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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Community What’s New BUG!

Usually The latest What’s New Post will be Featured here on Club Penguin Community Page BUT after we got the earth Day Video we haven’t got any new Updates Featured here…Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

Here you can see Club Penguin Earth Day Video 2011 :)

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UPDATE: May 17, 2011 Thanks Harryp1 for telling me that this Bug is Fixed :) And Thanks Club Penguin for Fixing it :)

Club Penguin Details :)

Under Help on Club Penguin Website we have got an update of the Newspaper Text:


The Club Penguin Times is the best way to find out what's happening around the island. It is published every Friday.

  • Make a submission:
    To submit your joke or riddle, or to ask Aunt Arctic a question go to the bottom of Page 2 of the Club Penguin Times.
  • Archived issues
    Read old issues of the newspaper in the Boiler Room. Click the filing cabinet drawer or the cabinet icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen to find the last six issue

…This Company News is  Dated April 20, 2011 BUT was first added to Club Penguins Webpage TODAY! Better late than Never…LOL :)

Club Penguin at it’s Players celebrate Earth Day

Virtual world empowers kids to go green and donates $100,000 to environmental projects.

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, April 20, 2011 – Fans of Club Penguin ( can learn how to protect their planet and show support for all its citizens this Earth Day just by playing in the snow-covered virtual world.

As part of its ongoing commitment to creating safe places around the world and protecting the earth, Disney Online Studios, which produces Club Penguin, is donating an additional $100,000 of its annual multi-million dollar giving budget to conserve wetlands and protect endangered species. For its annual Earth Day party, Club Penguin will also launch a series of new activities designed to educate and empower its players to help protect the earth and the living creatures that call it home.

From April 20 through 27, 2011 members can use the virtual coins they earn playing games on Club Penguin to purchase Earth Day-themed costumes for their penguin avatars. Players will also be able to visit areas of the virtual world that have been redesigned to look like the natural habitat of some endangered species, and learn more about those species and what threatens their survival.

"Children have such an innate curiosity, and a desire to protect the planet and all its citizens, and we think this is a great way to educate them and encourage them to take action in their own way," says Lane Merrifield, one of Club Penguin's co-founders and executive vice president of Disney Online Studios.

Club Penguin is one of the largest virtual worlds for children with a reputation for providing fun for kids and peace of mind for parents. Millions of children and families in nearly every country in the world play Club Penguin in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Club Penguin uses word filters and live moderators to monitor chat and activity on the site and work to prevent the sharing of inappropriate or personally identifiable information.

The Earth Day party is just one example of Club Penguin's ongoing efforts to empower its players to help change the world. A portion of the organization's net profits supports organizations working to improve the lives of children and families around the globe. Each December, the Coins For Change online giving campaign lets players vote on where some of those donations will go.

In recent years, the kids who play Club Penguin have helped more than two million people get medical care, enabled 200,000 children to go to school and helped protect more than a dozen endangered species and their habitats. In addition, last fall, players submitted their drawings for the opportunity to have their art featured in a mural on the wall of a school in Haiti that donations from Disney Online Studios and Club Penguin helped rebuild.

"From dressing up and role playing during the Earth Day party to sharing their ideas on how to help those affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, our players never cease to amaze us with their passion for changing the world, and we really want to nurture that passion," says Merrifield.

The $100,000 donation this Earth Day will support:

Projects to preserve wetland habitat and reduce overfishing in China – conducted by RARE

Projects to conserve and protect the African Painted Dog and the Snow Leopard – conducted through the Wildlife Conservation Network and

THANKS for the AMAZINGLY FUN Earth Day Party 2011 Club Penguin :)

In the Club Penguin Times Newspaper we have an EPF related message :)

…The Name Saraapril is now Bold on Tour Guide  Postcards and some other Cards :) Here you can see how it looked earlier :) Payday in Club Penguin :)

See More Club Penguin Details :)

New Clothing Items Out Today by Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

The new clothing catalog arrived today! Thou might hath noticed some knights, princesses and dragons roaming around the island already. Check out the scene at the Gift Shop today:

So what do you think of this month's Penguin Style catalog? What's your favorite item? We want to hear from you, so let the team know what you think in the comments!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I LOVE ALL the Pretty Princess Outfits they are so PRETTY that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to Choose a Favorite! I bought them ALL :) The only thing I Wish for is Sapphire Shoes and SPARKLING Gold and Ruby Shoes! Please Club Penguin can you make that?

Medieval Penguin Style Catalog 2011 CHEATS :)

Membership FUN May 2011 :)

Membership means more adventures for Knights and Princesses :)

This badge is your key to unlock exclusive items, games, parties and events. Check out what you can access with your badge in May!

  • Take on fresh challenges in a new Medieval Quest
  • Transform your igloo into a royal castle
  • Explore the kingdom in new Medieval costumes Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)
  • And coming in June: Form a band and rock out during Music Jam!

See earlier Member FUN in April 2011 :)

Club Penguin Bugs UPDATE!

The Background Rookie Gave me at the April Fools Party 2011 is GONE! And the FUN Purple Propeller cap and Box Costume Bug is Fixed!

