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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toothbrush Pin BUG!

During Last Years Medieval Party 2010 members could Pick up the Toothbrush Pin in Knight’s Quest 2 :) Now Club Penguin has CHANGED the date and YEAR on this Pin from May 6, 2010 to May 20, 2011!


…Please Club Penguin can you Fix this? You have Promised us that Pins are RARE so I REALLY Hope to NOT see the Toothbrush Pin in this Years Knight’s Quest 2…Thanks Blue92713 for telling me about this Pin Date BUG :) Sadly this is not the Only Bug among the Pins…

See MORE Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

Billybob’s Medieval Preparation Video 2011 :) YouTube :)

Lane Merrifield aka Billybob has added a Medieval Preparations Video on Happy77’s YouTube Channel :) Please Billybob DON’T Scare the Club Penguin Staff! LOL…You’re so Silly Funny :)

…Here is the Video with Billybob Suited Up for the Medieval Party 2011 as a Knight :)

Thanks Dorian1453 for telling me about this YouTube Video :)

Happy77’ Knight’s Quest 3 Sneak Peek Video :)

 Medieval Party 2011 Preparations Link Collection :)

Puffle Hats and MORE Beta Team :)

The Beta Team Link is BACK Again and Disney Club Penguin needs our help :) In the File List you will find:

Rollerscape 1,0
Puffle hat Ideas
Rollerscape History
Rollerscape Extra Levels
Snow Cone

…The Bug is now Fixed and I can for the First time see the Puffle Hats :)

…COOL and cute at the same Time :)

Beta Team Puffle Hats Ideas :)

…Now it’s time to answer Club Penguin’s Questions: Here are some of the first few Puffle hat sketches. Which one is your favorite? Which one is your least Favorite? I LOVE them ALL BUT my Favorites are the PINK Medieval hat and Jester hat :) My least Favorites are the Gladiator Helmet and Halloween hat!

…Now we can see the Rollerscape History too :) Every Club Penguin Project goes through different phases. Here’s a history of what Rollerscape looked like during each phase. Rollerscape Development Phases April 2011 :)

Idea :)

Design :)

Build :)

QA/Translation :)

…Thanks for the Rollerscape History I found it Interesting :)

…and I can see the Skyscraper File and to Play the game :) Build the Tallest Tower that you can! Don’t land on Bomb Squares!

...Let’s Try :)

…Oops! LOL :) I’m not sure if I like Skyscraper or not yet I need to try it more before I leave a comment and tell Club Penguin my opinion about this Game…

…Snow Cone! Here’s a rough idea the Team was working on. What do you think? What would you change about it? Sadly I can’t see this File so I can’t Help you before this Bug is Fixed…

How to Join Disney Club Penguin’s Beta Team AND Links Collection :)

Medieval Party is Almost Here by Billybob:)

This is a Message from Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!

Only a few more days until the Medieval Party begins! You've got your costumes ready and your igloos decked out like castles and forts... Check out some of the amazing medieval igloos you've showed us:

This Igloo belongs to Alexman54633 :)

…This Igloo belongs to Matthew 2425 :)

…This Igloo belongs to Sunset3075 :)

Great decorating, everyone! We'll post some more featured igloos on tomorrow's Reviewed by You.

What are you looking forward to most at the party? Leave a comment and let us know!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

GREAT Igloo Decorations the Medieval Party will be so Much FUN :) And I’m so HAPPY that the Beta Team Link is back :) How to be a Club Penguin Beta Tester :)

Medieval party 2011 Preparations :)

What did Herbert say in Spy Phone Message?

Yesterday May 17, 2011 we got this Spy Phone Message from Herbert P BearTemper temper, Jet Pack George.

…My Friend Luigileo told me that the message was different in Spanish so I started to investigate :)

…Here is the Same Message in Spanish: Tranquilo, tranquilo, Papanata Jet-pack. Translated by Google to English: Easy, easy, fool Jet-pack.

…Portuguese: Está nervosinho, Fulano do Foguete? Translated to English by Google to English: You are uptight, Joe the Rocket?

…French: Ouh, j'ai peur ! Le Gus au Jet Pack s'énerve... Translated by Google to English: Ooh, I'm afraid! The Dude gets mad at the Jet Pack ...

…Conclusion: In English Herbert just tells the Jet Pack Guy to not dare him AND he might know the Jet Pack Guy’s real Name BUT in Spanish Herbert insult the Jet Pack Guy by calling him a Fool! In Portuguese Herbert asks Jet Pack Guy if he is to stressed but in French Herbert is worried that someone will HURT Jet Pack Guy! I’m so confused right now…

…I will think more about this while making Gold Jewelry to the Medieval Party :)

Medieval Party Preparations 2011 :)

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