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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top Secret EPF Update by Billybob!

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins Agents!

Red Alert! All agents needed at the Everyday Phoning Facility! There's a situation with a certain polar bear happening there...

Let us know what you think of this top secret Elite Agent event. The team is excited to hear your thoughts about it.

2011-05-31 22.58.16In other news... Since the team just launched this new event, there may be some bugs. They'll be working on it today, so if you find any bugs, just let us know in the comments!

I'll keep you posted as the team fixes bugs over the next few days. Thanks for helping us to make Club Penguin better for everyone!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

There are TONS of Bugs BUT I think that the WORST BUG is that many Penguins can’t Play this Game at ALL! AND the Connection Bugs! See MORE here EPF Damaged by Herbert!

Spy Phone Message from Gary!

Once AGAIN I have the Spy Phone Indication BUG! Lets take a look anyway…

May 31, 2011


RED ALERT! All agents report to the Everyday Phoning Facility immediately! We are under attack! This is not a drill!

…Thanks EPF Agent stuart57 for telling me about this Message :) YES Uncle Gary I saw that earlier…Now we ALL need to work TOGETHER to stop this and then find a way to become Friends with Herbert again before our Island gets DESTROYED!

See earlier Spy Phone Message from Rookie!

EPF Damaged by Herbert!

How to Play Battle of Doom! CHEATS :)

How to Play Battle of Doom! CHEATS :)

Inside the Everyday Phoning Facility you will find the New Disney Club Penguin Game Battle Of Doom! EPF Damaged by Herbert! Herbert has stolen the Hydra Bot and wants to Destroy EPF! This is basically the same Game as in the Ye Knight’s Quest 3 :) Click on Herbert (when Club Penguin has fixed some of ALL the BUGS in this Game Herbert might going to start talk automatically) and then talk to Herbert to get information: Ahh! Look who decided to show up. Are you impressed by what I’ve done to your Entirely Phony Facility? This is what happens when you leave dangerous equipment laying around after a certain pesky Medieval Party!

…Pick an answer…

…and keep talking to Herbert…Klutzy! Bring down the Hydra Bot!

…Oooooo…This is BAD!!!

…The BEST way to solve this is to work TOGETHER with other EPF Agents :)

…You can choose Best Speed, Normal or Best Graphic  just mouse over the buttons and then click on the one you want :)

…If you get Hit by the Red Hydra Dragon Head’s Fire you will be sent back to the Everyday Phoning Facility Test room and you will lose your Progress in the Game! The Blue Hydra Head will Freeze you so you can’t throw snowballs and YOU don’t have to have the White Knight’s Shield BUT if you don’t you need Help to defeat the Yellow Hydra Dragon Head just as in Knight’s Quest 3 :) The Green Laser Shield 3000 circles might protect you from the Hydra’s Attack BUT with all the Bugs in this Game I can’t tell for sure…

2011-05-31 17.17.39 - Copy

…TOGETHER we WON :) But Herbert and Klutzy Escaped…

…HURRAY! I earned 3 NEW Medals! AND got a Spy Phone Message from Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy :) Good Work Elite Penguin Force Agent Saraapril! You’ve saved EPF Command. Stay on Alert. Herbert could strike again at any time!

…AND I found a RED Hydra Head and an EPF Badge PIN :)

…Today I have done MORE that 50 EPF Assignments so I earned the Island Guardian Stamp :)

…The Hydra Head is an Igloo item and every time you Defeat the Hydra Bot you can Pick up one if you are a member :) TIPS: If you want MORE than one just waddle away and then waddle on it again and you can pick up as many you want :) This is how the RED Hydra Bot Head look like in my Igloo :)

…you can get the Blue Hydra Head and the Yellow Hydra Head too :)

…Do you want to have a Guided Tour Lakshman N1? Let’s go back to the Everyday Phoning Facility Hi Flamerdude :) Here we have the Everyday Phoning Facility. It would appear some construction is underway...Well! Nothing else to see here! Let's move along...

…This is the rooftop of the EPF. It appears that Herbert is trying to destroy us! According to G's notes the Hydras each have a weakness! Snowballs for the Red Hydra. Lava for the Blue Hydra. Laser breath for the Yellow Hydra. Good luck Elite Agents!

