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Friday, August 12, 2011

I met Happy77 is Server Marshmallow :) FUN with Friends :)

Today for the first time EVER I met Happy77 in Club Penguin :) HURRAY! Happy77 is HERE visiting my Friend Ds3r’s Igloo :) THANKS Perapin for telling me about this you are an AWESOME Friend :)

…Hi Happy77 I’m so HAPPY to meet you :)

…I took a look in Happy77’s Stamp Book and she has the Rare First Pin and 39 Stamps earned  :)

…WE ALL are HAPPY to meet you :) HAPPY ROCKS!!!

…I LOVE your Igloo Ds3r :) Just like me and Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy Happy77 doesn’t like to be crowded so she tried to get some space…

…Sorry that you keep getting crowded Happy77…Please Penguins can you stop doing that and let’s HAPPY DANCING Instead :)

…I LOVE that Happy77 talks and listen to us :) Once again she asked us to spread out and reassured us that she listen to what we had to say to her :) HEARTS and CAKE for Happy77 :)

…Happy77 asked us: So guys what's better? New stuff or bug fixes? Hmmm…I LOVE NEW Stuff BUT it is not FUN to Play in a Bug filled Club Penguin so my answer is Please take the time to fix the Bugs first and then add NEW COOL Bug Free items and Parties so that we all can have More FUN TOGETHER in Club Penguin :)

…Someone started a Rumor that Happy77 added me to her Buddy List! I WISH that were True BUT sadly it’s not! I guess her Buddy List is Full BUT if she ever want to add me I would be very Honored and gladly accept :) And yes I know who to delete from my Buddy List…Littletias! LOL :) That was HIS idea NOT Mine! He know that Happy77 and Aunt Arctic are my FAVORITE Penguins :)

…Happy77 changed Igloo but my AWESOME Friends worked TOGETHER and she were soon found crowded in Penny550's Igloo…

…Sure Happy77 we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable! We will give you space :)

…And now it is easier to see what we are saying too :)

…Oops! Happy77 got crowded AGAIN! Let’s spread out in the Igloo…

…Does this feel better Happy77? It does! GREAT :)

…I tried to send a Postcard to Happy77 but her mailbox were full! When I could see the Igloo again Happy77 were GONE! OH NO! Where did she go? Let’s work TOGETHER to find Happy77 again :) I’m so HAPPY that I have GREAT Friends to Tracking TOGETHER with :)

…HURRAY! Here she is in Danilynne's Igloo :) Happy77 had so many questions to ask us about what we like and dislike about Club Penguin and we answered and than asked her Questions :)

…We don’t like bugs and the bugs that make me most sad are the once that are connected to our Puffles…

…Happy77 said: Billybob and I have been bugging them to fix, I know it can be frustrating and I’m sorry I’m doing everything I can and the team is working on them. THANKS Happy77 I hope ALL Bugs in Club Penguin can be fixed soon and then it will be so much MORE FUN to Play :)

…Happy77 likes the NEW Club Penguin better than the old as it’s is MORE Games now :) That is a GREAT point :) One thing we wish for are some old items back I would LOVE to have the cute PINK furniture Aunt Arctic has in her Igloo and other Penguins wishing for the red lea :)  Read more here: My Aunt Arctic Igloo and a Wish :)

…Happy77 wonder it we are Beta Testers and if we have Played the new Fluffy the Fish? Yes :) Fluffy the Fish VO. 2 :) Beta Team :)

…Ninja Hideout…


…Thanks Happy77 for taking time to talk and earning Stamps TOGETHER with us you are AWESOME :) This day is EPIC!!!

More Pictures soon…

System Defender Launch Update by Billybob :)

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

Quick update for you. We've received a few emails asking when the new System Defender level is coming for secret agents. You may have heard that we were going to launch a new level on August 11.

The new level will be launching at the end of next week. We apologize for the confusion.

In the meantime, now would be a great time to brush up on your System Defender skills! What are your top tips for defending the EPF mainframe? Share your tips in the comments below.

