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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FUN and BUGS with Friends :)

When I was waddling around in Club Penguin I met Bettencourt in Town TOGETHER we went to the Pretty Princess Castle and Played Find Four :) Thanks for the FUN Game Bettencourt you are AWESOME at this :)

…HERBERT and Klutzy are ATTACKING Everyday Phoning Facility with the Hydra! EPF Agents Chungpoww425, Hav04, Clownguin2, Redhotpizza3, Spider880, Lakshman N1, Fire Hegs1,I and the red Puffle working TOGETHER to Stop Them! EPF Facility Damaged by Herbert!

…I and Purple waddled to the Pet Shop to feed the Puffles there BUT I got the white Screen Bug…

…Herbert doesn’t like Ideas…or…LOL :)

…Ds3r and I had so Much FUN Playing Find Four and Ds3r showed me that he has the Soccer Ball BUG!

…I LOVE Sled Race :)

…Hi Perapin :)

…Oops! Sorry Perapin…I didn't do that on purpose…LOL :)

…CONGRATS to the WINNER! Hi Pengutala I’m HAPPY to see you :)

…Smile for the Camera :)

…The Connection BUG Stroked again and when I could login again my Friends were GONE!

…I found Pengutala in the Ninja Hideout :)

…TOGETHER in Town :)

…I tried to go to the Ninja Hideout but got Connection Bugs and Connection Bugs and…FINALLY!

…DsR3 and I Played Card-Jitsu and Gary helped me…LOL :)


…This is NOT FUN!

…Let’s Play Card-Jitsu Fire TOGETHER :)

…Thinking…Thinking…I need one more second to think…LOL :)

…Thanks for waiting while we Played Pengutala :) Do you want to Play now?

…Show your Cards…


…The Everyday Phoning Facility is very Damaged…can we win over Herbert and Klutzy in the Battle of Doom?

…but before we start let’s look at some Stamp Book Decorations :) This is Pengutala’s Stamp Book :)

…and this is Whany’s :)

…Let’s go…TOGETHER we can do this :)

…Herbert is HERE and Klutzy brings down the Hydra Bot BUT ONLY I and Perapin are here a BUG took our EPF Agent Friends!

…We have to do our Best Anyway! I’m glad Slushie2701 could join us :)

…Two Hydra Heads Down! Please Herbert do you want Peace now? You are so smart we can work TOGETHER and invent useful machines for Club Penguin Island :) Please say Yes :)

…No! HELP! Luckily Ds3r came to help :)

…Now Whany is here too :) AWESOME! TOGETHER we will SAVE the Everyday Phoning Facility and EPF!

…Oops! The Hydra Bot EXPLODED! HURRAY! We WON! Thanks for asking Perapin yes I am :) You?

…I wish Herbert started to Listen so we ALL could be Friends :)

…in my Hydra Head Igloo I pretended to be Klutzy repairing the Hydra Bot…LOL :)

…In Ds3r’s Igloo we had a FUN DANCE PARTY :)

…and in Whany’s Igloo we had a PUFFLE PARTY :)

…Perapin’s Igloo is Perfect for Puffles that like to run around :) After the Rounder Fur Update Club Penguin done Puffle’s Fur can be either Rounded or Spiked due to Bugs! Puffles all over Club Penguin Island are affected by this…In Puffle Round up the Puffles fur is Spiked so are the Black Puffle in the Mine and the Green Night Club Puffle and Puffles in My Puffle Book and other Puffles in different Games Puffle Look Changed!

…In town we found a mysterious cave…

…and in the Pet Shop we saw HERBERT! Herbert escaped but Perapin and Ds34 will keep looking for him! I must log off as I have offline stuff to do :) Bye for now Friends :)

…Hi Muper Sario :) How are you today?

…Later I met Jewelbird and I tried to go to Jewelbird’s Igloo on map…

…sadly I got BUG again and AGAIN!

…FINALLY! Jewelbird’s Igloo is made to a Training Center so we can Practice before we Battle Herbert and Klutzy :)

…Suddenly we got a message…we are needed at EPF Rooftop IMMEDIATELY!

What a Mess! This Doesn't look good at ALL!

…TOGETHER with other EPF Agents we worked hard to protect EPF!Jewelbird is a GREAT Mediator and tried to talk to Herbert!

…Yellow Hydra Head is Broken and Red almost Down…Can we Please be Friends now Herbert? Herbert’s Battle of Doom YouTube Video and Animations :) 

…Orange and I went to the Box Dimension and the cute Box Puffle has no rounder fur…yet…I wish Club Penguin let some Puffles keep their old Fur I think it would be cool to have BOTH Rounded Puffle Fur and Spiked Puffle fur in Club Penguin :)

…At the Dock I met some Penguins and TOGETHER we went to the Lighthouse Stage to Practice for the Music Jam Party :)

…I LOVE to Play Music TOGETHER with Friends :)

…Pgiun1867 is a GREAT Music Director :) This sounds really Good let’s celebrate with CAKE! Yummy :)

…Thanks for the Music FUN :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

…Herbert and Klutzy gave up (Spy Phone message from Herbert) and now we need to work hard TOGETHER to repair all the Damages on this Building :)

…this is a really HARD work but Bluepineaple is a GREAT Boss that encourages us and make sure we drink lots of fluids so we don’t get dehydrated! Thanks Bluepineaple :)

…and THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) TOGETHER we brought back PEACE to Club Penguin and a Party Invitation to Celebrate this will soon be Posted :)

See MORE FUN with Friends :)

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