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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 292 :)

The Quest Hath Begun! Medieval Party 2011 :)

The Quest Hath Begun!

Brave knights and princesses are needed for a heroic journey. Three epic adventures now await members in the Underground Pool. Gary has advised that only the bravest questers should venture into the third tunnel. He left behind this note...

Greetings questers, Hear ye this warning: Only the bravest knights and princesses should begin the new journey. All others beware, this quest is fraught with peril—that means it’s very, very dangerous! Questers will encounter puzzles, challenges and three times the fire power. Prepare for a trifold of terrifying trouble! That means get ready for battle!” All mysteries will be revealed on the third quest. Head to the Underground Pool...if you dare...

Medieval Party Highlights :)

Roll over the pictures to see some of the Medieval Party spots you won’t want to miss.

1. Knight’s Quest At the Underground Pool, members can master the maze, light the orbs and unlock the secrets of the labyrinth.

2. Knight’s Quest 2 At the Underground Pool, ye exploration continues for members! Solve the puzzles and find the great secrets that ROAR inside these caves...

3. Knight’s Quest 3 At the Underground Pool, members must heed helpful paintings to triumph over a three-part surprise.

4. Tree Forts Brave squires and princesses are needed to help guard the Forest! Defend the Forts!

5. Princess’s Lodge Castle Invite ye friends for a grand tea party, or dress in ye finest robes for a royal ball!

Medieval Party 2011 CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

Upcoming Events :)

Starting May 27 Medieval Catalog Update Forsooth! Mystery items will be revealed!

June 1 Pay Day Tour Guides, check your mailboxes!

Starting June 3 Penguin Style Prepare for Music Jam with rockin’ new trends at the Gift Shop.

The Snow and Sports Catalog out May 31 at the Stadium.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 2. Next pin hidden: June 3 – June 16

News Flash :)

Dive into Underwater Adventure—playing now at the Stage! Make friends with mermaids and lobsters while you explore the lost city of Penglantis.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,Are there dragons on the island?–Sir Pent

Dear Sir Pent, Dragon sightings always seem to double around this time of year. No one knows for certain if dragons exist, but there’s no shortage of rumors: Brave knights returning from quests say they’ve come face to face with a fire-breathing beast. Others have been whispering about a scaly serpent hiding deep underground. I’ve even heard rumors of a sea dragon on set at the Underwater Adventure! With so much dragon talk, I’d advise you to keep your eyes open—and carry a shield, just in case...

Mancala can be great fun once you get the hang of it.

Dear Aunt Arctic,I don’t understand Mancala. Can you tell me how to play?–Mitch Point

Dear Mitch Point,This is an excellent question! Mancala is a very fun game indeed, and I’d be happy to help you get started. First head to the Book Room above the Coffee Shop, and ask a friend to join you at an empty table. When it’s your turn, mouse over a hole to find out the number of stones in it. Once you click a group of stones, each stone will be placed into a hole around the board. Do your best to plan ahead—if the last stone lands in your mancala (the large pocket), you’ll receive a free turn. The game ends when there are no stones left on the board. The player with the most stones in his or her mancala is the winner! Like most games, the key to winning is practice. If all else fails, just click stones on your turn, and hope for the best!

Secrets Classified Hidden Emotes :)

Sometimes making different faces says more than words ever could. That’s why many penguins like emotes so much.

If you enjoy these excellent expressions, you may want to try a few hidden ones. Press E on your keyboard, then another letter to display an emote—many of which you won’t find in your emotes list. Give it a try!

See Earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 291 :)

Club Penguin Event Banners Update :)

We have got a BIG Medieval Party 2011 Party Banner :)

See another Banner here: Medieval Club Penguin Event Banners Update :)

Medieval Party 2011 is HERE!!! CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

FREE Horse item in Knight’s Quest 2 :)

Just like last year we can pick up a FREE Horse in Ye Knight’s Quest 2 :)

…The Club Penguin Undefined BUG is here too BUT I will pick up this Blue and Gold Horse anyway :)

Medieval Party 2011 is HERE!!! CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

Places for New Map Beta Team Question :)

A File named Places for New Map has replaced the Snow Cone File :) Thanks to Jewelbird for telling me this :)

…We’re working on concept for a new map for Club Penguin! here are two icons to symbolizes “places” on the new map. Which one do you like better and why?

