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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spy Phone Message from G!

Rumor has it that we have a NEW Spy Phone Message! I don’t have a indication of that AND I want to try a New Trick on my Snowboard…BUT a Secret Agent always answer the Spy Phone so…

August 6, 2011


Nothing to report.

…Thanks EPF Agent lillesteven for telling me about this Message :) Thanks for the info Uncle Gary :) Now I will keep Snowboarding down the Ridge Run YAHOO!!!

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Saraapril’s Extreme Sports Training Igloo :)

August 11, 2011 the NEW Igloo Upgrades Catalog with Extreme Sports Igloos will be for sale BUT I’m so EXCITED over the Great Snow Race Party that I feel in my flippers that I can’t wait one more second to start my Snowboard Training so my Puffles and I got an idea :) First we moved to a Split Level Igloo and then we started to Decorate…

…Done :) The weather is cold and Icy outside just as we like it! Please open the window Orange so it gets really cold in here too :) Are you ready to start the Training Puffles? Yes it looks like they are :)

…I will try to jump up here and then slide on the ice and land in that pile of snow :) I hope IcePrincess made the Ice at the Pond really Thick I don’t want to break the Ice and fall in the water…LOL :)

…Thanks Snowflake for the Ice Wall you made! Now my Half-Pipe is so much Better :)

…I like to sit here and think up new Snowboard Moves :) Now I know! First a jump up and then I turn to the left to make a double spin and then…

…This Fish Bowl looks ice COLD! Poor Fish I think we need to help him! BUT due to the Loading Bug Speed my Black Puffle can’t help me right now…Take care of your Puffle BUG! I hope the Fish will be fine…

…Look the Fish waved to me and smiled I think he likes the cold water :)

…Time to Test the New Move! Please give me some space Puffles I don’t want to crash into any of you…Thanks :) This will be so Much FUN :) Snowboard ANIMATED :)

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UPDATE: Saraapril’s Extreme Sports Training Igloo Wallpaper :)

Feed your Puffle BUG!

When I logged into Club Penguin I got Postcards from my HUNGRY Puffles!

2011-08-06 10.28.48 - Copy

…And due to the Take care of your Puffle BUG this is NOT GOOD!

…After clearing my cache TONS of times I FINALLY could start to Feed and take care of my Puffles…I’m so HAPPY that you are HAPPY again IcePrincess :)

…BUT After I had Taken care of some of my Puffles I suddenly got the Loading BUG AGAIN! And had to Log off!

…When I logged in again some of my Puffles I just had taken care of were UNHAPPY AGAIN!

2011-08-06 10.48.44 - Copy

…Sigh…Please Club Penguin can you FIX THIS? I DON’T want to lose any of my Puffles as I know by Experience that you don’t have the knowledge to Fix the Adopt Certificate…White Puffle IcePrincess back BUT…Club Penguin Bug Proved themselves Incompetent!

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