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Monday, May 9, 2011

Login Backgrounds Club Penguin Details :)

Today Club Penguin added some Old Login Pictures again BUT they have made some small changes on them: ALL Login Background have now the Become a Member ad and if you click on it you will be forwarded to Club Penguin’s Membership Page!

…The Text on ALL three Igloo Login Background are Changed to Members: Customize your igloo! Here you can see how the Old Text looked like Customize your Igloo Club Penguin Log in Background :)

…The System Defender has got a New Text too :) Member Agents: Challenge More Levels in System Defender! Here you can see the old one ALERT: EPF Under Attack! Log in Picture :)

…This is the New Text on the Card-Jitsu Water Login Background  Member Ninjas: Play Card-Jitsu Water! When we click on the stone we will no longer go to the Card-Jitsu Video instead you will go to The Special Ninja Card-Jitsu Page…Read more about the Ninja Page here: Water Ninja Log in Background :)

…The cute Puffle Owner Login Page is Updated both with a New Text and New Color on Puffles! (I’m not sure when these Puffle colors were added) Members: Adopt up to 20 Puffles! See how this Picture looked the first it was Published Opening Pictures in Club Penguin!

Under this label you will find Club Penguin Details :)

NEW Field-Ops 44 EPF CHEATS :)

ATTENTION! Red Spy Phone Alert! ALL EPF Agents are needed in the Command Room Right NOW!

Field-Ops 44 EPF

…New Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders! Click on Go there…

…Hi Uncle Gary I’m here now!

…Hi Saraapril I’m HAPPY to tell you that we now working TOGETHER with Herbert again :) That's AWESOME Uncle G :) Indeed Saraapril Indeed :) Herbert has transmitted us Protobot’s and Test Bot’s current location – In the woods north of the Cove. Move into position, and take them offline. Use tactical H2O cannons, which are only dangerous to robots. Okay Uncle G I will :)

…to the Cove…Here it is :)

…Click on Spy Phone…

…Incoming Target! Destroy the targets! Enter the x y coordinates to fire the defense cannon. Aim for the red targets. Stay focused – you must destroy twenty targets in time. Click on Engage…

…Aiming…Throwing Snowball…Aiming…DONE!


…Mission Accompliced :) Now I will report this to Gary the Gadget Guy and ask him so send a THANK-YOU message to Herbert :) BUT where is Test Bot? And will Protobot be back? Let’s keep working TOGETHER with Herbert to create Peace on Club Penguin Island :)

See earlier Field-Ops 43

Spy Phone message from Gary!

I was playing guitar at the Camp Fire when I got a Spy Phone Message!

May 9, 2011


*Closed message - channel secure from Protobot* Alright Herbert. We decoded your message. What is your proposal for taking care of Protobot?

…HURRAY!!! We WILL work TOGETHER with Herbert Again :)

See earlier Spy Phone message from the Director!

Looking for Answers - My Stories and Adventures :)

What’s up with the Crabs in Club Penguin? My Stories and Adventures :) And the Story Continues here: I hurried as fast as my feet could carry me up to the Dojo…

…and there I found two Ninja Penguins training…

…Hi I said I’m looking for Sensei have you seen him? Not today they answered without stopping their battle but try the Courtyard…Okay Thanks I said and waddled out to the Courtyard I looked around but couldn't see anyone BUT Ninjas are good at Hiding so I said out loud Hello? Is it Anyone Here? I need help to find Sensei Immediately!

…Suddenly I heard a rushing sound behind me and a Ninja appeared from a bush! Yes I’m here the Ninja said Sensei is in his Pavilion if you want I can take you there but first I need to cover your eyes as you don’t have all the Amulet gems yet (Info about Sense’s pavilion Dojo Detail)


…Thanks I said and the helpful Ninja tied on a Black belt over my eyes so I couldn't see anything then the Ninja spun me around until I was dizzy and close to throw up! The Ninja grabbed me by my Flipper and I clumsily stumbled after him…After a long time we stopped and the Ninja said you can look now…

…Thanks for your Help I said while removing the blindfold :) My New Ninja Friend had Vanished BUT in front of me I saw a Fantastic garden that surrounded a Pavilion! In the Pavilion Sensei and another greyish colored Ninja were Card-Jitsu Battling both flying in the Air on clouds! WOW! Is this what we can do when we have earned ALL the Ninja Amulet Gems? Will we get Access to this Pavilion too? And will we be able to tip the Iceberg? I must have said this out loud without realizing it as…

…the Secret Penguin Vanished and Sensei answered young Ninja Saraapril has earned the right to become a Ninja and you have earned to be a Fire Ninja and Water Ninja but the Amulet is still not complete and there will be many things for you to learn in the future but you are not ready yet…

…I will keep practicing I said but right now I am looking for answers about an Old Crab…I told Sensei everything about how I met the Old Crab and about how Gary has acted weird for a long time now…

…Sensei was NOT Happy to hear this at ALL! You have found good facts Ninja Saraapril the Crabs are well known as kind and helpful and we have lived in harmony with them for times and times! With all this fighting Gary and EPF disturbs the peaceful balance we have had among all creatures on Club Penguin Island! Very few Penguins have met the Old Crab I myself have not seen him since I came back from my long Journey and opened up the Dojo again!

…He must be OLD I said and he must have lots of knowledge about this Island! Will he help us stop all fighting and bring Peace back to Club Penguin Island?

…Sensei become quiet for a long time and just as I thought he was asleep he said I will bring you back to the Dojo…Sensei took me by my flipper and Together we Vanished in a Cloud and suddenly we were in the Dojo WOW! I didn't know Sensei could take someone with him while doing that!

…Sensei said when something is unclear start at the beginning and then he Vanished!

…OH NO! Sensei left before answering my Question! OR did he? Let’s think “when something is unclear start at the beginning” What did he mean by that?

…Wait! I think I know! And I know Exactly who to ask for help :)

…to be Continued…

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UPDATE: What’s Wrong with Gary the Gadget Guy? My Stories and Adventures :)

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