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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spy Phone Message from Gary!

I was working TOGETHER with Suzie80378 making Pizzas in the Pizza Parlor when I got a NEW Spy Phone Message…

April 30, 2011


Herbert and Protobot have gone quiet again. This is a good opportunity to prepare. Next week, I'll start by explaining more about classes.

…Thanks EPF Agent Halo 200 for telling me about this Message :) I’m looking forward to that Uncle Gary and can you please tell us how we will get PEACE back on Club Penguin Island too? GTG I have a pizza delivery to do and I must hurry home to ask my Green Puffle Gosig to help me…

…THANKS Gosig you are a GREAT Friend :)

…The Migrator is Visible from the Beacon so now we know that it didn't sink so I guess that the Aliens decided to returned our Friends…LOL :) Rockhopper and Yarr have Left BUT…BUG!

…Pizza Delivery of a Candy Pizza is on the Way :) Fair Winds Rockhopper and Yarr!

…and now I have more Pizzatron 3000 Stamps to earn :) Waddle On Friends :)

See earlier Spy Phone Message from Dot!

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