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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What’s up with the Crabs in Club Penguin? My Stories and Adventures :)

These days the Elite Penguin Force is seeing Enemies EVERYWHERE around Club Penguin and always is sending us Spy Phone Messages to keep us on Alert! BUT I think it is time for ALL EPF Agents to stop blindly obey orders and start using their Brains again like we PSA Agents always did! After receiving the Spy Phone Message from Rookie I made a thoughtful investigation of the Crab situation around the Island and now I’m afraid that The Director and Uncle Gary are too overstressed right now and therefore missing some very IMPORTANT Facts! Today I went up to the Book Room to sit down and calmly think over what I found…

…I know by experience that Crabs are very Kind and Helpful creatures :) For example Klutzy saved Herbert’s life! And I have many times noticed how Klutzy doesn’t like when Herbert gets angry or lose his temper…that actually Scares him!

…Herbert Doesn’t like Noisy Parties BUT Klutzy the Crab does :)

…But why are the Crabs in Club Penguin helping Herbert? The answer is simple Herbert doesn’t EAT their Friends like WE Penguins Do! The reason crabs cutting Fishing lines is to protect their Friends from US! From now on I think I will be Vegetarian just like Herbert and stop eating other Animals!

…Crabs are Tapping on the glass in the underground Pool Cave but WHY? Are they trying to Hurt us? I don’t think so at ALL! Look at the Facts during Parties Crabs like to hold up Silly FUN messages that makes us Smile and through the Binocular at the Cove we can sometimes see that they have attached Funny Messages to the Buoys too :) I think they want to be our Friends as they are trying to communicate with us :) The broken glass 2007 was probably an accident that could have been avoided if we had paid more attention and stopped and listened to the Crabs! One thing that amazes me is that we have kept eating their Friends BUT the Crabs have kept being nice to us! I think it is admirable that the Crabs are so kind and keep encouraging us to Party and having FUN :)

…BUT why are the Crabs taking Puffle O’s? To be honest I have no clue yet…BUT it doesn't necessarily have to be that they want to be our Enemies! They might want to make a BIG Party for all Puffles OR…

…working hard to help feeding all the Puffles that live in the Wilderness and that none of us Penguins take care of!

Puffles are Playing TOGETHER in the Wilderness :)

…All this Proves that Crabs are actually Kind and CARE about both the Fishes and US :)

…Now…Let’s take a closer look at our own actions…We Penguins leave lots of crashed Aqua Grabbers in the Water and that is NOT good for the environment BUT it looks like the Crabs make sure to clean up after us and then Herbert Repairs and rebuild them and that is GREAT for the Environment :)

…and the soda spill disaster we Penguins by an accident created in the Ocean outside Club Penguin Island is not one of the Proudest moments in our History and even if we cleaned it up the fragile balance in the water was destroyed and the underwater life was deeply affected by this Environment Catastrophe! Until this day that area is called the Soda Seas…

…instead of immediately see Crabs as enemies we should start to think about how WE PENGUINS can be more Environment Friendly and how WE can change our ways! Last year I learned that Herbert is very Good at Recycling What is Herbert up to? My Stories and Adventures :) And I think that most Penguins have room for improvements in that area…Wouldn't it be GREAT if EVERYONE that lived in Club Penguin could respectfully learn from each other and work TOGETHER again just like we used to do :) I will contact Uncle Gary so he can give these Facts and information to The Director but first…

…I wonder how it feels to be a Crab? Time to change to my Crab Costume and sit down here in the Water at The Cove clicking a little with my claws…Click…clickety, click…CLICK, click…Suddenly I saw an OLD Smiling crab came crawling…then he stopped and stared angrily at me and quickly disappeared!

…Who was that? And where did it go? I looked around in the Water and among the Rocks but the mysterious Crab was GONE!

…There is only ONE Penguin I can think of that can answer these questions and I will try to find that Penguin right now...

…to be Continued…

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UPDATE: The Story Continues here: Looking for Answers – My Stories and Adventures :)

Gary has sent another Spy Phone Message!

LOOK! A NEW Spy Phone Message!

April 17, 2011


All agents - we have confirmed that Protobot and Herbert are going to attack the Earth Day Party. They must not succeed! Orders soon.

…Thanks EPF Agent Johnman65 for telling me about this Message :) Herbert and Protobot attacking the Earth Day Party? WHY? This is NOT GOOD!!!

See Earlier Message from The Director!

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