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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pick up the Pins Reminder :)

I think that this Adventure Party is so Much FUN :) If you like me are a Club Penguin Pin collector remember to pick up the Gold Anchor Pin as it soon will be gone FOREVER…

…for the Pins in the Cream Soda Hunt you have a couple more days before the Eye Patch Pin, Telescope Pin, Tropical Feather Pin and Old Key Pin are removed BUT why wait to collect them? Rockhopper needs your help :) Cream Soda Hunt CHEATS :) AND when you done with that you can still pick up the Enchanted Feather Pin :) Wait! We can collect SIX Pins right now!?! I think Club Penguin gone PIN CRAZY…LOL :) HAPPY PIN COLLECTING :)

Island Adventure Party 2011 :)

UPDATE: The Anchor Pin is now Gone BUT a NEW Pin is hidden somewhere in Club Penguin…Tropical Bird Pin CHEATS :)

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