EPF Damaged by Herbert!

Battle of Doom YouTube Video and Animation :)

Puffles in Tubes in Pet Shop :)

The Rumor has it that there are Puffles in the Tubes here at the Pet Shop BUT I can’t know that for sure as I have the White Screen BUG in here right now!

…Yes it IS :) This is COOL :)

…Thanks Dvivoni for telling me about this Update :) I LOVE how the Puffles jumping around in the Tubes :)

…The BIG Puffle mat will change according to what Puffle Color you take with you :)

Red Puffle :)

White Puffle :)

Yellow Puffle :)

Orange Puffle :)

Blue Puffle :)

Brown Puffle :)

Black Puffle :)

Purple Puffle :)

Green Puffle :)

PINK Puffle :)

…Due to ALL the Disney Club Penguin Connection BUGS! I have problems to take all the Pictures in here! I will add more later…

…FINALLY DONE! It’s not easy to Blog these days when  Disney Club Penguin keep adding MORE Bugs than Updates…

Puffle look Changed!

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Puffle Look Changed!

The way my Puffles look is Changed! Their fur is rounded and the Orange Puffle has Teeth! 

…Thanks Giamz for telling me about this :) Look the name of the Puffle is Bolder too!

…when we walk them they still have the old fur look :) WAIT! Sometimes I get the NEW Puffle look!

Purple Puffle with Round Fur :)

…and sometimes the old! BUG! Personally I prefer the OLD Puffle look!

Old fur look on Purple Puffle :)

…This is how my Purple Puffle looks while Sleeping right now…

…If you find Bugs with this New Puffle Feature Please leave a comment!

Puffles in Tubes in Pet Shop :)

Snow and Sports Catalog CHEATS :)

The Soccer Pit is Back and with that a Summer issue of the Snow and Sports Catalog :) As always I will help you find the Hidden Secret items Without Ruining YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…We have got some NEW Items :) Red Away Soccer Jersey 600 coins, Yellow Away Soccer Jersey 600 coins Green Away Soccer Jersey 600 coins :)

…Red Away Soccer Jersey 600 coins is also New :)

…the ONLY Hidden Secret item in this Catalog is this New Yellow Soccer Jersey 600 coins mouse over this page to find it :)

…Blue Foam Finger 75 coins, Red Foam Finger 75 coins, Green Foam Finger 75 coins and Red Foam Finger 75 coins are New items :)

…The rest of this Catalog looks like this: More Items and Backgrounds :)

…Hiking Outfits :)

…Sport Furniture :)

…That was all for this Time I hope Club Penguin add MORE Hidden Secret items in Next Catalog…by the way if you waddle into the Sports Booth the catalog should open BUT…BUG!!!

…can you FIX this Club Bug?

…See MORE Bugs Club Penguin added TODAY Disney Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

EPF Facility Damages by HERBERT!

The Medieval party is over and LOOK the Everyday Phoning Facility is Damaged!

…Inside too!

…now I will climb that ladder…EPF Only…I think I will add a EPF Elite Gear Outfit first...DONE :) And check the Safe Messages:

What's going on here?
Nothing to see here citizens.
You'll never get away with this!
Look out!
Run here for safety!
Throw snowballs!
Break the ice with snowballs!
Hit the lava!
Stand here to activate the shield!
Don't give up!
We did it!

…time to take a look…

…HERBERT!!! What have you DONE!?!

…Now ALL EPF Agents need to work TOGETHER! Throw Snowballs on the Target under Caldron 3000! Right now I can’t click on t to throw snowballs fast…I wonder if that is a Bug? I keep getting the Connection Bugs from the Medieval Party too…sigh…AND it SHOULD be NEW Music in this Room BUT it isn't…

…When I clicked on my Spy Phone it DISAPPEARED!

…The New Disney Club Penguin Game Battle of Doom is filled with BUGS and many Penguins seem to be Stuck without possibility to Play is anyone Surprised?

…I can’t leave this room without getting Stuck in a Forever loading BUG no matter if I waddle or use the Map and the only thing to do is to log off…

How to Play Battle of Doom CHEATS :)

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