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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Music Jam 2011 Coffee Break Beats YouTube VIDEO :)

Happy77 has uploaded a NEW Video on her YouTube Channel :) This time the Video Promote the Music Jam Party 2011 :) I like this Video and it looks like BOTH the New Penguin Band AND Cadence will be at this Party :)

Detail: Here is a Sneak Peek of the Penguin Band’s New COOL FLOATING Stage :)Penguin Band Music Jam Party 2011 Sneak Peek :)

…Thanks to Dvivoni for telling me about this Video :) The Penguin Band will have a NEW Background with them that Penguins that meet them while they take a Break from Playing can get :)

Music Jam Party 2011 Preparations :)

Saraapril’s Casa Fiesta Igloo Wallpaper :)

Some of you have asked for my Casa Fiesta Igloo as a Wallpaper so here it is :) This Igloo Decoration will Always remind me about all the FUN we had TOGETHER at The HAPPY PEACE PARTY :)

Regular Screen :)

Widescreen :)

Wider Widescreen :)

…On Disney Club Penguin Community you will find More Wallpapers :)And under this label you will find more Saraapril’s Wallpapers :)

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