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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Igloo Items Coming this Friday! Sneak Peek :)

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
We're finishing work on new stuff for you this week, including a new furniture catalog! Here's a sneak peek inside:

The new stuff will be released early in the morning on Friday (Penguin Standard Time.) Remember that you can check Penguin Standard Time at the Snow Forts, or on the Community page.
What do you think of the sneak peek? Let us know what you see in the comments below!
In other news... We just added a new version of Fluffy the Fish to the Beta Team site. Be sure to let us know what you think of it, and whether you prefer using a mouse or keyboard to play. Fluffy the Fish VO. 2 :) Beta Team :)

Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

THANKS Billybob I LOVE this Sneak Peek :) The Arch Ramp and Stair Ramp will be PERFECT for my Next Extreme Sports Igloo :) Now I will go and earn some coins so I can afford to buy these items as soon the Catalog comes out :)

Saraapril’s Extreme Sports Training Igloo :)

Club Penguin Top Navigation Bar Update :) And Bug!

Disney Club Penguin has updated their Play Page that you come to when clicking on Play Now! This is how the horizontal top navigation bar looked like before: Website Home, What’s New, Help, Parents, Membership, Small Screen, Select Language, Log Off :)

This is how it looks like now after the Update: First the Disney Club Penguin logo has been added instead of Website Home! Membership is moved to this spot!! Community instead of What’s New! Parents! Toys is added :) Help is moved to this spot! Small Screen has been removed and Log Off has been moved to be above Select Language :)

…Thanks Gammer6 for telling me about this Update you have a GREAT eye for details :) I like this Update BUT I think it is way to much white space between the Login Background Picture and the Navigation bar when I resize the window…Look here the Navigation bar is fixed in size while play area is resized with the web browser so here you can see how the play area is wider than the Navigation bar …

…depending on how the web browser is resized the white space can look good but then the whole play area is not seen without having to scroll in the web browser window and here you see how the play area is narrower than the Navigation bar…

…if I’m resizing so the navigation bar and play area are equally wide there is still problem to see the whole play area without scrolling…

…To solve this Club Penguin need to fix the HTML coding bugs so this works better :)

UPDATE: To get rid of this special navigation bar that is connected to Club Penguin Ads just clear your web Browser Cookies! Thanks Cena12121 for telling me to clear the cookies now my Club Penguin navigation bar is back to normal :) HURRAY!!!

See more Club Penguin Bugs and Club Penguin Details :)

UPDATE: I randomly get the new Navigation Bar now and then and that might indicate a BUG!

What’s Wrong with Gary the Gadget Guy? My Stories and Adventures :)

Looking for Answers - My Stories and Adventures :) And the Story Continues here: I Hurried as fast I could down the Dojo Mountain to find…WAIT! A Spy Phone Message! I stopped to answer and…OH NO! Herbert is Attacking the EPF Headquarter with the Hydra Bot! Why! WHY!!! Did the Elite Penguin Force challenge him? This is NOT GOOD! (For sensitive story readers I suggest you just skip this part and jump ahead in the story but for interested readers you will find more info on these links: Spy Phone Messages and EPF Damaged by Herbert and Battle of Doom!)

…PEACE AT LAST! Time to CELEBRATE! HAPPY PEACE PARTY :) FUN with Friends :) PEACE! PEACE!! PEACE!!! FINALLY FUN in Club Penguin again :)

…What? You want to know who I was on my way to meet? Okay…Where was I in the story now? Yes that’s right I needed to find someone that could help me to make sense of what Sensei said and figure out Why Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy has behaved so strange?  The best Penguin to help me to do that is the smartest and most detail oriented Penguin I know…Aunt Arctic :) I found Aunt Arctic in her Igloo and told her everything I had experienced and what Sensei had said…

…then Sensei said: When something is unclear start at the Beginning!What do you think Sensei meant with that Aunt A?

…Hmmm…When something is unclear start at the Beginning…That is a GREAT Advice! Let’s do that Aunt Arctic said! We need to collect all the Facts about Gary’s strange behavior! TOGETHER we started to read my notes from all the Field-Ops (Field-Op 30 to Field-Op 46) Gary seems very confused Aunt Arctic said, memory loss, forgetting Saturday dinners, Can’t find food on plate, answering wrong on questions, disconnecting phone calls! Hmmm…something is serious wrong here! I think you should show Gary all these Facts and then ask him what’s going on and why he acting like this!

…I thanked Aunt Arctic for the help and advice and waddled away to find Uncle Gary…But…How should I start this conversation with Uncle G? All the facts about Gary’s weird actions were spinning around in my head and made my stomach hurts! How can I make him understand how worried I am over his unusual behavior? Then I got an idea! I will take a waddle in the Wilderness Forest the calmness among the trees and fresh forest air will help me to think better :)

…I entered the Glade and stopped in Astonishment! There were a Brown Puffle making an experiment!

