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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Saraapril’s Hydra Head Igloo :)

The EPF is in trouble and Herbert challenges us in the Battle of Doom Game and with some of the Dragon Heads I picked up I made this Igloo Decoration :)

See Earlier Igloo Decoration Saraapril’s Dragon Lair Igloo :)

Saraapril’s Hydra Head Igloo Wallpaper :)

Club Penguin Plush Toys Series 13 :)

Here are the new Disney Club Penguin 6.5 inch Plush Figure Toys Series 13 that will be for sale in July 2011 :)

Club Penguin 6.5 inch Penguin Plush – EPF Agent :)

Club Penguin 6.5 inch Penguin Plush – Herbert P. Bear :)

Club Penguin 6.5 inch Penguin Plush – Squire :)

Club Penguin 6.5 inch Penguin Plush – Medieval Dress Girl  :)

Club Penguin 6.5 inch Penguin Plush – Classy T-Shirt :)

Club Penguin 6.5 inch Penguin Plush – Faery  :)

And the Toys Includes a special coin that has a code which kids can use to Unlock Items Online at Treasure Book Series 13 CHEATS :)

I have a Club Penguin Coin Code How can I use it to Unlock items Online?

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9" Penguin Plush Toys Limited Edition :)

Club Penguin 9" Limited Edition Penguin Plush – Rocker :)

Club Penguin Small Soft Toys in UK :)

Series 8 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

Series 9 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

9" Penguin Plush Toys Club Penguin Series 1 :)

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Series 12 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

Under the Label TOYS you will find Much MORE Club Penguin Items and you can buy Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items on Disney Store :)

Beta Team Login BUG!

Right now I can’t login to the Beta Team…

…Thanks Piglet254 for telling me about your Black Screen Beta Team Bug yesterday :) And today MORE Penguins have contacted me about different Login Problems to with this Page! THANKS Everyone :)

How to be a Club Penguin Beta Tester :)

UPDATE: June 2, 2011 The Beta Link is Fixed :) And they have added back the Snow Cone Game to the list BUT just as before I just get a Black empty Screen…

BUG News about membership in Argentina!

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello, penguins!
Some penguins in Argentina have told us that they are failing to pay their membership with Rapipago and Pago Facil. We want to tell you that for now those options are not available, and that the team is working to resolve this situation as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, visit the Membership section to learn about the different ways of purchasing a membership or send an email to @
Thank you for your patience!
Moving on, do not forget to check out the Everyday Phoning Facility Maybe they are with some surprise...EPF Damaged by Herbert!
Until next time, and follow the penguin!
- Club Penguin Team


Are you thinking about Buying a Club Penguin Bug Membership? If so read this Post about Disney Club Penguin’s recent Failure! Club Penguin Bugs and Details! 

…When you buy a Club Penguin Online Membership you will for Sure NOT get what you are PAYING for anyway! So SAVE your Money!!!

NEW Shadow Ninja items Sneak Peek :) ANIMATED :)

One day the Ninja Journey will Continue and we still waiting for the Icy Snow Journey and Club Penguin Snow Ninjas BUT today I want to show you items for another Ninja Journey Sensei preparing for us :)
Helmet of Shadows :)

Midnight Mask :)

Nightfall Coat :)

Shade Sandals :)

…Black and Gold…do you wonder what special Dance you will be able to do with these items on? Well…I don’t have the Whole Club Penguin Ninja Shadow Suit Special effects animated BUT here are Club Penguin Sneak Peeks on that too :) Cloud Wave :)
Shadow Ninja Cloud Wave  :)
…Shadow Ninja Move :)Shadow Ninja Move :)
…Look how the items on the Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Suit matching the middle of the Ninja Amulet :) I’m not sure when this Club Penguin Journey will be available BUT so far we have got one once a year so maybe autumn 2012…time will tell :)

Paycheck in Mail June 1, 2011 :)

Today we got the Paychecks for our Hard work in Club Penguin :) EPF agents got 350 coins :) EPF Agent Invitation :)

…and Tour Guide 250 coins :) How to become a Tour Guide in Club Penguin?

…HURRAY I’m 600 coins Richer…LOL :)

…Thanks Bfssa for telling me about this :) See earlier Paycheck :)

Club Penguin BUGS and Details!

With the Updates Club Penguin did yesterday they released TONS of BUGS (Nothing new with that) Personally I think Disney Club Penguin should get a grip on the Bug situation and FIX that problem before they add NEW Bug filled Games and Features!

…Let’s start with some details The Map is Updated with the Soccer Stadium :)

...The lines around the Clouds are thinner than before on this Ninja Login Background…

…when you take the EPF Agent Test the Ladder disappear…

…Text Bug in Battle of Doom!

…and Club Penguin keep insisting to mess up the Pin dates in our Stamp Book! The Taco Pin has WRONG DATE and instead of fixing the date on the Toothbrush Pin they have added another wrong date!

…They forgot to remove the Medieval Picture on the Club Penguin Home Page and the Medieval Auto-Updating Event Banners and…

…The Medieval Postcards are still here and so are the Medieval Jokes! I find that little ironic First they couldn't add them and now they can’t remove them…LOL :) Medieval Party 2011 BUGS!

…The Pin Bug is still Here!!! And TONS of other Bugs that I and other Penguins have reported to Club Penguin are NOT fixed Either!

…The Music around Club Penguin is messed up in many Rooms and we have Medieval Party Music here and there AND in the Forest we have the Night Club Music!

…Items and the Island Grow Background are missing! As ALWAYS these days Club Penguin didn't manage to let us keep all the Party items The Purple Wizard Hat is missing in my Inventory and so is the White Knight Helmet! AND many slots in my Inventory is just white but when I click on them I can get the invisible item anyway…like the Free item Earth Globe from Rockhopper…sigh…THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

…and THANKS Disney Club Penguin for making sure that ALL the Connection Bugs still are HERE to BUGGING US!!!

Puffle Looks Changed! and Snow and Sports Catalog and EPF Damaged by Herbert! and Look here for MUCH MORE BORING Disney Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

UPDATE: June 1, 2011 The White Helmet is Back!

UPDATE: June 2. 2011 The Purple Wizard Hat and Island Grove Background are back an the Medieval Home Page removed!

UPDATE: June 9, 2011 This Pin is FINALLY Removed!

UPDATE: June 9, 2011 This Music Bug is now Fixed!

UPDATE: June 12, 2011 PIN BUG BACK at the Dojo Courtyard!

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