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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Snow Cone Game – Beta Team :)

FINALLY I can Play the Snow Cone Game :)

How to Play the Snow Cone Game :) Fill Snow Cone orders by mixing the colors to match the cup :)

…Fill  Snow Cone orders by mixing the colors to match cup :) Click on the red buttons to get a color :) Click again to make color stronger and use different colors to create right shade to match cup :) Click on Go when you are done :)

…One Grape to Sale and One Lemonade…Oops! Try again :)

Snow Cone Game :)

…I need MORE Training…LOL :) Thanks to crossbones03 for telling me that this game Finally works :)

…To be a Beta Tester means that you Play Games to HELP Club Penguin and this time they want to know: Here’s an early (CP made a Typo they wrote a instead of an) stage idea the Team was working on. What do you think? What would you change about it?

…Make sure you Play the Game MANY times before you answer so you know what you talking about before you send your opinion to Club Penguin :)

How to be a Disney Club Penguin Beta Tester :)

Spy Phone message from Gary!

I was in the Night Club just on my way to Play DJ3K when I got a NEW Spy Phone Message :)

June 15, 2011


According to my calculations, it's my fault that Herbert stole the Hydra-bot. I'm sorry everyone, I should have been more careful with it.

…Thanks EPF Agent Coolpiggy11 for telling me about this Spy Phone Message :) That’s okay Uncle Gary we all make mistakes sometimes :) EPF Facility damaged by Herbert!

See earlier Spy Phone message from Gary!

What to Wear at Music Jam 2011?

Today I am trying to decide what outfit I will have on at the First day of Music Jam Party 2011 :) I LOVE this PINK and White Flower Outfit it goes so well TOGETHER with my PINK Electric Guitar  :)

…but The BIG PINK Hair, the Rhythm and Purple Blues Outfit and Orange High Tops Shoes are Cool too :)

…and I like this Green Polka Dot  Dress and Green Checkered Shoes too…

…Or should I choose a Total brand NEW Outfit from the latest Penguin Style catalog?

…or an Older more Rare look?

…It’s so much FUN to dress to look like the Famous Penguin Band :) Franky :)

…Stompin’ Bob :)

…G Billy :)

…or Petey K :) OR?…

…I like this Style too!

…Sometimes it’s not easy to be a girl with a big Wardrobe…LOL :) If you have any Music Jam Fashion ideas Please leave a comment :)

Music Jam Party Preparations 2011 :)

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