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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Sadly MORE Bugs are found! Here at the Stage Club Penguin has added the WRONG Script AGAIN! This script is from the Space Adventure Planet Y! UPDATE: July 28, 2011 the script Bug is now fixed :)

…In my Spy Phone ALL Characters are now named Undefined! Thanks Jad01 for telling me about this Spy Phone Text Bug :)

…Detail: The Let’s be explorers. Postcard Text is Changed! The SAD thing is that if you have this card saved in your Mailbox that card will be changed too! That is NOT FUN Club Penguin!

2011-07-21 17.47.25 - Copy

…If you have the Commander Coat that you get from the Kind Crab at the Mermaid Cove, The Continental Hat you can earn in the Cream Soda Hunt and the Telescope you can buy from the Penguin Style Catalog on you can do the Special Telescope dance :) Thanks Metrojet for telling me about this item combination :)

…ALL over the Dock we have the Snowballs Disappear BUG! Thanks Prettypeach0 for telling me this :)

…The Confetti Blaster bug is now fixed and the price increase from 25 to 50 coins! That means a Bug is FIXED :) Club Penguin Bugs and Details :) UPDATE: July 28, 2011 Confetti Blaster BUG AGAIN!

…The Text on our Puffles Player Cards are back from Bold to as it was before :) Thanks Feey1 for telling me this :)

…By the way Let’s go back to the Stage…Welcome to the Stage. Tickets please! Currently showing Space Adventure Planet Y. If you're interested in a job, actors, directors, and alien stage hands are needed! Hmmm…NO COMMENTS!

…AND Rockhopper’s Ship the Migrator is NOT here at Club Penguin Home Page!

Club Penguin BUGS! And Club Penguin Details :)

Blue Crab at Cove :)

I LOVE all the cute Crabs that are running around in Club Penguin right now :) And every 15 minutes you can see the Rare BLUE Crab at the Cove :)

…Hi little Blue Crab Friend :) You are so cute :) Look how the Blue Crab holds the nose with the claws for a second just before jumping into the water…awwww…You are Adorable :)

…Thanks Echo006 for telling me about this Blue Crab :) This reminds me about this post What’s up with the Crabs in Club Penguin? My Stories and Adventures :) 

Island Adventure Party 2011 is HERE!!! Link Collection Post :)

Music Maestro Stamp CHEAT :) And BUG!

Disney Club Penguin has added a NEW Party Stamp the Music Maestro Stamp to our Stamp Book :) Music Maestro Solve a musical Puzzle at a Party :)

…We should be able to earn this Stamp right now during the Island Adventure Party 2011 up here in the Tree Forts that you can reach from the Forest BUT we CAN’T! ANOTHER Club Penguin BUG!

UPDATE: My Non Member Test Penguin could earn this Stamp while doing the Cream Soda Hunt BUT…

…my Penguin Saraapril can’t as I already have found the Cream Soda Barrels! And it looks like this Stamp ONLY can be earned Playing at the Drums DURING the Cream Soda Hunt and we can ONLY do the Hunt Once…This is NOT FUN!

UPDATE: July 22, 2011 THANKS to Amanda at Club Penguin Support for adding the Music Maestro Stamp to my Stamp Book :) You are AWESOME!

Rockhopper’s rare Items CHEATS July 2011 :)

Rockhopper has as usual brought RARE items that members can buy and a FREE item for ALL Penguins :) The Scallywag Rags 325 coins, The Rascal Hair wig 300 coins and Castaway Face Paint 50 coins are NEW items :) The Tropical Tree 300 coins can be bought from the current Better Igloos Catalog so that item is NOT RARE at ALL! BUG!

…Mouse over the Page to find the Secret Hidden Ship in a Bottle 355 :) Clue: Look at the Map…LOL :)

…I took a look at Rockhopper’s Notice Board and ALL Cream Soda are MISSING!

…That is NOT GOOD! I need to help Rockhopper to find it RIGHT NOW! Cream Soda Scavenger Hunt CHEATS :)

Island Adventure Party 2011 is HERE!!!

