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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Postcards BUGS!

Today I found MORE BUGS in Club Penguin! You can see the Preview Pictures in the Catalog BUT If you click on the Long time no see Postcard or the Cool Igloo Postcard you will not get the Postcard…

…you can still send this away and your Friend will get a New Postcard notification BUT…

…when your Friend tries to look at the Postcard and see who sent it he or she will see NO CARD! Just an Empty Space! OR…

…a BLACK Screen! If you get this Bug you need to Log off Club Penguin!

…The Party at my Igloo Postcard Picture is gone BUT if you click on the text…

…you get the Postcard and you can send it without Problems to other Penguins :)

…Please Club Penguin can you Fix this AND ALL OTHER KNOWN Club Penguin Bugs?

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Rollerscape Extra level 3 CHEATS :) YouTube Video :)

The Beta Team Testing is over for this Time BUT Hopefully Disney Club Penguin will ask us to Help them with more Tests again :) Yesterday I made this Video about How to solve the Rollerscape Extra Levels nr 3 :) I LOVE the Rollerscape game and in this Video I choose to let my White Puffle roll an extra hard way before I picked up the two last O’Berries :)

…THANKS again Club Penguin for letting me be a Part of the Club Penguin Beta Team :) This has been so Much FUN :)

Disney Club Penguin Beta Team Link Collection Post :)

Spy Phone message from Herbert!

I was told that we have a NEW Spy Phone message BUT I got no indication of it…Let’s look anyway :)

May 17, 2011

Herbert P Bear

Temper temper, Jet Pack George.

…Thanks to EPF Agent Haredog1 for telling me about this Message :) LOL…I agree with Herbert :) It’s so CHILDISH and un agent like to dare someone! I wonder if Jet Pack Guys name is George OR did Herbert just make up names as usual?

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UPDATE: What did Herbert say in Spy Phone Message?

Beta Team Link GONE!

The Secret Link to the Beta Team that was on the Word Team is now GONE! What does this mean? Is The Beta Team Testing already over for this Time?

UPDATE: Now the Beta Team Link is Back BUT I still have the Beta Team DOWN BUG!

UPDATE: May 18, 2011 The Link is removed again BUT I have got an explanation from Club Penguin  :)

Dear Saraapril,
Nice to hear from you again! We are currently aware of various bugs on the island and I would like to let you know that we are working very hard to fix each and every one of them. Recent upgrades will help the site and game run smoother - I hope this helps!
As far as the Beta Team link goes, it appears that there is a slight glitch with this and has been removed so that our team can work on it. Many thanks for your patience, Saraapril!
Waddle on,
Club Penguin Support

UPDATE: To make this link easier to find Club Penguin adds it now and then to a newer post so look for the highlighted word Team in one of the newest What’s New Posts :)

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Beta Team DOWN BUG!

Right now I can’t login to Disney Club Penguin’s Beta Team! I get the Beta Team Access Only login Page BUT after I enter my Penguin name and Password…

…I get an empty Blue Screen! I have tested this in Firefox, Chrome and IE9 with the same result…

…Thanks to Harryp1incp for telling me about this Bug :) I hope Club Penguin can fix this soon I LOVE to play and Test the Rollerscape Game :)

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