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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bugs found in Rollerscape Beta Team Version :)

On this Post I will write down Bugs that we Beta Team Penguins Finds :) Remember this is a BETA Version so submit all Bugs you find to Club Penguin :) On Normal Level 3 we can see how we are supposed to solve this…BUT…

…You can just roll full speed forward and you will get the O’Berry and Key without adjusting the bridge!

…Level 12 and Level 16 Race…

…still called 2 and 6 on the Select Race Level Page…

…missing the Race Level time bubbles!

…I can only submit one comment then I have to logout and login again to submit another comment! And when I rate in Rollerscape or anywhere else in the Beta Test that Rating follow when I open a new file and I can’t rate there! Please can you fix so we can rate on every level and file? AND after I have logged out and cleared my cache the rating is still there when I login again!

…the Press and Hold mouse to move doesn't work I got this problem both in EI9, Firefox and Chrome!

…and every time you login to Beta Team you have to start over to unlock all the Rollerscape Levels again!

…On the other two Files Puffle Hat Ideas and Rollerscape History I just get a Black Screen (LOOK! The rating from Rollerscape)

…sometimes the Rollerscape Game stop instead of go to next level when I click on Next…(UPDATE: OR Level Select)

…and I get this kind of Black Screen I lose all my unlocked Levels and I must Start over again…

…Thanks to Luigileo for reminding me about this: If you take too long time while adding your name and password to login to the Beta Team you will get this message You have been idle for more than 2 minutes…Click on OK and…

…You get this Error Message: This is a Blog You didn't come from the right page, try linking from this one instead Click on Game...and you will be back to the Beta Team Login Page :) I don’t think this is a Bug BUT THANKS again Luigileo for reminding me about this :)

…If you find a Bug in Rollerscape Please leave a comment on this Post too :)

How to Play Rollerscape Beta Test Version :)

How to be a Club Penguin Beta Tester :)

More Bugs might be added on this post later…

How to Play Rollerscape Beta Test Version :)

First you must become a part of Disney Club Penguins Beta Team :) Then you can Play the Rollerscape Game version 1.0 The Ice caves :)

Instructions: Press and hold the mouse to Move OR Press the Arrow keys to Move :) With the Mouse, click and drag objects within the environment to move them :)

…Select  Level :)

…If you need Help click on the Notepad in the left upper corner :)

…click on the left button in the left upper corner to pause the Game or to Retry or Select another Level :)

…This is FUN :)

Beta Test Version of Rollerscaper :)

Level 1 :)

Adjust the speed and the wood :)

Level 2 :)

Level 3 :)

Level 4 :)

Level 5 :)

Click on Icicles and use them to reach High Placed O’Berries you can rotate them too :) Just grab them and make a rotate move with your mouse :)

Level 6 :)

Level 7 :)

The purple block of something…LOL will sink in the water and the block of ice will float :)

Level 8 :)

Level 9 :)

You can Remove three pieces of snowy ice  by click on them to make a path to the O’Berry Bunch :)

Level 10 :)

Click and Remove the Ice and place it in a place where it’s not in your way :)

…ALL 10 Levels solved in Normal Speed now I will Test Race :) Click on Race and…

…Choose a Race Level…

…Now I have to be QUICK otherwise I will lose O’Berries and the KEY to next Level!

…After Playing this Game Remember to Rate and Comment :)

…Under this label Beta Team you find more info about Club Penguin Beta Tests :)

Comm Agents message from Gary!

I was working in the Pet Shop refilling the Shelves when I got a NEW Spy Phone Message!

May 3, 2011


Comm Agents are experts in intel and recon. They solve problems with information and diplomacy. They are excellent leaders.

…Thanks EPF Agent Flipper11728 for telling me about this Message :) And Thanks Gary for this information I like that Comm Agents are smart enough to talk about problems and solve them BEFORE they gets out of hand :)

Comm Class Gears!

See earlier Stealth Agents message from Gary!

How to be a Club Penguin Beta Tester :)

Now YOU can be a Club Penguin Beta Tester :) Remember that Happy77 gave us a Sneak Peek Video about Beta Tests? Now we ALL can be Beta Testers TOO by joining the Club Penguin Beta Team!

Follow these instructions: How to become a Club Penguin Beta Tester? Fist click on this link to go the What's New Post (will be opened in new tab) with the Secret Club Penguin Beta Tester Link and click on the word Team :) UPDATE: To make this link easier to find Club Penguin adds it now and then to a newer post so look for the highlighted word Team in one of the newest What’s New Posts :)

…Now add your Penguin name and Password and Login :) Disclaimer: This exclusive test content is for authorized Beta Team members only. Content may or may not be available in all languages. It will likely contain bugs. It may also never be seen on Club Penguin. Coins cannot be earned within Beta Team. The terms of Use applies to all content contained within. By logging in, the user agrees to become an authorized member of the Beta Team.

…Welcome to the Beta Team :)

…Type in the word help and click on enter…

…Read the instructions on this page :)

…and then type in ls click on enter…

…File List :) Click on a file…

…Now I will Test to Play Rollerscape The Ice Caves :)

…after Testing the Game you should Rate and…

…Submit a Comment to Club Penguin as this site is to HELP Disney Club Penguin and not only for entertainment :)

…Thanks Cheda1234 for telling me about this you are a GREAT Friend :) AND THANKS Club Penguin for allowing EVERYONE to become Beta Testers in Club Penguin once again :) Now I will do some MORE Tests this is SO MUCH FUN :)

How to Play Beta Version of Rollerscape 1.0 :)

Bugs found in Rollerscape Beta Team Version :)

Beta Team Info :)

More work for Beta Team :)

Beta Team Files Removed!

Beta Team DOWN BUG!

Beta Team Link GONE!

Rollerscape Extra level 3 YouTube Video CHEATS :)

Medieval Party is Almost Here by Billybob:)

Puffle Hats and MORE Beta Team :)

Places for New Map Beta Team Question :)

Beta Team Files Removed!

Fluffy the Fish Game for Beta Team :)

Beta Team Login BUG!

WARNING!!! BUG will get you BANNED!

Snow Cone Game – Beta Team :)

Photo Puzzle and Pizza Oven Games - Beta Team :)

Beta Team Link GONE?!? BUG!

More soon…

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