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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Island Adventure Party 2011 Tour Guide :)

Hi Friends :) Let’s Start this Disney Club Penguin Island Adventure Party Guided Tour with a look at the Map :) If you click on the Island Adventure icon at the top right you will teleport to…

…Here we are at the Plaza. It's a pirate's playground! Adopt a shipmate at the Pet Shop catch a play at the Stage or enjoy a pirate's feast at the Pirate Pizza! In this room you will find two signs and one note you can click on…

…Captains Needed if you click on Go There you will be Transported to The Beach! STOP! Please don’t click on any signs right now I have MORE things to show you right here and I PROMISE to show you the Beach later…Okay? GREAT :)

…The Be a Pirate sign will take you to the Cove and…Please DON’T click on Go There I WILL show you more about that room later instead click on…

…The Missing Cream Soda sign will take you to the Pizza Parlor :) Feel Free to go ahead and click on Go There…Yes you can do that now OR Waddle through the Pizza Parlor door…LOL :)

…Arr! Welcome to Pirate Pizza, mateys! Order an extra larrrrge fish dish pizza or go through that door to play Pizzatron 3000.

As you can see I have Soda Bottles on the tables in here BUT that’s because I have helped Rockhopper to find the Cream Soda Barrels again :) Cream Soda Scavenger Hunt CHEATS Guide :) Mouse over the cute little bird on the Piano and it will sing for you :) Follow me…

…Welcome to the Pirate's Village! Here you'll find the Ski Hill and a Boating Lodge on your right is average Everyday Phoning Facility…Moving on…Moving on…let’s waddle to the…

...Beach! See I Kept my Promise…LOL :) LOOK! The Migrator is here so our Beloved Captain Rockhopper and his Red Puffle Yarr are here somewhere ready to tell stories, Party and Play TOGETHER with us :) Weigh anchor sailors! Welcome to the Beach where ship captains study the sea. Jump on deck and prepare for an epic sea battle. You can mouse over the Cannon to Fire Snowballs and if you waddle into that Boat you will sail out to…

…Oops! ONLY Club Penguin MEMBERS can enter this room! BUT don’t fear Tour Guide Saraapril is here…LOL :) During last years Party I recorded this room so that ALL my Non Member Friends can see and hear what’s going on in there :) Ships Battle YouTube :)

…Here we are at the Ship Battle! Ahoy sailors! Avast pirates! This is an epic snowball fight. Pirates should fill the buckets to launch the cannons. Sailors should stand on the triggers. Use your jackhammer to fix leaks!

…You can mouse over the low cannons to fire snow too :) AND remember to work TOGETHER to FIX the Ships OR…Uh-Oh!  FUN Fish Trouble at Battle Ships :)

…Click on the note to read the Ships Battle instructions: Stand on platforms to load yellow ship’s cannons! Throw snowballs in buckets to load Red ship’s cannons! Cannons fire when the timer is done! Use your jackhammer to repair the ship :) Tips: If you don’t have a jackhammer you can pick up a hard hat for FREE at the Cove or inside the Mine :) Put hard hat on and dance to drill :) Detail: The penguin in this picture doesn't have a Hard Hat on = Drawing BUG! That’s all you need to know in here to have a HAPPY FRIENDLY snow battle TOGETHER :) Please Follow me to…

…Welcome to the Dock. Here, navy sailors come to plan their voyages…sail away on the Hydro Hopper or rest and enjoy some tea! Oh by the way make sure to fix the Ship that just EXPLODED…LOL :) In this room you can meet some of Club Penguins cute. helpful and kind Crabs :) Follow me…

…This is the Town! Here you can enjoy a a jig at the Night Club and buy the best clothing items for adventuring from the Gift Shop! Adventure Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

…Here you have the Cream Soda note too :)

…The Captains needed sign :)

…and the Be a Pirate sign :) YES! I KNOW that we haven’t been at the Cove yet! Patience Please dear Penguins...Patience…LOL :) Follow me…

…Dance to the jungle beats at the Night Club! Look lively shipmates! It's the perfect place for a sailor's jig. Let’s dance like ROCKHOPPER! WOHOO! That was FUN :) And now Please Follow me…

…Get your sailing practice here! These Sailing Forts are fun for snowball fights. Ready...Aim...Fire! Mouse over the Snow Cannons to Fire so you can have a FUN FRIENDLY Snow battle TOGETHER :) And now let’s waddle to…

