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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saraapril’s Whale’s Mouth Igloo :) My Stories and Adventures :)

I was Happily swimming around in the Ocean TOGETHER with my Puffles when… 

…we suddenly met a Whale that inhaled us by mistake! Luckily it didn't swallow us that Exit would have been so GROSS and for sure ruin my Hairdo!

…it took another gulp of water and with that came both seaweed and junk…I think you need a Toothbrush I said but the Whale couldn't hear me…

…How will we get out? Every time the Whale open its Mouth more things get in NOT out? Hmmm…Now I know :)

2011-07-14 17.39.17 - Copy

…There are lots of Old Cream Soda Barrels here if we…

…open them and Hopefully the bubbly Cream Soda will tickle the Whales tongue and…

…YES! With a BIG Sneeze we were out in the Ocean again :) Hi the Whale said where did you come from?

…we were Swimming around trying to find the Mermaid Cove when you almost swallowed us!

…Sorry little Mermaid and cute Puffles I didn't see you…I know the way to the Mermaid Cove :) Do you want me to transport you there? 

…Thanks that would be awesome :) The Friendly Whale open his Mouth again and carefully we swim in…

…I am not sure how long time it will take to reach the Mermaid Cove but me and my Puffles have used some of the Junk we found in here to decorate and make this trip comfortable :) First I build a protection wall so my Puffles won’t slip into the Whales belly…

…Oops! I think our Whale Friend has an acid reflux problem…OR…has it swallowed a Rock Stage? LOL :)

…I like to sit here at the Desk and write about our Journey :) When the Whale opened his mouth I saw a poor Parrot in a cage floating around and my Puffles and I used a little boat to row out and save it :) The poor thing was so scared but we have taken good care of it and we will set it free as soon we reach land :) We soon found out that the Parrot could talk :) It keep saying ARR Pizza ARRR all the time…LOL :) Right now I am trying to learn it to sing one of my Favorite songs :)

…I have explained over and over again that there is no Fish in this pond BUT my Puffles just keep looking at it waiting for a Fish to jump up anyway…I think they miss their Fish Friend from our Music Garden Igloo

…The Whale is so kind to us :) Sometimes he open his Mouth so the sun shines in on us and we can sunbathe and play in the Sand dunes :) It is AWESOME to have a private Beach BUT the Whale tongue can sometimes feel a little slippery under my flippers…LOL :)

…Wait Orange and Orange and Orange! The food is NOT ready to eat yet! My Orange Puffles are Always HUNGRY but I keep training them and they have become more obedient now…(Orange Puffles Adoption) My Puffles LOVE to use the Puffle launch Cannon to take messages to the Whale through the Whale’s Blowhole and I have some Cream Soda Barrels here just in case we want to get out quickly…LOL :)

2011-07-17 21.56.48 - Copy

…The Whale opened his Mouth and I saw other Mermaids Swimming around in the Water :) Hi Mermaids I shouted HAPPILY to them How are you today?

…Flipper Fantastic they Happily answered while splashing water around :) Welcome to the Mermaid Cove :)

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My Stories and Adventures :)

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