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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Saraapril’s Penguin Band Pumpkin Stage Igloo :)

So much Change in Club Penguin and when The Club Penguin Band will come visit us during the Music Jam 2011 they will have a Brand NEW Look! As A Tribute to the old Penguin Band that I LOVE so Much and have so Many FUN memories TOGETHER with I have made this Pumpkin Stage Igloo :) This Stage is for you Franky, Pete K, Stompin’ Bob and G Billy :)

…I’m not totally Happy over that the Penguin Band will have a new look and some New instruments…Here I want to share with you one of the BEST times I had with the Penguin Band :) This Happened back in 2009 and I met them several times and they ALL took time to talk, sing and Play TOGETHER with us :) This was a Memory for LIFE and TOGETHER we ROCK! Penguin Band Animated :)

See MORE about the Penguin Band :)

UPDATE: Saraapril’s Penguin Band Pumpkin Stage Igloo Wallpaper :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

Look at the AWESOME Pictures we got this week :) I LOVE details and depth on drawings and this picture of a Ninja that Play Card-Jitsu Fire in the Volcano has it all :) GREAT WORK :)

…Club Penguin’s own HERO'S Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy will once again stop Squidzoid Plan to EAT EVERYTHING! GREAT WORK :)

…Penguins Having FUN Playing Basketball TOGETHER :) I LOVE the softness of the Crayons and the HAPPY and Goofy Smiles :) We can see that Penguins can JUMP! GREAT WORK :)

…Time to Practice for the Music Jam Party :) You have GREAT Details in this Drawing I LOVE the cute Yellow Puffle that hides among the Instruments :) AWESOME WORK :)

… This Picture of a HAPPY  Environment Friendly Penguin on a Waddle at the Beach is so COOL! I LOVE how you have drawn this :) WELL DONE :)

Club Penguin Game Day is Here and TOGETHER we will Sled and Slide :) GO BLUE TEAM! GOOD WORK :)

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Penguins Around the World :)

It’s time for NEW Pictures from Aunt Arctic :) The Red Puffle made a Cannon and Blast himself high up in the Sky just for FUN :)

…Then he and the Blue Puffle sang TOGETHER as HIGH they could to try to be LOUDER than the Ocean…Aunt Arctic wrote in the back of this Picture that the Ocean Won…LOL :)

… Treasure Hunt :)

…NO Soccer balls passed the determined Black Puffle after he ate a HOT Sauce O’Berry…LOL :)

…The Green Puffle found a GREAT Place to Hide while Playing Hide and Seek :)

…Let’s see now…I wonder what the Brown Puffle tries to invent now?

…Thanks Aunt A for these Pictures Have a FUN Week and Please send us more Pictures soon :)

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Green Music Jam Shirt Sneak Peek 2011 :)

Another Sneak Peek Picture of a Music Jam item is in the Club Penguin Times this week :) The Red Music Jam Shirt Members got for FREE last Year could be used while Playing some of the instrument so I hope the same will go for this NEW one too :)

…Thanks Luigileo for telling me about this Green Music Jam Shirt you have a GREAT eye for details :)

See MORE at New items at Music Jam Party 2011 Sneak Peek :)

Club Penguin game Day Typo Mistake :)

On Club Penguin’s Toy Page a Typo has been found among the Text to Video Games: Club Penguin Game Day :)

Java Jump &lt,;br>*

…Thanks Mario7604 for telling me about this :)

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Music Jam FUN Activities 2011 :)

Club Penguin has added SOME of the Old Music Jam FUN Activities :) Casa Fiesta Feast and Lyric DJ :)

…You find them ALL here: Music Jam FUN Activities 2010 :)

Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

CONGRATS Cheerio56 your Igloo is Featured on Club Penguin Community this week :) WOW! This Igloo has BOTH a Medieval charm and Modern Puffle Washers :) I LOVE the COOL Snowboards and Piles with Gold! GREAT Decorating :)

See earlier Community Featured Igloo :)

Purple Puffle Wallpaper :)

The Purple Puffle can now be Downloaded as a Wallpaper :) I like the Happy and little sleepy look :) I think this Puffle is tired after Dancing around TOGETHER with Friends at the Night Club…LOL :)

…Here you can Download Disney Club Penguin Wallpapers :) See Earlier Wallpaper EPF and Herbert Wallpaper :) And here you find Saraapril’s Wallpapers :)

Medieval Party - Penguin Poll :)

Today is the Official Penguin Poll Day…LOL :) What I liked most about the Medieval Party was: Completing the Knight’s Quest :) Checking out the Party Decorations :) Dressing up in Medieval Costumes :) What Medieval Party? I will answer…

…Completing the Knight’s Quests :) How will you VOTE? Make sure to make YOUR Opinion heard :)

Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011 Tour Guide :)

See earlier Penguin Poll

Music Jam 2011 Club Penguin Event Banners Update :)

The Party Banners for Music Jam 2011 is here Join the Party June 17 – 25 :) Small Banner…

…BIG Banner :)

…These are the Same Banners as Last Year only the Date is Changed Music Jam Part Banner 2010 ANIMATED :)

See earlier Banner here: Club Penguin Event Banners Update :)

Music Jam Postcards 2011 :)

The Mail Catalog has been updated with NEW and Old Postcards for the Music Jam Party :)

…This is the Famous Penguin Bands NEW Look! Penguin Band Rocks!

…and this Postcard is NEW too :) Music Jam Band Practice in my Igloo :)

...This is how the Rest of the Postcard Catalog Looks like :) Friendship :)

Puffles :)

Party :)

Games :)

Rooms :)

…The EPF Invitation Card is Removed! I wonder if this is a Bug OR Because the EPF is not needed right now? See Spy Phone message from the Director! If we are on a Break will we still get Paid Next Month? Time will tell :) Paycheck in Mail June 1, 2011 :)

See MORE Disney Club Penguin Postcards Under the Label Mail and Cards :)

Club Penguin Times Issue 295 :)

New Music Jam Furniture and Music Jam Construction!

