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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day STAMP Party 2011 :) FUN with Friends :)

I LOVE Earth Day and in Town I met Looly Pop 95 :) HAPPY Earth Day :)

…THANKS Club Penguin for adding Environment Friendly Stamps to earn During this Party :) Earth Day Party Stamps Added :) GO GREEN! Stamp Earned :)

…To earn Next Stamp Penguins need to work TOGETHER :) AWESOME!!! That is my Favorite kind of Stamps :) I Tweeted that I was in Server Oyster and asked my Friends to come and Help me :) Hello! Thanks for coming :) Let’s dress up like Trees to earn the Tree Mob Stamp :)

…This is FUN but we need MORE Trees :)

…More Friends came including HERBERT! LOL :) Thanks Baimezan :)

…HURRAY!!! Tree Mob Stamp Earned :)


2011-04-21 18.52.23 - Copy

…Sadly the Tree Costume is not Available to buy in Club Penguin right now…

…I sent as Many Postcard I could but sadly some Penguin mailboxes were Full!

…Tips: You need to have LESS than 50 saved cards in your mailbox before you can receive a new one from another Penguin…or TREE…LOL :)

2011-04-21 19.25.12 - Copy

…Tree Dancing around the Community Tree :)

…Let’s Grow Trees…LOL :)



…When we Recycling in Real Life we’re Saving Ourselves!

…and Trees! Oops! That’s US too right now! LOL :) Keep on Working :)

…Sure I can send more Postcards :) Just remember that I can’t see or talk to anyone while doing that…

…We have so Much FUN HAPPY RUNNING around the Crow’s Nest :)

…HEARTS for Rockhopper RUNNING :)

…If you ALL make sure your Penguins name are visible I will take a Picture…That ALMOST worked…LOL :)

…Then we had FUN Playing Treasure Hunt Game TOGETHER :)


…Then we Played at The Dock :) We are HUNGRY!!! Thanks Pilpulp for feeding us African Painted Dogs :)

…at the Snow Forts some Snow Leopards felt COLD and ALONE!

…don’t worry…you are NOT ALONE! We are ALL here TOGETHER :)


…What will we do now?

…First Let’s Eat! We LOVE PIZZA :)

…and then as you wished…Welcome to My Home :)

…Time to Help out so MORE Penguins can earn the Tree Mob Stamp :)

…THANKS to ALL Party Trees and Penguins that came to this Earth Day Stamps Party :) Keep having FUN Working TOGETHER :) HAPPY EARTH DAY :)

…For MORE Party FUN see the Earth Day Party and Easter Egg Hunt 2011 LINKS Collection Post :)  And here you can see More FUN with Friends :)

Earth Day Party STAMPS Added :)

HURRAY!!! Club Penguin has added Two NEW Environment Friendly Party Stamps :)

GO GREEN :) Recycle 10 objects at the Recycling Plant :)

Tree Mob Get 10 more friends to dress up as trees (Membership Stamp)

…I'm in server Oyster dressed in a Tree Costume in Room Forest :) Let's earn the NEW Stamps TOGETHER :)

UPDATE: THANKS to EVERYONE that came to the Environment Friendly Earth Day Stamp Party :) I will Post about it later :)

UPDATE: Earth Day Party Stamp Party 2011 :) FUN with Friends :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :) CHEATS :)

BREAKING NEWS! Spy Phone Message from Gary!

ALL AGENTS! You have got a VERY IMPORTANT Message in your Spy Phone!

April 21, 2011


*Closed message - channel secure* Hmm... I think Herbert was warning us. Put all Earth Day Party trees under surveillance. Be ready.

…I KNEW IT!!! Herbert is on OUR SIDE and wants to PROTECT the Environment too :) This is the Best News EVER!!! FINALLY we are working TOGETHER again :) THANKS Rookie for being Brave enough to ask Herbert the right Question :) You are a HERO!!! Rookie’s Message to Herbert :)

See earlier Herbert has answered on Spy Phone!

Earth Day Party 2011 Guided Tour :)

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Town Center! looks greener than usual. Maybe someone watered it for Earth Day! Grab a coffee at the Coffee Shop dance at the Night Club or see the latest eco-friendly fashions in the Gift Shop :)

...Here is the Plaza. Check the board to find out about Earth Day. You can also adopt a puffle in the Pet Shop see Norman Swarm at the Stage or grab a slice at the Pizza Parlor!

…Click on the Tree Sign to Start the Disney Club Penguin Earth Day 2011 Video :)

…Click on the Note to read about Five COOL Animals :)

Thanks For Your Help! Your support is helping endangered animals around the world. Mouse over each animal to see more.

