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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Green Viking Helmet :)

How to get the Green Viking Helmet or as Club Penguin call this item the Emerald Viking Hat? Sometimes you can see a Penguin with a Emerald GREEN Viking Helmet in Club Penguin :) This RARE item is for Penguins that have MET someone of Club Penguin Staff in person and from them got a Coin code :)

This is what Club Penguin told me when I asked them about this item :)

Hi Saraapril,
The Emerald Viking Hat is a special item penguins can redeem if they meet one of our staff members at a community event that Club Penguin is involved with. We hold a limited number of these events in various locations around the world throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled for Club Penguin at a community event near you!
Stay frosty,
Club Penguin Support

Thanks Amanda for letting me know I hope I will meet someone from Club Penguin Staff someday :)

Another RARE item is the Rockhopper and Bambadee Background :)

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