…When you know how YOUR answer on this leave Club Penguin Beta Team a Comment :)

Join Club Penguin Beta Team LINKS Collection :)

Medieval Party 2011 Penguin Poll :)

The Medieval party has started! What are you most excited about? Dressing up as a Knight or Princess? taking on the Knight’s Quest? Exploring the Decorated rooms? There’s a Party going on? No one told me! I will vote for The KNIGHT’S QUESTS!!!

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) Remember to VOTE on YOUR Favorite Answer :)

See Earlier Penguin Poll :)

Disney Club Penguin’s Medieval Party 2011 is HERE! Link Collection Post :)

Medieval Party 2011 Home Page :)

Disney Club Penguin’s Medieval Homepage is Back :)

Medieval Party 2011 is HERE!!! CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

Medieval items Catalog :)

At the Medieval Market you will find the Extra Medieval items Catalog :)

…Red, Yellow and Blue Tabards 250 each, Red, Yellow or Blue Shields 350 coins each, Green Hooded Cloak 550 coins and more will be added soon…( I guess a Dragon Costume and the Lute…LOL :)

…Thanks 2582penguin for telling me about the Hidden Secret Torc Necklace 200 coins :)

…You will find MORE Medieval Outfits in the Medieval Penguin Style Catalog :)

Medieval Party 2011 is HERE!!! CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

UPDATE: Medieval Catalog Update CHEATS :) And Bugs!

Underwater Adventure Back at The Stage CHEATS :)

The Underwater Adventure Play at the Stage is Back :)

…This is one of my FAVORITE Plays :)

…Look at this Pin :)

…You have found an Undefined Would you like to Pick it up? It’s so Pretty :) YES Please :)

On this Post Underwater Adventure Back at the Stage :) You will find Links to The Costume Trunk Cheats and to ALL other Secret Effects and FUN :) BUT…Sadly the Play has BUGS! The Music is still from the Norman Swarm Play and the Script is WRONG!

UPDATE: The Pin is Called Mermaid Shell Pin :)

NEWEST Club Penguin Medieval Pin CHEATS :)

As usual the New Medieval Party Pin can be made in the Boiler Room :) Click on the kettle over the Pin Maker 3000 sign…

Pin Medieval Party 2011 :)

…You have found a Undefined Would you like to Pick it up? Well I would prefer to Pick up something without a name BUG But anyway…Okay…

See earlier Medieval Shield Pin :)

Medieval Party 2011 is HERE!!! CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

UPDATE: This Pin is called Brazier Pin :)

FREE Wizard Hat at Medieval Lighthouse :)

As Always during Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party ALL Penguins can pick up a FREE Wizard Hat item inside the Lighthouse :)

…You have found a Undefined Would you like to pick it up? If you mean the Purple Wizard Hat the answer is Yes :)

…Sadly ONLY Members can pick up this item right now… This MUST be a BUG!

UPDATE: The Bug is Fixed :) ALL Penguins can pick up the Wizard Hat :) But The Undefined Bug is still there…Thanks Littletias for letting me borrow your Penguin for this Animation :)

Medieval Party 2011 is HERE!!! CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

Medieval Party BUGS 2011!

The Medieval party 2011 is here in Club Penguin and it took me 2 seconds to find the First Bug! Click on the Knights Needed Sign and…

…you will get the Earth Day Party Endangered Animals Sign!

…When I entered the Knight’s Quest 3 I got stuck in a Forever loading BUG! So I had to Log off…

…Then I couldn't Login again…

REALLY Club Penguin? This is NOT FUN!!! I’m 100% sure that MORE Bugs will be found and added here soon…I was right MORE BUGS! When I FINALLY could login to Club Penguin again I tried to read the Instructions for the Knight’s Quest BUT It never opened the screen just got a little darker AND I was STUCK and had to Logout AGAIN!

…AND I got the Undefined Message on Several Items and Pin! FREE Wizard Hat and Newest Medieval Pin and Medieval Igloo Catalog and FREE Horse item in Knight’s Quest 2 and Bugs in the Underwater Adventure Play! I needed more coins so I waddled to the Mine Cart Game…Would you like to go Cart Surfing? I clicked on Yes BUT…

…I just stayed in the Mine!

