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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I LOVE Yarr’s spiked Fur :)

When I met Rockhopper and Yarr earlier today in Aurora I noticed that Yarr has the OLD Puffle look with Spiked fur!

…On Rockhopper’s Player Card we can see that Yarr has spiked fur there too :)

…this made me so HAPPY as I LOVE that Disney Club Penguin is keeping some of the OLD Club Penguin days alive :) PLEASE Disney Club Penguin don’t ever change how Yarr or Rockhopper looks…Pretty Please? With sugar on top :)

…If you like to take a quick waddle down Memory Lane I have added three Links for you here :) My Friend Yarr :) and Rockhopper and Yarr have Arrived :) and  Rockhopper’s Coins for Change Party :)

Island Adventure Party 2011 CHEATS and Links Collection :)

I met Rockhopper in Aurora :) FUN with Friends :)

I was Server Hopping to Tracking Rockhopper and in Server Aurora at the Dock I found him and Yarr :) What be the meaning of this place?

…ARR it be a navy dock!

…ye be watchin out for these fancy navy types, they be worse than pirates Rockhopper said! WHY are you saying that Rockhopper? I asked The Navy sailors I have met has ALL been very nice..Rockhopper answered...the navy be makin you comb yer beard…

…I started to laugh…and THAT make you SCARED of them…LOL :)

…the next thing ye know the navy be stickin ye in a puffle bath! YAR i not be a puffle! YARR be a puffle!!

…You so FUNNY Rockhopper BUT just as I thought you are just JOKING with us…LOL :) AND I know that you must bath sometimes because you NEVER smell bad only salty :) Rockhopper winked at me and…


…HAR HAR HAR…We waddled through the Town to…

…The Snow Forts or should I say the clock tower place? Rockhopper wanted to have a Friendly Snowball Fight so some of us waddled over to the other ship and TOGETHER we ALL had a FUN Snow Fight :)

…Please remember that Rockhopper can’t add anyone! So PLEASE STOP nagging him about that! Thanks :)

…We went to the Cove :)

…and TOGETHER we had a FUN Dance Party :)

…Rockhopper got an idea :) Mateys lets play a Game! Lets play Rockhopper says :) YES! Let’s! This will be FUN :) Rockhopper says Smile :)

…Rockhopper says Pizza…

…Rockhopper says TOOT like True Pirates! And we did :) The cute crab LOVED this game and jumped up and down in different ways to show emotions too :)

…Tips: If you can’t see what Rockhopper saying just drag down the chat box history :) Now Everyone Smile!

…ARRR! Tricked ye! I didnt say Rockhopper says! Oops! LOL :)

…It be time for me to go Fair Winds!!! Thanks for all the FUN Rockhopper and Yarr :) Waddle On!

Island Adventure Party 2011 CHEATS and LINKS Collection :)

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