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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Club Penguin at Kelly Tarlton's New Zealand :)

During Easter 2011 Club Penguin will be at the Antarctic Encounter Underwater World Kelly Tarlton’s in New Zealand :) Here for the School Holidays :)

Make a Puffle! In our special Puffle Room you can flex your creative muscles and make your very own Puffle to take home, or pull up a Puffle beanbag and settle in for Club Penguin storytelling time (twice daily at 11.30am and 1.30pm).

Join the Club Penguin FUN These School Holidays :)

April 16th – May 1st 2011 :)

Disney CLUB PENGUIN will be waddling into Kelly Tarlton’s for the first time this Easter Holidays for plenty of family fun.

Timed to coincide with Kelly Tarlton’s King Penguin Chick season, join CLUB PENGUIN as they welcome our four super-cute chicks in their chilly crèche from the Snowcat ride and via our big screen. We’ll also be running special Life on the Ice talks every day, introducing real life penguins– our King and Gentoo Penguins.

Highlights at a Glance:

  • Join the fun with Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, Sensei and Gary the Gadget Guy and meet their real life cousins on the ice.
  • Coo over our four super-cute King Penguin chicks (and their parents) when you see them in their crèche during the Snowcat ride or via our special big screen.
  • Visit the Puffle activity room to make your very own Puffle or join in on our twice-daily story telling sessions.
  • Explore Kelly Tarlton’s with your free CLUB PENGUIN Map and find the hidden Puffles for your chance to win cool prize packs – including one valued at more than $500.
  • Dress up as your favourite CLUB PENGUIN character and you could take home an awesome spot price.
  • Get CLUB PENGUIN coins cards in our free activity packs full of super-fun games, quizzes, craft projects and other awesome activities.

Daily Activities

  • Open 7 days, 9.30am – 5.30pm (last admission 4.30pm)
  • Life on the Ice presentation 1.30pm
  • Penguin feeding at 11.30am
  • Storytelling in the Puffle Room 11.30am and 1.30pm

Club Penguin Kelly Tarlton’s  :)This is AWESOME! I wish I could go there…If you can Have FUN and Please let me know ALL about it :)

…Here you can take a Waddle Down Memory Lane with Pictures from Ll 999 of another Event 2010 :) Melbourne Aquarium Exclusive Pictures :)

Spy Phone Message from Jet pack Guy!

I was Fishing from the rocks at the Beach when I got a NEW Spy Phone Message!

April 12, 2011

Jet Pack Guy

That's bad news. That means EVERY crab on the island is now a suspect in our investigation.

…That’s so…SAD! I’m sure that we have lots of KIND, NICE and FRIENDLY Crabs in Club Penguin TOO!

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Club Penguin Bug Detail!

Yesterday I found a Detail…Just like the other small Catalogs we have now got the “Buy” label Bug in the Ice Fishing Game UPgrades Catalog! This doesn't look so Good I hope Club Penguin will center this Text again soon…

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Celebrate Earth Day Sneak Peek – Parent Update :)

Parents have got more Earth Day Sneak Peek information from Club Penguin AND some Secret Information about HERBERT!!!

Dear Parent,
Excitement is growing in Club Penguin about Earth Day on April 22. There are lots of ways you and your child can celebrate the planet – like making an Earth Friendly Meal!

Celebrating Earth Day :)

As your child roams around the island during this year's Earth Day Party, April 21-26, they will find out about endangered animals and their habitats. Be sure to ask what they discover during this celebration.

Protecting the Planet :)

Your child's concern for the environment inspires us. In addition to the support from Coins For Change, this Earth Day, Club Penguin will donate $100,000 USD to protect more of the world's endangered species. Watch this video together to learn more. (This Video don’t exist yet…BUT you can read info at that link :)

May Sneak Peek :)

Speaking of animals, tell your child to look out for suspicious activity at the Everyday Phoning Facility. Secret agents will soon come face-to-face with Club Penguin's resident villain, Herbert P. Bear. Let them know that they need to team up with other agents, and use LOTS of snowballs to defeat him.

What would you like to see in our future newsletters? Let us know!
Until next time,
- The Club Penguin Team

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