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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Puffle disappear from Igloo BUG!

The “New” way to feed our Puffles is very annoying and filled with Bugs! Take care of your Puffle in your Igloo ANIMATED! Today when I took care of all my 20 Puffles my red Puffle Chillie suddenly disappeared after I fed and played with her! I changed to an empty Igloo to make sure that she wasn't hiding anywhere…nope! Chillie is GONE!

…I left my Igloo and came back BUT Chillie was STILL MISSING! First after I have logged out, cleared my Cache and logged in again my Red Puffle returned! How to clear cache in Club Penguin!

…I ALWAYS have to Clear my Cache when I play Club Penguin BUT when I play other Online Games I NEVER have to clear my Cache to make their Games work…

…To have to clear my Cache several times every day is ANNOYING and this have made me play Club Penguin much less then I did before!

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