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Monday, August 1, 2011

Club Penguin Payday August 2011 :)

HURRAY! I have get my Paychecks in the Mailbox :) 350 coins for my Elite Penguin Force Agent Work :) How to get a Perfect score at EPF Test CHEATS :)

…and 250 coins for my Tour Guide Work :) Tips: How to be a Great Tour Guide in Club Penguin?

…Thanks Club Penguin :) I will use ALL these coins to buy MORE of Rockhopper’s Rare items :)

…Thanks Deja111 for telling me that the Paychecks were in the Mailbox :)

See earlier Club Penguin Payday :)

Cream Soda Hunt Video on YouTube :)

I LOVE the FUN Cream Soda Hunt Rockhopper and Yarr made for us during this Adventure Party 2011 :) As we only can get ALL of the special effects the first time we do this Hunt Littletias kindly borrowed me his Penguin so I could make the Disney Club Penguin Cream Soda Hunt to a Video :) THANKS Littletias :)

Cream Soda Hunt CHEATS :)

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