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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Penguins Around The World Rockhopper Video by Happy77 :)

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins,
Happy 77 (LOOK! Happy77 is MISSPELLED! UPDATE: This Typo is now Fixed) here. We had an idea to make a video out of all the amazing photos you've sent in. Since Rockhopper's here for the Island Adventure Party, we thought we should make one with pictures of him. Look at all the places he's been!

What do you think? :)
I'd like to make another video like this with your pictures of Gary the Gadget Guy or Herbert next. But we need your pictures to make it happen! Send in your pictures by clicking here.
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

Old and New Pictures…Here you can see More Penguin Around the World Pictures :)

Saraapril’s Island Adventure Stamp Book :)

Today I decided to redecorate my Stamp Book in Island Adventure Style and this is how it looks like right now :) I added a Stamp with Rockhopper and then Pins :) Red Puffle Yarr, Treasure Chest, Rowboat, The key to Captain's Quarter and a Barrel of Cream Soda :) Message from Rockhopper Pirated Riddle!

…Hmmm…something is missing…Now I know :) There! Water, an Anchor and my name Saraapril written in Seaweed :)

…Here you can see how my earlier Stamp Book Decoration looked like :)

Club Penguin Details :)

The Unlock items Online Tutorial page on Club Penguin has been updated BUT the FAQ Page still has an old Picture…

…I’m so HAPPY that the fire is now working under the Boiling Cauldron in my Igloo :)

…See MORE Club Penguin Details :)

Club Penguin Unlock Items Tutorial :)

How do I unlock my items online? Help Guide, Walkthrough Tutorial Cheats :)

Congratulations! You have exciting new toy with a toy code which you can use to get special items online. It’s simple to unlock your items online. Step by step directions (with pictures!):

How Do I Unlock Items?

  1. When you see this icon , you know your toy has a code that will unlock items online. When you get a new Club Penguin toy, keep the code safe. The code can only be used once, so don’t lose it!
  2. Go to Login with your penguin name and password. If you don’t already have a penguin, first create a free account.
  3. You’ll need your toy code (on the back of the coin), or your book with you.
  4. If you selected a toy, enter your toy code and click next. Be sure to enter the code exactly as it appears. (Go to #6)
  5. If you have a book, find the code word by following the directions given in the question. Be sure to enter the word exactly as it appears in the book. (Go to #7)
  6. The top bar of The Treasure Book shows how many items you get to unlock. Flip through the pages and then select the items you want. IMPORTANT: make sure to unlock all the items that you get with your code before you click done. Club Penguin Treasure Books :)
  7. After you have answered the secret question correctly, a special item and coins will be added to your inventory. If you have already received the special item, you’ll get more coins!
  8. Each code must be entered individually. If you have more than one toy with a code, or if you have a book, click the Enter Another Code button.
  9. Once you are finished, click Play Now! Select your server and then go play!

    Whatever your code unlocked will automatically be added to your penguin account.
    Whether you have a membership or a free account, the items you unlock will always be accessible!

What I like best with Unlock items online is that ALL Penguins BOTH Members and Non Member Free Playing Penguins can wear them :) Here I am in some of the items I have unlocked online :)

If you want to take a waddle down Memory Lane you can see the Old How to unlock Items Online Tutorial Club Penguin :)

Under the label TOYS you will find TONS of Disney Club Penguin Toys, items, Books, Games and Clothes :) And if you want you can buy Club Penguin Toys, Books, Games Clothes and items on Disney Store :)

Confetti Blaster BUG AGAIN!

The cost of the confetti blaster in the Better Igloos Catalog has been lowered from 50 coins to 25 coins! Well NOT in the Catalog BUT…

…Here on this Would you like to buy Confetti Blaster for 25 coins sign BUT it STILL cost 50 coins when you buy it! BUG!

…Sigh…you FINALLY got this right last week and now…Club Penguin Bugs and Details! Please Club Penguin STOP change the price of this item! Just decide on a price and STICK to it! AND Fix the BUG Please!

