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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Treasure Stamp BUG?

If you watch other Penguins Playing Treasure Hunt Game YOU will earn STAMPS!

…Thanks Y A P L D for telling me about this :) This is probably a Bug BUT I have decided to think of it as TEAMWORK…LOL :) Treasure Hunt Game Stamp CHEATS :)

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Grow GREEN and Pretty Flowers :)

Rockhopper’s Plants have FLOWERS again and I’m think they are so Pretty :) I LOVE to give them water with my GROW GREEN Water can from Last year’s Environment Party 2010 :) Straw Gardening Hat 2010 ANIMATED :)

…The Tree is more GREEN too :) AWESOME!!!

…See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpot Plants looked earlier Saraapril’s all TOGETHER Igloo :) Now I will waddle to the Pond and Sing TOGETHER with the Frogs again :) La la la…This is one of my FAVORITE Club Penguin Rooms right now :)

Earth Day Party and Egg Hunt 2011 CHEATS and LINKS Collection :)

Win Club Penguin Memberships and Goody Bags :)

Here is another Official Disney Club Penguin Contest :) If you’re resident of the UK or Republic of Ireland you have the chance to Win among 100’s of prizes including Club Penguin Memberships and Goody Bags that’s contains a Penguin Plush Soft Toy, a Mix ‘N Match Figure and a Puffle Soft Toy :)

…First you need to solve this: How many gold coins can you see hidden on this page?

…I Saw… coins…LOL :) This Competition closes at 23:59 on 26th May 2011 so you have lots of time to count the Coins :)

What you can Win :)

20 Penguins will win a 6 Month Membership + Goodie Bag :)

30 Penguins will win a 1 Month Membership + Goodie Bag :)

Runner-up Prizes: And 200 Runner-ups Penguins will each receive a Goodie Bag contain a Penguin Plush Soft Toy, a Mix ‘N Match Figure and a Puffle Soft Toy :)

…Time to search for Treasures :) GOOD LUCK! EVERYONE :)

…Click here to ENTER this OFFICIAL Disney Club Penguin Contest :)

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