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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Comment BUG Beta Team!

There is a Bug that has been around in the Beta Team for a while and that is that after you left a comment you can’t add a command to go to the File List of Logout! Notice how the text under the command field change and how the comment field under the Game change…

…Solution: Use the X to close the window or click on Play to go to Club Penguin Online! If you want to do more Beta Testing you have to start over by logging in to the  Beta Test site again…Hopefully this problem will be fixed in the Future :)

UPDATE: Tip: Use the "<< Back <<" button if you don't want to refresh your browsers and stuff. Thanks Somebody for this comment :)

How to be a Disney Club Penguin Beta Tester :)

Fluffy the Fish VO. 2 :) Beta Team :)

On Disney Club Penguin Beta Team Site I have got an Updated version of Fluffy the Fish :) Fluffy the Fish version 2 :)

…Growth level, Coins earned and Fishes left are added :)

…Now we need to be eating small planktons to grow :)

…More background details are added :) I LOVE the Fishing Penguin :)

…and the items at the sea bottom are Cool too :) Look! I’m bigger now and can eat small Fishes :)

…time to eat little Bigger Fishes :)

…Now I can eat EVERYTHING! Burp…pardon me…LOL :)

…I wonder how Penguin tastes…JUST KIDDING! LOL :) I think it would be Super Cool if the Fishing Penguin actually could fish us up so that the Fishing line were something we needed to avoid too :) BUT Please DON’T eat me! I will taste BAD I PROMISE! Please just throw me back into the Ocean…LOL :)

…When you Finished the level you will be asked if you want to use Arrows, Mouse Press or Mouse Follow next time you play…make sure to Test them all and then…

…Help Club Penguin by read this Information and answer this Question: Thanks for your feedback so far. We made some changes to the game for you. Which controls do you like best? A) arrow keys…B) mouse press… C) mouse follow… 

…Thanks Spigos for telling me about this Update :) Here you can see the earlier version of this Game Fluffy the Fish game for Beta Team :) Now I will keep Playing and Testing this game :) Oops! The BIG GREY Fish ATE ME! LOL :)

…How can I swim around the BIG Grey Fish? Hmmm…I wonder if there is any more levels or if this is it for now?

How to be a Disney Club Penguin Beta Tester :)

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