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Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Room Penguin Art :)

Up in the Book Room we have got the Penguin Art Wall Updated :)

…Helpful Green Puffle :)

…Hockey Red vs Blue :)

…Cool Dancing Penguins :)

…Adopt a Puffle :) Quiz Which Puffle is most like you?

…Puffle World :)

…Hide and Seek :) Where’s that Puffle?

…Purple Puffles Super Bubble Blower :)

…Welcome to Club Penguin :)

…Dancing at the Night Club :)


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DJ3K Yellow Puffle BUG!

In DJ3K the Yellow Puffle is Dancing in front of the Speaker instead of on the Speaker! When I start the game the Yellow Puffle is ON the Speaker and then it jumps down IN FRONT of the speaker and dancing in the air until the music stops then my Yellow Puffle jumps up ON the Speaker again!

…Oops! More work for Club Penguin Bug Team…LOL :)

…Thanks Nasa10001, Skater1405 and Trainman1405 for this Bug :) In DJ3K ANIMATED you can see how the Yellow Puffle is supposed to dance ON the Speaker :)

DJ3K make your OWN Igloo Music :)

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Sprouting Spectaculus starts to grow Green again :)

HURRAY! The Plant the plant in Waterfall trick DID IT! My Sprouting Spectaculus Tree has start to grow Green again and I have replanted it in its Flowerpot again :)

…The other plants are replanted back in the Flowerpots too :) They still need more water so I keep giving them that several times every day :) I’m hoping they soon will start to grow buds again :)

…See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpot Plants looked earlier  Waterfall Plants :)

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