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Thanks for the info Billybob :) Confusion? In the Parent Update email Disney Club Penguin clearly said that the New Level would be here August  11…Parent Update August 2011 Sneak Peek :) Please Club Penguin next time something similar happens can you just say that we are delayed with the Game or that you wrote the wrong date in the Parent Update instead of Confusion? Thanks :) Oh by the way Apology Accepted :)

System Defender EPF CHEATS :) Guide, Walkthrough Tutorial :)

Here under this label you will find EVERYTHING about EPF - Elite Penguin Force :)

Saraapril’s Blog Music :)

Some days ago I updated the Music Player on my Blog :) Just as before you can pause or stop the Disney Club Penguin Music temporary by clicking on the Yellow or Orange button :) And just as before the Music will automatically start again when you change page :) The update is that I have added a link to Deactivate the Music so it NOT will start again if you change page :) To do that just click on Deactivate Music :)

…if you want to hear the Music again just click on Activate Music :)

…Where is the Music Player? You find it on the Right side of my Club Penguin Blog :) Now I will Play DJ3K WADDLE ON :)

How to add a Saraapril Banner on your Blog :)

Rockhopper Video Island Adventure 2011 Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin has posted a Recap Video from when Rockhopper and Yarr visited us during the Island Adventure Party 2011 :) Welcome to a Waddle down Disney Club Penguin Memory Lane :)

…I LOVED this Party and here you can see when I met Rockhopper in Server Aurora FUN with Friends :) The Island Adventure Party 2011 Tour Guide and the Cream Soda Hunt Video :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

HURRAY! The Enchanted Feather Pin is BACK at the Beacon :) I’m so HAPPY that Club Penguin FINALLY Fixed this Bug :) Beacon Update and BUG!

…The Migrator is gone from the Horizon for this time BUT don’t fear the beloved Captain Rockhopper and his Brave Puffle Yarr will in the future back to us steer :) Migrator Further Away!

…When I tried to Save my Password on my Computer in Browser Chrome I got this Y e N o Text Bug Message! Club Penguin Password Safety Message :)

…When I play in IE 9 I have had TONS of problems with logging in and I kept get disconnected or got the Blue Screen Bug…Sigh…

...I’m HAPPY to report that Club Penguin has fixed the Icon Bug in the How to care for your Puffles Tutorial :)

…and FINALLY the Confetti Blaster price BUG is FIXED! Club Penguin decided that it should cost 25 coins and now everything is working Perfectly so let’s hope this Bug doesn't return Again! Never ending BUG!

…The Friends Online Bug is Fixed :) Thanks to ??? for telling me that :) Buddy Online BUG!

…The Catchin’ Waves Game has got another Font Update Now the Font is back from Normal to Italic again Catchin’ Waves Detail :)

…The Released Date for the Checkered Flag Pin is wrong! It should be August 11 or 12 NOT August 10, 2011…

…When I opened the Pin Page in my Stamp Book I got a weird Bug the Checkered Flag Pin were replaced with the Blue Puffle PIN! When I used the arrow to go up and down among my Pins the Bug Disappeared and The Checkered Flag Pin came back :)

…On the Costumer Service and Membership FAQ we have got more Text added under Method of Payment: Your credit card company may charge an extra International Transaction Fee. Please contact your credit card provider to find out more.

And we have got another Text Update too :) This is the Old Text: If you are receiving an extra fee for your Club Penguin membership, it is likely that this fee is an International Transaction Fee. Recently, Visa International began adding an International Transaction Fee to cross-border transactions worldwide. Club Penguin is located in Kelowna, B.C, Canada so this may be the reason for this fee. Please note that none of this fee reaches Club Penguin. Please contact your credit card provider for more details. 

And here is the Updated Text under Why is my credit card statement showing an extra fee for my Club Penguin Membership? 
Extra fees that show up on your credit card statement may be an International Transaction Fee charged by your credit card company on cross-border transactions. Please contact your credit card provider for more details.


…The Flare Puffle Whistle is now added to the Hand inventory so we can call on Flare by clicking on it here too :) Thanks Friendly448 for telling me about the Whistle :) How to get EPF Puffle Flare in Club Penguin ONLINE :)

See MORE Club Penguin Bugs and Club Penguin Details!

Black Puffle login Background Text Update!

The Cart Surfer Login Background Picture has Four different Text Messages :) Adopt your Perfect Pet Today :) Puffle Handbook Adopt a Puffle :)

…Members: Adopt the Ultimate Skateboarding Black Puffle!