Crab Costume key to Game at Mermaid Cove :)

At the Hidden Lake we can buy a Blue Crab Costume :)

…Blue Crab 50 coins :)

…Would you like to buy Blue Crab for 50 coins? Yes Please :)

…Add the Blue or Red Crab Costume and the Crab in the middle of this room will hold up signs and play a Game with you :) Crabs talks to Crabs…LOL :) Please wait Game will begin shortly…Watch Closely…

…I LOVE to play this Game BUT Sadly it’s glitch filled and doesn't work so well…BUT if you play on Low Resolution it works better :) Stand on the brown stone in front of the Right Shell :)

…If you win 3 times the kind Crab will give you a Gift :)

…You have found a Commander Coat Would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :) Tips: NON Members that have unlocked the Red Crab Costume can earn this Coat too :)

…This is how I look like with the Commander Coat and The Continental Hat I got in the Cream Soda Hunt :) This coat brings out a Sparkle in my eye…Just Kidding…LOL :)

Fashion Tips: As soon the Game has started you can change outfit if you want and still Play the Game :)

Disney Club Penguin’s Island Adventure Party 2011 is HERE!!!

Island Adventure Party 2011 Login Background :)

Island Adventure Party Search for the missing Cream Soda July 22 – 31, 2011 Disney Club Penguin :)

…Well I would doing that right now IF you had ADDED the HUNT! NOT FUN Club BUG!! NOT FUN!!! Cream Soda Scavenger Hunt CHEATS Guide :) By the way here you see that the Party will be between July 22 – 31 BUT on the Island Adventure Party Banner you said July 21 – 31…PLEASE make up your mind Club BUG!

Disney Club Penguin’s Island Adventure Party 2011 is HERE!!!

Cream Soda Scavenger Hunt CHEATS Guide :)

Club Penguin’s Island Adventure is HERE! And with that a FUN Cream Soda Scavenger Hunt :) On this Walkthrough, Tutorial Guide Post I will help you find ALL the Cream Soda the Crabs have Hidden :) First go to the Pizza Parlor you will find it at the Plaza…

…click on the Note at the Wall…

….Attention, Manager: The Cream Soda Delivery is late! Someone needs to go to the Migrator to find out what’s going on….Okay I can do that :)

…BUT Where is the MIGRATOR! It’s NOT here at the Beach!

…I went up to the Beacon and the Migrator can NOT been seen in the Telescope anymore…

…OH NO!!! Another Club Penguin BUG!!!

…This is NOT FUN!!!

…More when Club Penguin has Fixed this Bug…HURRAY! The Migrator is HERE! BUT…

…when I try to enter the Migrator I get this Message: Connection was lost. Please click to learn more. THANKS a LOT Club BUG! Can you FIX this soon? OR will this be ANOTHER of your EPIC FAILURES?

…More IF Club Penguin BUG fix this…HURRAY the BUG is FIXED! Now I can start the Cream Soda Hunt :) Click on note…

…You have found a(n) Eye Patch Pin Would you like to Pick it up? YES Please :)

…LOOK! A message from Rockhopper! Aaarr! Where be me cream soda? Who trickin’ me? Yar har! This eye patch be a clue… Set sail for the Iceberg!

…I LOVE the cute crabs that are hiding and playing here at the Iceberg :) Throw Fish down in the water (use snowball icon or t)

…You have found a Telescope (Pin) Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…Avast! We Pirates found this telescope. Ye best be sailing to the Dock…

…Oops! The Boat at the Dock EXPLODED!

…Put the Pieces Together again and…

…You have found a Tropical Feather (Pin) Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…Happened upon this feather today. May want to speak with the birds…

…To the Tree Fort at the Forest :) Imitate the Birds with the Drums :) Yellow, Aqua, Yellow…Yellow, Aqua, Yellow, Orange…Yellow, Aqua, Yellow, Orange, Red…Listen and DONE! Sadly I didn't earn the Music Maestro Stamp…ANOTHER CLUB PENGUIN BUG!

…LOOK! A Key and another note…

…You have found a(n) Old key (Pin) Would you like to pick it up? What a Beautiful Gold Key! Yes Please :)

…We gots this map and Key. Somebody left’em… Dunno Who! Click on X on Map…

…Here at the Cove you need a Drill if you don’t have one you can pick one up for FREE here :)

…HURRAY! I found ALL of the missing Cream Soda barrels AND…

…You have found the Continental Hat (Head item) would you like to pick it up? YES PLEASE :)

…Arr! Me cream soda be safe! Ye be a fine pirate for findin’ it! Fair winds! Rockhopper :)

…You’re very Welcome Rockhopper I’m so HAPPY that I could help you :) LOOK The Cream Soda barrels are Back here at the Migrator :)

…and in the Pizza Parlor :)

Note to Club Penguin Teach Team: Next time you release a Party can you PLEASE make SURE that everything works BEFORE you add it to Disney Club Penguin Online?

Disney Club Penguin’s Island Adventure Party 2011 is HERE!!!

UPDATE: Cream Soda Hunt Video on YouTube :)

UPDATE: Cream Soda Hunt BUG!

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