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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hide and Seek - My Stories and Adventures :)

My Crab Friends and I have so Much FUN TOGETHER Playing Hide and Seek :) 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Ready or not, here I come :)

…Where can they be? I found you!

…Hmmm…No crabs up here BUT I will sit here and sing with my Bird Friends for a while :) La la la laaa…Was that a crab claw sound I heard?

…I will hide here…I saw you…LOL :)

…Hide and Seek makes me HUNGRY! PIZZA Time! BRB Friends!Yummy :)
…I’m Hiding now :) Try to Find me :)

…My Crab Friends and I like to Play TOGETHER all over Club Penguin Island! My turn to Seek for you again…I see you :)

…WOW! That is a GREAT Hiding Spot! How did you get up there without me noticing? You are GREAT at this Game :)

…Found you again :)

…There you are :)

…The Blue Crab is GREAT at Hiding and was the last Crab I Found! CONGRATS you WON this Game :)

…You want to Play again? Sure :)

…Suddenly I heard a voice I recognized behind me…Arrr Harr Saraapril do you have FUN TOGETHER with your Friends?

…Hi Rockhopper and Yarr! Yes I have :) I’m so glad that you came I have a Gift for you :) I gave Rockhopper the Shells I found for him and the Pearl to Yarr :) Saraapril’s Mermaid Cove Igloo My Stories and Adventures :)

…Harr Arr so Pretty I will tie them in my Beard as Decorations and this Pearl will look good in Yarr’s Fur :) Thanks Saraapril :) You are a kind Matey! Do you mind if I...ahumm…Rockhopper started to look more Red than Usually…give one of the Shell to your Aunt Arctic? I was looking for a Special Gift to her and with this Shell she can hear the Ocean and then she might think of me…Ahumm…arr…

…Sure that will make her Happy :) By the way did you ever figured out who Hide the Cream Soda Barrels?

…Yes! Harr Harr! That was ME! Harr I was thinking of Aunt Arctic’s Pretty smile and cute Freckles and got distracted…Harr Luckily Yarr made a map so you and all Mateys could help me to find them again! Cream Soda Hunt :)

…Suddenly I heard my Favorite song from behind me and when I turned around I saw Bird sitting there Happily Singing :) Hi Friend :) I’m so HAPPY to see you again :)

…Bird flew up and landed on my shoulder :) Rockhopper and Yarr I would like you to meet my Friend Bird I said while turning around…

…Where did Rockhopper and Yarr go? Never mind I will meet them both later Today at Sunday Dinner Rockhopper LOVES my Grandmas Food and Never miss a chance to eat with us! It can be little enjoying sometimes as he keep starting on Aunt Arctic ALL the time while eating! One time he was chewing on his beard without noticing…LOL :) Okay Crabs time for MORE Hide and Seek and this time Bird will Help me :)

 My Stories and Adventures :)

Blog Break – What is Saraapril doing today?

The sun is shining and it is so warm and beautiful outside that I decided to take a blog break and go to the beach with some of my Friends :) I will blog more when I’m home again…Waddle On!


Island Adventure Party 2011 :)

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