…Members: Take a Wild Ride with a Black Puffle! Black Puffle Moves in Cart Surfer ANIMATED :)

2011-08-12 13.01.10 - Copy

…Members: Live on the Edge with your Black Puffle!

…Here you can see when the original Background was released: Adopt your Perfect Puffle Pet Today Login Backgrounds :)

Club Penguin Game BUGS!

Right now I cannot play all of the mini games in Club Penguin the Disney Club Penguin Games Online are sadly filled with BUGS and the keyboard Arrows and Spacebar, a,s,w,d doesn't always work!

Some of the Games I have problems with are Aqua Grabber, Catchin’ Waves, Thin Ice. Puffle Launch, Puffle Rescue and more…

Here are games where the keyboard arrows are used in Club Penguin: Aqua Grabber, Thin Ice, Puffle Rescue, Sled Race, Jet Pack Adventure, Cart Surfer, Astro Barrier, Dance Contest and Puffle Launch Game

When I use the up and down arrow the whole window in the web browser is scrolling just as I Cart Surfer Bug!

Chrome seems to have most problem right now as no keys on the keyboard are working BUT in the Dance Contest Game everything works fine :)

Internet Explorer has problems with arrows but A, S, W, D are working instead of the arrows in Catchin’ Waves This is NOT Good BUT…

What to do? The Good News are that I had no Problem at all when I played the Club Penguin Mini Games in the Browser Firefox :)

How to get Club Penguin Games work in Internet Explorer :)

See MORE Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

Secret EPF Message in Newspaper!

ATTENTION ALL EPF AGENTS! Secret Message from the Director in Club Penguin Times issue 303! Hold the mouse over words extreme peak face-off…


The Comm App is not secure. We cannot use it to send orders or information until further notice. We've learned that Herbert is planning an attack on System Defender this week.We will reveal more of what is happening as soon as possible. Be resourceful. Be remarkable. Be ready. - Director

…OH-NO! This is NOT GOOD! It this why Gary the Gadget Guy and Aunt Arctic have been acting so weird or? OR…What’s Wrong with Gary the Gadget Guy? My Stories and Adventures :)

Better Igloos Furniture Catalog CHEATS :)

The NEW Disney Club Penguin Furniture Catalog for August – September 2011 is HERE! This time we have TONS of NEW COOL Extreme Sports items, older winter items and more to decorate our Igloos with :) As always I will help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :) Sadly there is a Forever loading BUG right now that I got stuck in and must log off so I can’t buy any of the items yet…BUT I’m sure Club Penguin working hard to have that fixed as soon as possible :) BUG FIXED! THANKS Club Penguin :)

…The NEW items are Arch Ramp 80 coins, Stair Ramp 375 coins, In-line Ramp 75 coins. Box Ramp 75 coins, Half-Pipe 400 coins and Slushie Maker 350 coins :)

…Mouse over this page to find the Hidden NEW item Freewheelin’ Foam Pit 800 coins :)

…S-Curve Ramp 230 coins are NEW :)

…and so is the C-Curve Ramp 200 coins :)

…and the old item HD TV 1000 coins is Back :)

…On this page we have MORE NEW items :) Winners Podium 300 coins and Trophy Shelf 650 coins :)

…Snow Wall 150 coins is back :)

…and so is the Icicles 150 coins :)

…Sloped Wall 120 coins :)

…The Vert Ramp 350 coins is a NEW item :)

…Snappy Shark 250 coins :)

…Green Bench 500 coins :)

…Guitar Stand 300 coins :)

…Microphone 200 coins :)

…Piano Bench 200 coins :)

…Piano Bench 200 coins :)

…Terracotta Pitcher 300 coins :)

…Terracotta Vase 300 coins :)

…Terracotta Pot 300 coins :)

…Mexican Vase 320 coins :)

…Band Stage 800 coins :)

…Tropical Palm 300 coins :)

…Disco Ball 350 coins :)

…Ice Sculpture Knight 900 coins :)

…Candle 120 coins :)

…Harp 840 coins :)

…Regal Chair 500 coins :)

…That were all NEW and Secret Hidden items in this Catalog :) If you want COOL Fashion or a GREAT Snowboard take a look in the Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

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