…Welcome to the Forest, where sailors set up camp. Look at all the friendly fireflies! Climb the ladder to visit the Tree Forts or push the rock to discover a hidden place. Look at the cute little bird in that Tree :) Mouse over it to hear it sing…what a lovely sound :) Let’s use this rope ladder and climb up…

…These are the Tree Forts home of the Castaways! The plant to your right eats snowballs. Feed it and watch it grow! I LOVE ALL the cute red crabs that are in this room I think I could sit up here talking to the crabs and listen to the birds (mouse over birds) FOREVER :) No I didn't say that I WILL stay up here Forever I said…Never mind…let’s continue the Tour…And YES I WILL show you the Cove! Eventually……but first let’s climb down to the Forest again and roll away the BIG stone so we can climb down to…

…Wow! This must be the Hidden Lake. It's a Mermaid's treasure trove! I wonder what that crab is up to… Crab Costume key to game at Mermaid Cove :) I LOVE this Room and I’m having so Much FUN playing this Guess pearl in shell Game TOGETHER with this Friendly Crab :) And THANKS AGAIN Kind Crab for this GREAT Command Coat you gave me :) Follow me to…drumroll…


…The COVE you wanted to see :) This is the Pirate's Cove! Here pirates can play Catchin' Waves tell tales of their travels or walk the plank to the Pirate Ship! This place is filled with FUN crabs that LOVES to play Hide and Seek with you and also the Rare cute Blue Crab at Cove :) This is a FUN room and if you want you can swim in the water or use the Boat to sail to the Ship’s Battle again :) Mouse over the cannon to send away a Snowball…What that BIG X means? Well…just do the Cream Soda Hunt you will know…LOL :) And now please open your Map and click on the Iceberg…

…Oops! We're shipwrecked on the Iceberg with no boat to take us to shore! There's only one thing to do...let's throw a party! Keep watch, though there's something fishy about that shadow...Feed the Squid :)

…A Party is Always more FUN if we talk to each other and here you have the Quick Talking Safe Messages :)

Let's explore!
Look at this!
Let's find the cream soda!
I'm lost
Follow me!
Help me build the ship!
Wear a crab costume
What do I do?
Listen to the birds...
...then play the drums!
Dig here!
Found it!

…I LOVE to tell jokes to my Crab Friends they are such GREAT listeners and I can see how they thinking about the Answer to every Question :)

Why did the mermaid swim across the ocean? To get to the other tide!
What do pirates say when they're scared? Quiver me timbers!
Where does a boat go when it's sick? To the dock!
What does a sea monster eat for dinner? Fish and ships!
Why did the captain grab a bar of soap when his ship sank? To help him wash ashore!
What do you call two octopuses that look alike? I-tentacle twins!
Why couldn't the sailors play cards? Because the captain was standing on the deck! 
What is a pirate's favorite fish? A goldfish!
Why do seagulls live by the sea? Because if they lived by the bay... ...they would be called bagels! 
Where do you find cold pirates? In the aaaaaarrrrctic!
What did the sea say to the mermaid? Nothing, it just waved!

…Thanks Friends for taking the Island Adventure 2011 Guided Tour you have been a GREAT Tour Group…Yes you too…LOL :) Now let’s have FUN TOGETHER with the crabs here and feel free to Feed my Friend Kraken the Squid :) If any of you Server Hopping to Tracking Rockhopper and Yarr Please give them a BIG HUG from me when you meet them :)

Island Adventure Party 2011 CHEATS and Links Collection :)

Puffle Bugs!

A few days ago Club Penguin changed the Text layout on our Puffles name on their Player Cards sadly this change came with BUGS! Right now I can’t Tickle my Puffles! Thanks Perapin for telling me about this Tickle Bug :) I have done some tests and scratch Puffle Head and Poke Puffle are GONE TOO! See more about these Features here: How to Tickle your Puffle ANIMATED :) When I fed my Blue Puffle I got an Orange Puffle hiding behind my Blue Puffle! As you can see my Blue Puffles name Blueberry doesn't show instead my Orange Puffle’s name Orange is under my Blue Puffle! I tried to Feed my Orange/Blue Puffle a couple of times and sometimes it jumped of happiness and sometimes not…

…I closed the Puffle Card and next time I opened it the Orange Puffle was gone :) I tested other Puffles without getting the double Puffle Bug Back :)

See more Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

UPDATE: August 12, 2011 The Tickle Puffle Bug is now Fixed :) Thanks Perapin for telling me this and THANKS Club Penguin for Fixing the Bug :)

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