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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saraapril’s all TOGETHER Igloo :)

After that Club Penguin returned my Puffle but failed to restore IcePrincess’s Adoption Certificate we decided to move to another Igloo…White Puffle IcePrincess back BUT…Club Penguin Proved themselves Incompetent!

…while I decorated I got a loading Bug! To fix this I had to closed the Inventory and try again…

…now it works :)

…I think we all will be very HAPPY TOGETHER here and if Club Penguin ever hire someone that is skilled to fix simple Computer Bugs I hope they will fix start with IcePrincess’s Adoption Certificate Papers :)

…but Wait! I think something is missing…let’s add FLOWERS and items from the NEW Better Igloos Catalog :) DONE!

…I like to sit here at the Pond listening to the little Waterfall and sometimes I see a Fish HAPPILY swimming around too :)

…I LOVE all the Pretty FLOWERS in the Hanging Baskets :) That reminds me I need to…

…make sure the Community Tree and Flowers here stays Healthy too :) Done :) Time to Waddle home…

…LOOK! One of Rockhopper’s Flowerpots Plants has grown! I am so HAPPY that the Plants survived :) HURRAY! The Tree is Cured :)

See Earlier Igloo Decoration Saraapril’s Yummy CANDY IGLOO :)

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