Andean Cat The Andean Cat is the most endangered cat species in the Americas. They are only a little bigger than a house cat.

Cotton Top Tamarind The Cotton Top Tamarind uses its long tail to keep its balance in high treetops. It weighs less than a bag of sugar.

Saiga Antelope The Saiga Antelope roams the deserts of Central Asia and Russia – some of the harshest landscapes in the world.

African Painted Dog The African Painted Dog was once considered a pest. Now it’s a symbol of pride in Zimbabwe.

Snow Leopard Snow Leopard lives in the high mountains of Central Asia, and are rarely seen. Today, only about 6,000 remains in the wild.

…Don’t forget to Pick up your FREE item :) The Outdoor Exploring Hat :)

…This is the Dock. Find some shade under the tree or climb the giant rocks! Waddle toward the boat to play Hydro Hopper :) What did you say? You wonder what all the Penguins are doing over there? NOTHING going on here! No EPF Field-Ops 41 or any other Secret Elite Penguin Force…Oops! I think I have spent to much time Together with Rookie…Waddle On!

…click on this sign to buy a Animal Costume :)

African Painted Dog Costume More than 500,000 ‘painted dogs’ once lived in Africa. Now there are only 3,000 left. Your support is helping conserve the African Painted Dog’s homeland. 50 coins :)

…Welcome to the Snow Forts! To make it snow throw snowballs in the machine. Or get some buddies for a snowball fight!

…Here you can Buy another Animal Costume :)

Snow Leopard Costume Living high in the mountains of Central Asia, Snow Leopards are rarely seen. Your support is helping to protect these endangered cats. 50 coins :)

…This is the Forest but it looks more like a swamp. Stand next to a frog to make it sing! Let's start a frog band! I LOVE this I think I could sit here FOREVER! What you want to continue the Tour? Well…okay I can always come back here later :)

…This is the Recycling Plant! Throw your recycling into the Recycletron 3000 and turn garbage into useful things! One penguin's trash is another penguin's...anvil?

…This is the pirate ship, the Migrator. Arrrr! Did you know Rockhopper's ship is environmentally friendly? It's wind powered!

…Here is the ship's cargo hold Check out Rockhopper's Rare Items for some treasures straight from Rockhopper Island :)

…This is the Captain's Quarters! Play Treasure Hunt and dig for buried coins. See if you can find some rare gems!

…And check out the Corkboard to see what Rockhopper's up to. Looks like he left us a message :)

To do list

  • Reuse me cream soda bottles.
  • Water me plants!
  • Sing with swamp frogs!
  • Recycle snow with me mateys.


…Welcome to the Crow's Nest! Hrm...I wonder Who do you think took a bite out of the flag? Oops! Sorry that MIGHT been one of my Orange Puffles…LOL :) Let’s tell a Joke from up here for ALL Penguins down at the Beach :)

How do trees get onto the internet? They just log in!
What kind of bean never grows in a garden? A jelly bean!
How does a tree count? One, two, tree!
Why is the letter A like a flower? Because a B comes after it!
Why is a garden like a story? Because they both have plots!
Why do potatoes make great secret agents? Because they keep their eyes peeled!
Why do bees hum? Because they don't know the words!
What's black and yellow and goes zzub zzub zuub? A bee flying backwards!
Why was the mushroom invited to the party? Because he was a fun-gi to be with!
What's the worst vegetable to have on a boat? A leek!
What do you get...if you cross a shark with a flower? I don't know, but I'm not going to smell it!
Why shouldn't you tell secrets in a garden? Because corns have ears...potatoes have eyes...and the beanstalk!

LOL :) That was FUN :) And Now Follow me…

…for some Safe and Talk FAST Messages :)
Happy Earth Day!
Come to the Mine Shack!
Help me find things to recycle!
Let's tidy up!"
Throw your garbage into the Recycletron 3000!
Let's grow some plants
This needs digging!
Please water the plants
Everybody turn green
Good job!
Throw snowballs to start the machine
Help me make the frogs sing!
Stand next to the frog!

…Thanks for taking the Earth Day 2011 Guided Tour Now dig for Treasures TOGETHER with other Penguins I LOVE this Game :) TOGETHER with Lime3375 and…

…Shanevo1 I earned ALL the Treasure Hunt Stamps :)

…Let’s take a look :) Look under Games and…

…This is how the Stamps looks like in My Stamp Book Treasure Hunt Stamps CHEATS :)

…And this is how I have Decorated My Stamp Book :) How to Customize your Stamp Book :)

…Now I will start to Server Hopping to Track Rockhopper :) See you somewhere in Club Penguin :)

On this Post you will find MORE Secrets and FUN Earth Day Party 2011 and Easter Scavenger egg Hunt CHEATS :)

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