…As soon the Brown Puffle saw me it jumped away and quickly disappeared into the deep Forest! Sorry Little Puffle I didn't meant to scare you I shouted after the Puffle but the only sound I could hear was the wind that was blowing among the Tree branches…

…I smiled to myself the Brown Puffles are always making Experiments and…I stopped…Can it be? Is that what’s wrong with Uncle Gary? I must HURRY to find G right now but first I need to waddle to my Igloo and pick up…

…after finding the item in my Igloo I hurried to Uncle Gary to ask him something…I found Gary the Gadget Guy down in the…WAIT! That information is classified! It doesn't matter where I found him the important fact here is That I found him!

…When I had found Uncle Gary I asked him if I could take a look at his glasses and just as I thought the lenses were deformed! I have a question Uncle G did you let the Brown Puffles play with your glasses when you first found them in the Wilderness so long time ago?

…I sure did Uncle Gary answered with a smile :) The Brown Puffles are all so inventive and smart and they were so fascinated with my glasses and had so much fun trying different experiments with them :)

…That’s what I thought Uncle I said and handed him the spare glasses I had picked up earlier in my Igloo…Try these glasses instead…

…FANTASTIC! I can see what I read and all the strange shadows and my Horrible Headache is GONE! Uncle Gary Happily shouted! Everything seems so much clearer! Thank-You so much Saraapril now I have work to do…Gary happily waddled away into a tunnel and I…

…Hurried back to Aunt Arctic…

...THAT’S IT! THAT’S THE EXPLANATION! Aunt Arctic Happily Shouted! after I had told her everything! When Gary’s glasses were unfocused he couldn't see things clearly! Gary’s glasses makes him see things that weren't there and that’s why he saw enemies everywhere and couldn't see his food at the plate in front of him! He must have had a horrible headache and that explains his memory loss and short temper! Aunt Arctic suddenly jumped up from the couch and said…Hmmm…I just remember that I need to…Hmmm…do something…yes I need to cut my hair can you please feed my Puffles and then go and interview Gary about the New Party he plans? And before I had a chance to answer my Aunt Arctic hurried away…

…Aunt Arctic doesn't have any hair…weird…I fed the Puffles and then I went out to find Uncle G again…

…I found Gary the Gadget Guy at the Ski Village and started to ask him Questions about the Great Snow Race Party :) Uncle G answered every question very quickly and looked little nervous…Are you okay? I asked…

…Yes, Yes, Indeed, Indeed Everything is fine, fine just fine!

…Why are you looking so nervous Uncle G? Is it something you want to tell me?

…Ahumm…well…Saraapril I must Waddle On but First I will once again tell everyone how Happy I am that we Finally have Peace in Club Penguin…Uncle Gary Waddled away mumbling… Everything is Fine just Fine…just…I looked as my Uncle waddled away into the Everyday Phoning Facility…that were weird…strange…What’s going on? Why is Gary so stressed and…LOOK! It’s Crab Claw Prints here on the ground…

…is this Klutzy’s Claw prints? or is it from another Crab? Are Herbert up to something again? Or is this Crab just playing a game of Hide and Seek TOGETHER with Friends? Hide and Seek My Stories and Adventures :) Time to investigate…

…I will  waddle up to the beacon and from up there I might see something…What is this? A box filled with stuff, bits and bolts and rubber bands…Who left this here? And why are both Aunt Arctic and Gary the gadget Guy acting so weird? 

…to be continued…

…Here you will find more original Saraapril Stories My Stories and Adventures :)

How to Care for your Puffles!

Disney Club Penguin’s Help Guide and Walkthrough Tutorial for How to take care of your Puffles :)

How to Care for your Puffles!

Puffle Care :)

  • Go to your igloo and Click on one of your Puffles :)

  • If your Puffle needs attention it will look unhappy

Feed your Puffle!

  • Click on the
  • Choose the food you would like to give your Puffle
  • Drag and drop food over to your pet Puffle
  • Your puffle will get excited if they want the food
  • If your puffle does not want the food they will look uninterested
  • Overfeeding your Puffle will make it unhappy and unhealthy

Play with your Puffle!

  • Puffles will only play with their favorite toys
  • Click the in the right hand corner
  • Choose the Puffle's favorite toy to play with
  • Drag and drop the toy over to your Puffle
  • Puffles will jump up and down if you choose their favorite toy

Bathe your Puffle!

  • Click on the
  • Drag and drop the bathtub over to your Puffle
  • If your Puffle would like a bath it will get excited
  • If your puffle does not need a bath, it'll look uninterested

Groom your Puffle!

  • Click on the
  • Drag and drop the brush over to your Puffle

Walk your Puffle!

  • Click on the
  • Drag and drop the leash over to your Puffle
  • You can now take your Puffle outside your igloo for a walk

Give your Puffle a nap!

  • Click on the
  • Drag and drop the over to your Puffle
  • If your Puffle needs a nap it will look tired

Read your Puffle Handbook!

  • Click the in the left hand corner (icon bug)
  • Select the

Print out the adoption certificate!

  • Click the in the left hand corner
  • Select the
  • Click the 'Print' button on the certificate

Return your Puffle to its natural habitat!

  • Click on the
  • Select the
  • Select 'Yes' to return the puffle to its natural habitat

Take care of your Puffle in your Igloo :) ANIMATED :)

Puffle Handbook Adopt a Puffle :)

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