…Once AGAIN Club Penguin has DELETED an item from us! This is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Please Club Penguin isn't it about time that you start to think about WHY these Deleted item bugs keep happening? And WHEN will we get our Rookie Background Back?

UPDATE: Thanks At709 for telling me that the Rookie Background is moved to the last item in our inventory IF you look at ALL ITEMS! Sadly we can’t click on it and add it as Background so right now the Rookie Autographed Background is USELESS!

See MORE Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

UPDATE: May 20, 2011 The Rookie Background is Back again :) Thanks Famews for telling me this Good News and Thanks Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Times issue 290 :)

Prepare Ye Kingdom to Party! Forsooth! Fine Fashions!

Prepare Ye Kingdom to Party!

Construction on ye new medieval kingdom begins May 13.

“Medieval merriment is on its way,” said a planner. “We’ve got some magic up our sleeves, but to pull this off, we’ll  need help from the entire kingdom. We’re working on quests, puzzles and some scaly surprises...”

With the success of last year’s Medieval Party, planners are once again calling on every knight and princess in the land.

“Whether your skills lie in decorating or dragon taming, we bid you to help!” she said.

“We want to transform the whole island. From the tip top of the Ski Hill to the deep depths of the Hidden Lake!”

With everyone’s cooperation, party planners hope to begin construction of the kingdom on May 13.

Forsooth! Fine Fashions!

Hear ye, hear ye! New medieval costumes are out at the Gift Shop.

Medieval fashions have been revealed at the Gift Shop! Princess hats, golden chains and royal robes can all be found in this month’s Penguin Style catalog.

Costume designers worked closely with Gary the Gadget Guy to create authentic medieval looks.

Although he won’t be attending the party, Gary reports he is pleased with the way the costumes turned out…

“Not only is the armor flame-resistant,” Gary said, it’s also effective cover from hydra, cerberus, basilisks—that sort of thing...”

Designers also added many fine details: Our robes are made of the softest fabrics,”  said one dressmaker. “Only the finest silk was used. As for the hats—the more beads, the better!”

Gather all the new, noble looks by setting out to ye olde Gift Shop now! Medieval Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

Upcoming Events :)

Merry medieval music starting in your igloo May 13.

Out Now! Medieval Penguin Style Gather ye new costumes!

Starting May 13 Better Igloos Decorate your castle with royal flags.

Starting May 20 Underwater Adventure Get ready to dive deep at the Stage.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until May 19.
Next pin hidden: May 20-June 2 Medieval Shield PIN CHEAT :)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

The crab in Puffle Launch is one cranky crustacean!

Dear Aunt Arctic, How do I beat the crab in Puffle Launch? – Kris A. Shawn

Dear Kris A. Shawn,This is an excellent question! To get you some answers, I spoke with a Puffle Launch expert:

“I’m with you, that crab is super tough— and cranky too! No matter which world my puffle is blasting through, the crab always shows up to cause trouble. Really the only way to beat the crab is to stay cool—and look for ways to surprise it.

In the Box Dimension, you can use the floating plants to your advantage.

Just keep bouncing off the plants until a space opens up. Then launch through the open spaces to crash into the crab!”

So there you have it. Stay persistent and perhaps you’ll get a chance to teach that crab a lesson.

Secrets Classified Puffle Round-Up :)

To save time in Puffle Round-Up, circle your cursor around the stray puffles—this will gather them together. Now move the herd above the pen, and use your cursor to slowly push the whole group inside. Voila! You’ve earned some coins and made a lot of puffles very happy!

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 289 :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

…Today we got MORE Fan Club Penguin Art and in the First Picture a Pretty PINK Penguin shows us her Paint Brush :) I LOVE her glasses and how it looks like she explains something about drawing :) GREAT WORK :)

…I like the Heart Cadence has in her Flipper can that be a Prize for the Best Dance Puffle? Good Highlights in this Drawing WELL DONE :)

…This Drawing is AMAZING! I LOVE the Recycling FUN to GO GREEN Theme :) You have so many COOL Details in this Drawing LOOK the Black Puffle going GREEN too and one Puffle is Earth Day Colored AWESOME ART WORK :) Club Penguin Earth Day 2011 Guided Tour :)

…There are so many Boxes in this Dimension which one will the Blue Penguin choose? And what Crazy World will he come too? I like the way you have blended the crayons Together and that way created Cool Color Effects :) GOOD WORK :) April Fools Party 2011 Tour Guide :)

…Bye Rockhopper and Yarr Fair Winds and come soon back again :) You have added lots of Details in this Drawing I LOVE the Pink Penguin that waves Goodbye and the way the water moving around the Migrator VERY WELL DONE :) Rocking for Rockhopper :)

…This SUPER HAPPY Penguin Girl and her SUPER HAPPY Orange Puffles having a FUN time Waddling around in Club Penguin :) I Like the way you have highlighted her hair and how they are glowing of Happiness :) GREAT WORK :)

See Earlier Club Penguin FAN Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

Penguins Around the World :)

