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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FUN with Friends :)

Tuty 1000 and I had so much FUN TOGETHER playing Tag at the Cove :)

…Oops! Don’t run too close to the Bonfire…LOL :)

…Tag! Tuty 1000 quickly Tagged me back and…

…you can RUN but I will Tag you…LOL :) Then we decided to Play Hide and Seek :) I waited at the Cove when Tuty 1000 Hides…

…I found you :)

…Then I hide in the Recycling Plant :)

…then I found Tuty 1000 at the Dock :) Thanks Tuty 1000 you are GREAT at this Game :)

…Thanks for all the FUN Friend :) See you another day in Club Penguin :)

…I like Zedo111’s Migrator Decorations :) I asked what is under deck and Zedo111 told me that it’s Filled with Cream Soda! If Rockhopper hear that he will for sure come and visit you :)

…Sled Race is so Much FUN :) Oops!

…I’m so glad that you didn't got hurt in that fall :) You are a GREAT Sled Racer :)

…Ds3r invited me to a Party at the Pizza Parlor :) Hi :)

…TOGETHER we had FUN Dancing and talking :)

…I was working on a Penguin Art Post when Cena12121 came :) Hi Friend :)

…We went down to the Coffee Shop to meet Jaxtery :)

…When I was taking Pictures for a My Stories and Adventures Post Tool Bear came :) Hi :)

…Tool Bear saw that my beak had turned little blue after spending so much time in the water and he made sure that I took a break and warmed up by the Fire! Thanks Tool Bear you saved me from becoming an Ice Cube Penguin…LOL :) 

…Then we visited my Whale’s Mouth Igloo :)

…Jjkakes, Sungayboo and I working TOGETHER with constructions for the Island Adventure Party 2011 :) Island Adventure Party 2011 Preparations :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have played TOGETHER with :)

See MORE FUN with Friends :)

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