…I kept trying and then I got this Message! Please Exit before leaving the room…WHAT!?! I clicked on X and THEN the Game Started!

…In lots of the Party Rooms the name are wrong when they load…One Example is the Tree House it says Loading Stage and Joining Desert Dimension Thanks Joeduderocks for telling me about this :) For MORE Loading bugs look in the Comments on this Post!

…The medieval Music is Missing or Messed up all over Club Penguin right now! Look at comments for more details!

...The Shield Pin should has been removed when the New Pins arrived BUT it’s still HERE! Thanks Rico1206 for telling me about this Bug :)

…I almost forgot to write that I can’t Play Club Penguin in IE9 right now! I get the Home Page but when I click on Play Now! I just get a Empty White page!

…Only Members can pick up the Free Wizard Hat Non Members get this Message Oops! You need to purchase a membership to buy type. We would love to have you join. Click the button below to see more about membership…I clicked on Okay BUT…

…got Stuck in a Forever Loading Bug and had to Log off AGAIN! :)

…Not correct Text when you mouse over the Quality Buttons in Knight’s Quest 3…

Quality Buttons in Knight's Quest 3

…When I throw Snowballs at the Red Dragon I keep get send back to the previous room and I lose my Progress with ALL Hydra Dragons and must start over!

…When a Non Member tries to enter the Knight’s Quest’s nothing happens at Quest 3 and 2 BUT at Knight’s Quest 1 Littletias Penguin got this Animated Membership Ad Sign…

Medieval Party 2011 Membership Ad!

…and right we can’t do the BIG Question Mark! (That worked earlier when I started this Post!) Thank Littletias for letting me borrow your Penguin to Test this :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin keep adding more and MORE Bugs! Right you will get this Message if you go to the Community Page: Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at community.clubpenguin. com port 80…Thanks Anonymous for telling me about this Bug :)

…NO Medieval Jokes or Tour Guides are added!

UPDATE: The Community Page is back BUT with an OLD Version!

UPDATE: Read MORE about Bugs in Knight’s Quest 3 and Free Purple Wizard Hat

Medieval Party 2011 is HERE!!! CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

UPDATE: IE9 Working again :)

May 20, 2011

UPDATE: The Music Bugs are Now Fixed :)

UPDATE: The Knights Needed signs in Town, Plaza and Boiler Room are now Fixed :)

UPDATE: The Instruction Sign in the Knight’s Quest Cave is Now Fixed :)

UPDATE: When a Non Member tries to enter any of the Knight’s Quest they get the Buy a Membership Ad!

UPDATE:The Norman Swarm Safe Chat Messages are STILL HERE!

…and Most of the Community Updates Club Penguin did Yesterday and then removed have Not been brought back yet…

UPDATE: Spy Phone Message from Rookie! BUG!

UPDATE: ATTENTION Lane Merrifield aka Billybob!

UPDATE: Many times today I have got the Club Penguin Disconnect BUG! And sometimes the Club Penguin tab got Black and sometimes the game Froze!

May 21, 2011

UPDATE: Connection Bugs in Club Penguin!

UPDATE: Nobel Knight Stamp BUG Medieval Party 2011!

MAY 22, 2011

UPDATE: Keep having Connection, Black Screen and Frozen Screen Bugs and The Red Dragon Bug in Knight’s Quest 3! This makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to Play Club Penguin!

MAY 23, 2011

UPDATE: Medieval Lighthouse Castle :)

MAY 24, 2011

UPDATE: HURRAY! I can Speak Medieval in English :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin’s Brain BUG and More! And ALL the Connections Bugs keep Bugging me!

MAY 25, 2011

UPDATE: Noble Knight Stamp Missing BUG!

UPDATE: Unlock items Online Icon BUG!

UPDATE: NEW Field-Ops 46 CHEATS and BUG!

UPDATE: Stealth BUG! Elite Penguin Force! And I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

MAY 26

UPDATE: Medieval Shield Date BUG Stamp Book!

UPDATE: Medieval Catalog Update CHEATS :) And Bugs!