Aunt Arctic and her Friends had an Adventures time last week and here are the Pictures she sent us :) When the White Puffle Sneezed the tree froze and the flower petals fell down…The Yellow Puffle LOVED the Flower Rain…LOL :)

…Rockhopper went out to Pick Flowers to Aunt Arctic and for a long time he couldn't find any BUT then he found a tiny white Flower that he picked and gave to her :)

…The Artistic Yellow Puffle thinks that the Eiffel Tower in Paris is an interesting Construction and I guess she will Paint this Building Later :)

…Puffle Adventure on a Beach :) I think it looks like Sand Igloos in the Background :)

…It looks like the Puffles are on their way to a Party in New York :)

…What a FANTASTIC Ocean View the Purple Puffle has from here :)

…Thanks Aunt A for sharing your Pictures with us :) Have a GREAT Week :) See Earlier Penguins Around the World Adventure :) See Penguins Around The World Gallery :)

Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

This week Bxd93’s Igloo is Featured on Club Penguin Community :) CONGRATS to YOU!!! I LOVE this Lucky GO GREEN Igloo :) The Flowers are so Pretty and your Puffles looks HAPPY :) But I think some of your plants might need some water…LOL :)

See earlier Community Featured Igloo :)

Stealth Class EPF Penguin Poll :)

Time for a Penguin Poll :) Last week Dot introduced the new Stealth Class for EPF agents. Field-Op 42 What do you like most about the Stealth Class? They’re quiet and secretive…like me! You can turn into a Recycling bin! They can get through any defense! What’s an EPF agent? I LOVE that we can become RECYCLING BINS so I will Vote for That :) GO GREEN!!!

…This is how the Poll looks like right now YOU can VOTE too :) Make sure to let Club Penguin know what YOU Think!

See the Stealth Class Elite Gears ANIMATED! And here Gary tells us more about the Elite Penguin Force Stealth Class!

See Earlier Penguin Poll :)

Black Puffle Wallpaper :)

We can now download the Grumpy Black Puffle as a Wallpaper…can you smile Please…LOL :)

…Here you can Download Club Penguin Wallpapers :) See Earlier Wallpaper Pink Puffle Wallpaper :) And here you find Saraapril’s Wallpapers :)

NEW Club Penguin Pin CHEAT :) Medieval Shield Pin :)

Up here at the Dojo Courtyard you will find Club Penguin’s Newest Pin :)

…You have found a medieval Shield Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :) I like the Color Combination on this Gold Shield it reminds me about pretty gems :)

…This is how the Medieval Shield Pin looks like on my Player Card :)

…TOGETHER with Friends you can still Pick up the Secret Hidden Quartz Pin at the Stage :)

See earlier Savanna Tree Pin :)

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :) May 2011 :)

Today we got a NEW Penguin Style Catalog FILLED with FABULOUS Medieval Outfits and Costumes :) As always I will Help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items Without Ruin YOUR FUN to Look for them :)

…Mouse over this page to find the Secret Hidden Red Viking helmet 750 coins :) Open and close three times then open again and…

…CONGRATS! You have found the Super Secret Blue Viking helmet 1200 coins :)

…The New items are The Duchess II Hat and Hair 400 coins, Sapphire Duchess Dress 550 coins, Royal Blue Scepter 150 coins, King’s Blue Crown 500 coins and Royal Blue Robe 400 coins :)

…The Forest Maiden Hair wig 400 coins, The Forest Maiden Gown 425 coins, The Viscount 150 coins and Viscount Outfit 400 coins :)

…Blue Dragon Feet 250 coins :)

…Village Jester Hat 250 coins, Village Jester 550 coins and Village Jester Shoes 170 coins Gold Shield 400 coins :)

…Gold Princess Hat and Hair 300 coins, Gold Princess Dress 550 coins, Ruby Princess Hat and Hair 300 coins, Ruby Princess Dress 550 coins, Sapphire Princess Hat and Hair 300 coins, Sapphire Princess Dress 550 coins,

…White Cocoa Bunny Ears 250 coins :)

…White Cocoa Bunny Costume 550 coins :)

…The Country Gal 250 coins :)

…Cocoa Bunny Ears 250 coins :)

…Cocoa Bunny Costume 550 coins :)

…The Boho Hair wig 375 coins and Black Vest Outfit 400 coins :)

…The Overgrown Hair wig 375 coins, Aviator Sunglasses 50 coins and Jean Jacket 450 coins :)

…Ocean Blue Hoodie 400 coins :)

…Blue Flower Sandals 160 coins :)

…Penguins at Work Features Ye Old Blacksmith :) See Old Ye Blacksmith ANIMATED :)

…The Flutterby Hair wig 300 coins and Blue Buckle-Up 450 coins :)

…Big White Scarf 175 coins :)

…ALL Penguins can buy Player Cards Backgrounds for 60 coins each and we have got THREE NEW Ones :) Medieval Arena, Cave Gate and Medieval Banners :)

…That’s ALL Secrets for this Time :) Read more about the Medieval Party in the Club Penguin Times :)

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