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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Login Bug!

Right now I can’t login to Club Penguin I’m stuck in a Forever Loading BUG!

…THANKS EVERYONE that told me that you have this Problem too!

See MORE Club Penguin BUGS and Glitches!

UPDATE: I can login to Club Penguin again :)

Knights Quest 3 Sneak Peek Video from Happy 77 :)

The Medieval Party 2011 will be here May 20 – 28 and Today Happy77 gave us a Sneak Peek Video :)

…Challenge Make it to the Other side…but first pick up a FREE item :)

…In the Hall of Hints you must Watch Closely :)

…White Knight helmet will be a part of the NEW Knight’s Armor :)

…Be Brave and enter to Cave of Battle if you dare…

…THREE Dragons will wait for you there! The BLUE Dragon, The Orange Dragon and the Yellow Dragon looks very SCARY and TOGETHER they are Guarding a Bridge…

…a New Disney Club Penguin Medieval Knight’s Quest Awaits for Club Penguin Members :)

…This will be so much FUN I LOVE the Knight’s Quests :)

Knight’s Quest 1 ANIMATED :)

Knight’s Quest 2 YouTube Video :)

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