and my Puffle IcePrincess came back :) BUT here is the Bad News: Her Adoption Certificate has now the Wrong date on it!

Sadly Club Penguin REFUSES to fix this! I have emailed them many times but they only keep coming with lame excuses like these quotes:

“I'm really sorry but we aren't able to change the date on your Puffle Adoption Certificate; it is not a tool that is available to us”

“I understand that you would like us to change the date on your puffle IcePrincess' adoption certificate, however this is not something that we are able to offer to any penguin account. Neither our technical team, nor I, have the ability to do this in our tools.”

“there is currently no available option and/or feature that will allow either us, or our hard-working Tech Team to update the adoption date on your puffle IcePrincess. I apologize for any inconvenience. Please know that this is the same for any other penguin on the island, as we are unable to update their puffle adoption dates as well.”

“Due to the functionality of how this feature was programmed, we cannot change the date on your certificate. Here at Club Penguin, we have an incredible team of highly skilled people who tirelessly work around the clock…”

What Club Penguin doesn't care about is that when they add a date to something in the Disney Club Penguin Online Game that date becomes important! ALL Penguins that lost their Puffles due to CLUB PENGUIN’S BUGS should get their Puffles and Certificates back if they ask for it!

…Club Penguins attitude is unacceptable! Remember we are PAYING to Play this Game so DON’T take away and destroy things for us!

…What will be next thing their Bugs DESTROYS! How old our Penguins are? Pin dates? Something else? Time will tell…

…Club Penguin claim that they have an “incredible team of highly skilled people” and that can NOT BE TRUE as this date on my Puffles Adopt Certificate is very simple to fix and is Basic Database knowledge (I could easy fix this myself if I had access to Club Penguins Computers)

This is an example on how someone with SQL knowledge can make the update of the date in the database

UPDATE puffletabel SET adoptiondate = '2011-03-07' WHERE penguin = 'Saraapril AND puffle = 'IcePrincess''

…My Puffle IcePrincess is Back BUT…Club Penguin BUG has Proved themselves to be INCOMPETENT AGAIN!

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Spy Phone Message from Dot!

We have a NEW Spy Phone Message!

April 9, 2011


Hey everyone. G and I have been working on a major surprise that's coming soon. Here's a hint - start saving your medals.

…Thanks for the info Dot :) And Thanks EPF Agent Halo 200 for telling me about this Spy Phone Message :) I know for sure that New Elite Gear will come and I hope this “something New with a certain Polar Bear named Herbert” will help us to bring Peace back to Club Penguin! More info: What’s New in April and May?

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Peace Please – My Stories and Adventures :)

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