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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Noble Knight Stamp Medieval Party 2011 :) BUG!

During the Medieval Party 2011 we are supposed to be able to earn Two Stamps :) The NEW Noble Knight Stamp (Members) can be earned in any of Club Penguin Rooms…

…and the Party Puzzle Stamp (Members) should be possible to earn…

…in these Rooms in Knight’s Quest 2 and…

…Knight’s Quest 3…

…as I already have earned the Party Puzzle Stamp I’m not sure if you can earn it right now or if there is a Bug with it BUT I know for SURE that I CAN’T Earn the Noble Knights Stamp as it’s not even added in my Stamp Book!

Saraapril's Party Stamps :)

…The Noble Knight Stamp Bug, Connection Bugs and ALL OTHER Disney Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches RUINS the Medieval Party and most of them are NOT hard to fix at ALL! Please DO!

ATTENTION Lane Merrifield aka Billybob!

Medieval Party 2011 BUGS!

Connection Bugs in Club Penguin!

Since the Medieval Party 2011 Started in Disney Club Penguin I keep losing my Connection when I Play! OR…I get the White Screen Bug! This time it happened in the Knight’s Quest 2 both Williamb44 and I has this Bug but not Cutie83903! Here I can still chat and move around and I can use the map to leave the Room…OR…

…I get The Totally Black Screen BUG! The only thing to do when this Happen is to log off!

…Sadly this makes it very difficult and sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to Play Disney Club Penguin Online!

…See MORE Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011 BUGS and Glitches!

Spy Phone Message from Dot!

I was on Knight’s Quest 1 TOGETHER with Cutie83903 and Williamb44 when I suddenly got a Spy Phone Message!

May 21, 2011


Disguised myself as a princess and staked out the Attic. No sign of Herbert. Gotta say, I much prefer my uniform to a princess gown. :P

…You do? I Prefer a Princess Gown over my Uniform...LOL :)

See earlier Spy Phone Message from Rookie!

Medieval Party 2011 CHEATS and Links Collection Post :)

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