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Monday, April 18, 2011

Club Penguin Kelowna is a GREAT Place to Work at :)

The Office of Disney Club Penguin in Kelowna BC is one of Canada's BEST places to Work at right now :) CP is ranked 19 of over 250 workplaces that took part in the Best Places to Work competition so it is 18 Places that are Better to work at BUT I LOVE that Club Penguin Staff gets Benefits and having FUN at Work :)

"Ever since we launched Club Penguin in 2005 we've focused on creating a fun and rewarding work environment that's driven by strong values, and we work really hard to maintain it, particularly as we continue to grow and expand globally," says Lane Merrifield, one of Club Penguin's co-founders and executive vice president of Disney Online Studios. marketwire

…In this CHBC News Video you can see many of the People that daily are working and Creating Club Penguin for us :)

…CONGRATS Club Penguin I’m so HAPPY for you :) Can you Please bring Positivity and PEACE back into the Club Penguin Online Game too? Thanks :) And I would LOVE to work with you :) When can I start?

CONGRATS Club Penguin when can I start?

…Thanks to Littletias and Amythistfire for telling me about this :)

Billybob Showing Club Penguin Headquarter :) 

Community Tree in Club Penguin :) Lane Merrifield interviewed :)

Club Penguin is down right now!

Right Now I can’t login to Disney Club Penguin Online Game! I Hope they Fix this Login Bug soon…

See More Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

UPDATE: I can Login to Club Penguin Again :) THANKS CP :)

Spy Phone Message from Rookie!

We have a NEW Spy Phone Message AGAIN!!!

April 18, 2011


*Open message - all channels* Herbert! Are you really going to help destroy the environment??? Why would you do something like that?

…Thanks to EPF Agent Carly11208 for telling me about this Message :) That is a Good Question Rookie! Herbert has always been Environment Friendly…What’s up with the Crabs in Club Penguin? My Stories and Adventures :)

See earlier Spy Phone Message from Gary!

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