See more Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

Club Penguin Times issue 301 :)

Cream Soda Found! Mystery remains…

Pirates celebrate with cream soda in Pizza Parlor. Treasure hunters have uncovered cream soda barrels! “Ye be the finest pirates!” said Rockhopper. “Once ye find me missin’ barrels—come to the Pizza Parlor.” “There be bottles o’ cream soda at every table! Yar har!” The cream soda is trickling in, but one question is still unanswered...

Why wasn’t the captain’s cream soda delivered? Rockhopper is still looking for answers. “Arr, I not be sure, mateys. I don’t remember burying it... But I once buried me cheese in me beard. And then I forgot about it for ages—so I could be wrong!” Either way, Rockhopper wants the treasure hunt to continue. “If ye still got a taste for treasure, head to me ship—it be docked at the Beach!” “Ye can dig for rubies in me Captain’s Quarters. Just don’t forget the key! Har har har!” Cream Soda Hunt CHEATS :)

Speedy Snow Gear Soon!

Snowboards are racing into the Gift Shop August 4.

Extreme sports gear is coming! “I’m so stoked,” said one snowboarder. I can’t wait to show off my moves!” “I wonder why we’re getting all this extreme gear? Something epic must be on the way...” “Whatever it is, I hope we get a chance to compete! ‘Cos standing on a winners podium would be gnarly.” “The extreme gear is speeding into the Gift Shop August 4. I’ll race you there!”

Upcoming Events :)

Starting August 4 Penguin Style Catalog Gear up for extreme sports in the Gift Shop.

Starting August 4 August Party Revealed Check the next issue for an announcement from Gary the Gadget Guy.

Starting August 18 Team Blue vs. Team Red! Cheerleaders and mascots needed at the Stage!

August 12: Sports items arrive in the Better Igloos catalog!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until August 10
Next pin hidden: August 11-August 24 Tropical Bird Pin Cheats :)

News Flash :)

Clickety click! The island is crawling with crabs! Causes are unclear, but one thing is certain: curious crustaceans are cropping up everywhere! Island Adventure Party 2011 CHEATS :)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic, Why are there blue penguins clapping at the end of Sled Racing? – Tobey Gan

Dear Tobey Gan,
Those blue penguins are huge Sled Racing fans! They love to cheer for everyone who finishes a run at the Ski Hill. I’ve tried to interview them many times throughout the years. But it’s hard to get a word in;they keep breaking out in cheers like: “BEST. SPORT. EVER!” or Woot! Way to go! Good run!” They’re extremely serious about Sled Racing! Be sure to watch for them the next time you finish a race. Whether you’re an expert sledder, or just starting to hit the slopes—the blue penguins will be there to cheer you on.

Class in session! Hit the books in one of the island’s many classroom igloos.

Dear Aunt Arctic,Is there a school on the island? – Klaus Room

Dear Klaus Room,
In many igloos, class is in session right now... It’s true—many clever igloo owners transform their homes into schools. To find a school, try visiting different igloos on your map. Or better yet, create your own using the Better Igloos catalog. Once you’re finished decorating, be sure to invite your friends. Or try spreading the word in the Town. I’m sure many others would like to attend your class. After all, classmates make school fun!

Secrets Classified Sled Racing Secrets :)

Each track at the Ski Hill is different. Make sure you bring along a sled!

Bunny Hill: A great course for beginners. Speed down this track for a ‘crash course’ in Sled Racing.

Express: Falling behind? Hit the icy patch near the bottom for a speed boost.

Penguin Run: The original Sled Racing course and the first course with cliffs. Get a head start by hitting the icy patch at the beginning.

Ridge Run: The most challenging track. Can you make it down without crashing?

Sled Race Game in Club Penguin :)

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 300 :)

Club Penguin NEW Pin CHEAT :) Tropical Bird :)

The NEWEST Club Penguin Pin is released and you will find it here inside the Gift Shop :)

…You have found a Tropical Bird Pin would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how the Tropical Bird Pin looks like on my Player Card :)

…There are FIVE other Pins you can find in Club Penguin right Now :) Read more here: Pick up the Pins Reminder :) And if you like to waddle down memory lane you can take a look at the Gold Anchor Pin :)

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