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Monday, June 13, 2011

Spy Phone Message from Gary!

Once again I didn't get the new Message in your Spy Phone indicator BUT…

June 13, 2011


I'm pleased to report that all damage from the Hydra-bot has been repaired. Excellent work everyone!

…Thanks EPF Agent 472yellow  for telling me about this message :) I’m so HAPPY that the Everyday Phoning Facility is repaired BUT I wish we could have built something COOL at the Rooftop :) I would LOVE to have a Scientific Weather Station up there :)

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New Login Layout Back again!

First some of us got a New Disney Club Penguin Login layout and then it was removed and now it’s back again…I wonder if ALL Penguins got the Update this Time?

…Thanks Miki5258 for telling me about today’s Login Update :)

UPDATE: June 14, 2011 Thanks Rooks2 for telling me that the Create a Penguin now are Updated too :)Create a Penguin :)

New Login Layout for Club Penguin :)

Old Login Layout again!

PIN BUG BACK at the Dojo Courtyard!

Once AGAIN the Medieval Shield Pin BUG is BACK at the Dojo Courtyard! Normally Pins should ONLY be available for 2 weeks and then NEVER return to Club Penguin Again as they are meant to be RARE! (Exception: Pins belonging to a Play at the Stage will be around a little longer) The Medieval Shield Pin was released May 5, 2011…

…that this Pin Bug is back sadly once again confirm that Disney Club Penguin has lost the grip about their own Game! By the way the Medieval Shield date BUG in Stamp Book is STILL not Fixed!

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

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UPDATE: June 16, 2011 The Shield Pin is now Removed let’s hope it’s for good this time!

Everyday Phoning Facility is Repaired :)

HURRAY! We DID IT! THANKS to ALL Penguins that worked so hard TOGETHER to Repair the Everyday Phoning Facility :)

…The EPF looks like normal again :)

…Thanks ghris1 for telling me about this :) And in a few days the FUN Music Jam Party 2011 will be here :) I ALMOST know all the words to this song…I just need to practice some more…La la laa la…Oops! That was wrong! from the Top now…La la la…LOL :)

Everyday Phoning Facility in need of Repair!

HAPPY PEACE PARTY :) FUN with Friends :)

Music Jam Party 2011 Preparations :)

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