UPDATE: Dragon Costume BUG Update by Billybob! And I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

MAY 27

UPDATE: Purple Dragon Costume Bug Fixed :) And I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

MAY 28

UPDATE: Medieval Party 2011 Tour Guide :) Pictures in this Post from May 25, 2011

UPDATE: New Spy Phone Message from Gary! And I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

MAY 29

UPDATE: Due to all the Bugs I didn't played in Club Penguin so much today Sadly I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

May 30

UPDATE: FUN and BUGS with Friends :) Medieval Party 2011 :) 

May 31

I keep having all the Connection BUGS!

NOTE: I ONLY Post about Bugs I can see on my Computer! Sadly many MORE Bugs and Glitches can be around…

More Soon…

Knight’s Quest 3 CHEATS :)

Disney Club Penguin’s Medieval Party 2011 is HERE and It’s time for all Brave Member Penguins to go on the Ye Knight’s Quest 3 Adventure :) This Post is all about How to find your way through the Underground Maze, solve the Secrets and yes you will have to face Dragons before you find the Treasure!

……Right Now a Club Penguin BUG makes it impossible to Play the Knight’s Quest 3! More when this Bug is Fixed…

UPDATE: Over 5 hours has passed and we STILL can’t play the NEW Knight’s Quest! BUT try in another Language and it might work…Sadly I don’t understand the signs as I don’t speak this language…I HATE BUGS! This  is NOT FUN AT ALL!!!

UPDATE: I hour Later…FINALLY the Bug is Fixed and I can Play the Knight’s Quest 3 :) Challenge 1 Uncover the correct colored Gems :) Keep your eyes open and Waddle to the Stone in front of the Gold Goblet you think the Correct Gem is under…Done :)

…In Challenge 2 you need to solve a Maze to make it to the other side :)

…But First Pick up a Free item :) Sadly it’s Undefined! UPDATE: White Knight Helmet…

…Waddle close to the Buttons and then click on them to open a way…Click on Red, Blue and the Yellow :)

…In this room you will be prepared for Challenge 3 Defeat the…Oops Someone BIG ATE the rest of that Sign!

…pick up the Undefined Shield…UPDATE: Gold Staff and Shield…

…Hold up the Shield to defeat the Yellow Dragon! Throw snow on the Kettle to Defeat the Blue Dragon! Throw Snowballs to defeat the Red Dragon! Okay :) Time to be brave and Face the Dragons!

…OoOoOoooo These Hydra Dragons are SCARY!!!

…Work Quickly as the Mechanical Dragons Repair Themselves and stand on the Stones that Lights Up! This is Much easier if you work TOGETHER with Other Penguins :) If your Computer run slow in this Room you can choose to Play in lower Quality :)

…Have a Shield with you to reflect back the Fire and Defeat the Yellow Dragon!

…The Snowballs Defeated the Red Dragon’s Fire :) Make sure you don’t get hit by the Fire OR you will be sent back to previous room and lose your progress! GREAT Team Work Everyone :) Watch out for Next Dragon…

…make sure that the Kittle is filled with lava AND right over the Icy Blue Dragon before you throw a Snowball on it :)

…HURRAY!!! ALL Three Mechanical Dragons are Defeated!

…a Stone  Bridge will appear :) Let’s explore the other side of this Cave :)

…HELP! The Dragons caught me…LOL :) Time for next Room :)

…When I tried to enter next Room I got STUCK and Club Penguin Froze so I needed to Log off! Are you KIDDING ME Club Penguin BUG!?! This is so NOT FUN!!!

...I DID IT! And here you can pick up another Undefined Part of your Armor!

...I like the Gold Puffle with Wings on this Undefined :) UPDATE: White Knight Armor…

…CONGRATS Princess Pp2 and Lyco2 you have Proved yourself to be BRAVE Knight’s :) Sadly I found ANOTHER BUG! My Penguin holding the Shield BUT it’s invisible on my Player card!

…Wave and Dance for COOL Effects :) I’m a White Knight :)

Knight's Quest 3 items Medieval Party 2011 :)

…use the Exit and you will be back here at The Ye Knight’s Quest and Princesses too Cave :)

Medieval Party 2011 is HERE!!! CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

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