New Music Jam Furniture!

Make a stage in your igloo with items from the Better Igloos catalog.

Bright lights and high-tech lasers are available in the Better Igloos catalog!The new Music Jam furniture is inspiring musicians to throw concerts in their igloos. “I’ve always wanted to design my own stage,” said one excited singer. “I hope my fans like the laser show I’ve been planning!”

2011-06-09 15.46.31 - Copy (2) - Copy

For my encore I’ll be dancing in a circle of fire,” said the singer. “But don’t worry, I’m keeping a fire extinguisher backstage—just to be safe.” Dancers can also try out the state of the art dance mat. “I’ve cleared a big space for the dance floor,” said the singer. “If more fans show up, it’s always good to be prepared.” Check out the latest Music Jam items— available now in the Better Igloos catalog! To browse the new furniture, just click the tape measure in your igloo.

Music Jam Construction!

Workers have begun ‘drumming up’ stages for the upcoming Music Jam party. The entire island is getting a rockin’ revamp for Music Jam, but it will take everyone’s help! Speakers need plugging in, instruments must be unpacked—and stages have to be painted…

“I’m no Music Jam expert,” said a construction worker. “But I can’t think of anything sweeter than the sound of jackhammers.” Many stages still need to be built around the island, but the worker is confident in the construction crew: “When we’re done, this festival will be slicker than a singing sea cucumber!” Help with the festival construction before Music Jam begins June 17.

Upcoming Events :)

Starting Now Better Igloos Catalog Amp up your igloo with new Music Jam items! Better Igloos Furniture Catalog CHEATS :)

Starting Now Music Jam Construction Help build rockin’ stages all around the island. Music Jam Party Preparations 2011 :)

Starting Now Secrets of the Bamboo Forest To find the Golden Feather, quest beyond the Stage…Secrets of the Bamboo Forest :)

June 17: Music Jam  - the island’s annual music festival returns!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 16.
Next pin hidden: June 17 – June 29 Red Electric Guitar Pin :)

News Flash :)

Facility nearly finished! Last week’s unannounced maintenance to the Everyday Phoning Facility is almost complete. Workers—help install the Extra Powerline Fixes, so repairs are done by next week. Everyday Phoning Facility in need of Repair!

Ask Aunt Arctic and Penguin Bands New Style!

Rollover each member of the Penguin Band to read their bio :)

Franky Creative and curious Still gets butterflies before a performance Plays the keyboard

Petey K Funny and smart Likes pulling pranks on G Billy Plays the accordion

Stompin’ Bob Adventurous and cool Spends his free time reading, and writing songs Plays the electric bass

G Billy Loyal and dedicated to his fans Never takes off his lucky bandana Plays the drums

Dear Aunt Arctic,Who is the Penguin Band?–M. Yoozik

Dear M. Yoozik,The Penguin Band is the island’s legendary rock group. Believe it or not, Franky, Petey K, Stompin’ Bob and G Billy have been playing together since 2006!

I can still remember interviewing Franky when he first joined the band. The group has certainly come a long way. Now, after a year of recording, the Penguin Band is finally returning to the island! They’ve let me know they’re excited to play for fans at Music Jam—and to debut their new look.

Secrets Classified Secret Ninja Items

Ninjas: Did you know you can unlock secret abilities, dances and waves with certain ninja items? You’ll find them in the Martial Artworks catalog at the Ninja Hideout.

Ninja Suit: You need two pieces to unlock this mysterious dance: mask and suit
Gong: Wave to sound the gong!
Cloud Wave Bracers: Wear with the Ninja Suit, then wave to make clouds appear Cloud Wave Animated :)

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 294 :)

Better Igloos Catalog CHEATS :) June – July 2011 :)

Disney Club Penguin’s Newest better igloos Catalog is FILLED with FUN items to make an Igloo to the COOLEST Stage EVER! This is PERFECT for Music Jam :) As Always I will help you find all the Hidden Secret items without ruining YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…First some NEW Items :) Flashing Flare 450 coins, Fire Extinguisher 10 coins (Safety First) Single Flare 150 coins, Musical Motif 225 coins, Electric Encore 175 coins and Radiant Rocker 175 coins :)

…Mouse over this page to find some older items :) Guitar Stand 300 coins :)

…Microphone 200 coins :)

…Piano 900 coins :)

…Piano Bench 200 coins :)

…and on this Page we have MORE NEW Items :) Busking Case 220 coins, Dance Mat 135 coins, Dynamic Drums 550 coins, Party Platter 180 coins, Laser Lights 145 coins and Confetti Blaster 25 coins :)

…Older items are Hidden on this Page too :) Terracotta Vase 300 coins :)

…Terracotta Pot 300 coins :)

…Terracotta Pitcher 300 coins :)

…Mexican Vase 320 coins :)

…Band Stage 800 coins :)

…Tropical Palm 300 coins :)

…Disco Ball 350 coins :)

…Ice Sculpture Knight 900 coins :)

…Harp 840 coins :)

…Candle 120 coins :)

…Regal Chair 500 coins :)

…PINK Plastic Castle 315 coins :)

…Spiral Coffee Tree 400 coins :)

…Potted Palm 280 coins :)

…Ficus Plant 320 coins :)

…Snake Grass 230 coins :)

…HD TV 1000 coins :)

…Candy Stash 10 coins :)

…Marshmallow 20 coins :)

…That was ALL Secrets for this time :) If you want to have COOL Music Outfits and Instruments look in the Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

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