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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Club Penguin Pin Tracker CHEATS :)

Where is the Pin? How can I find the Pin? I LOVE all the Pins in Disney Club Penguin that are Hidden somewhere in our snow covered world :) To help you to always find the room and secret location where the newest Pin is hidden I have made Pin Trackers for you that you can add on your own Blog :)

Here are always details about the newest pin or pins :)

Saraapril’s Pretty PINK Pin Tracker :)

Saraapril's Pin Tracker :)

How to add a Pin Tracker to your Blog?

If you have a Blogger blog you can use the button below to add Saraapril’s Pin Tracker:

Select the Blog you want to have the Pin Tracker on and click on Add Widget and then Save the changes :) CONGRATS Pin Tracker Added :)

If you don’t have a Blogger Blog select, copy (use CTRL+C) this HTML code below and paste into your blog site :)

If you can’t copy and Paste the Tracker Code go here and Follow the detailed instructions on this page on how to add the Club Penguin Pin Tracker to your site :)

Saraapril’s Environment GREEN Pin Tracker :)

Saraapril's Pin Tracker :)

If you have a Blogger blog you can use the button below to add Saraapril’s Pin Tracker:

Here are detailed instructions how to add the Pin Tracker manually to Blogger:

  • Log into your Blogger account.
  • Click on Layout in the Dashboard.
  • Page Elements tab should be visible.
  • You should see "Add a Gadget" at one or more places. Click on it.
  • Find and add the "HTML/JavaScript" gadget.
  • If you see "Edit HTML", click on it.
  • Now paste the code above into the box.
  • Click on Save.
  • Click on Save again.
  • Make sure it looks OK.
If you have a WordPress blog here are instructions how to add the Pin Tracker:
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Design
  • Click on Widgets
  • Add a Text Widget
  • Edit the Text Widget
  • Paste the code above into the Text Widget
  • Click on Change
  • Click on Save Changes
  • Make sure it looks OK.

    Waddle On Friends and have a HAPPY Day :)

    Saraapril in Club Penguin Banner

    How to get the games in Club Penguin to work :)

    There still are problems to play many of the Games in Club Penguin because the arrow up and down make the whole window scroll Club Penguin Game BUGS! and BUG in Cart Surfer! This arrow problem affect other areas in Disney Club Penguin too like when you change your items in your Igloo!

    Here is the solution that can help you to workaround this bug until it has been fixed :)

    The workaround to get the games work in Internet Explorer is to enter full screen mode (click on F11 on the keyboard) then click on the Gear icon and then on Zoom (100%) and then on Custom…

    …and change the zoom setting to 25% click on ok…

    …HURRAY! Now the screen stop jumping around when you are Playing in Club Penguin :) Remember to restore back to 100% and click again on F11 to restore the settings after playing to get your Browser screen back to normal again :)

    …Thanks Ikk200 for telling me about this Club Penguin Game bug workaround :)

    Questions about Club Penguin :)

    New Furniture Catalog is Here by Billybob :)

    This is a message from Billybob:

    Hello again, Penguins!

    As we mentioned in our last post, the new furniture catalog is here! Go to your igloo to check it out, and let us know what you think of the new items. Better Igloos Furniture Catalog CHEATS :)

    We love checking out everyone's decorated igloos, especially after we release new furniture items. Have you seen an igloo that you think we should feature on the blog? Let us know their penguin name in the comments! Tell us what you like about ther igloo, too.

    Happy77 grabbed a screenshot of Smiley9725's igloo for me. Check it out:

    In other news... The team is working hard to make Puffles able to wear hats! We'll have more news on that next month. Stay tuned to the blog for more info! Puffle Hats Beta Team :)

    Until then... Waddle On!

    -Club Penguin Team

    By Billybob

    Thanks for the GREAT Igloo Picture Billybob and Happy77 :) I LOVE how Smiley9725 has placed the Green Chair and other items in the Stairs :) It will be so Much FUN to get Hats to our Puffles I can HARDLY WAIT until they are here :) I plan to buy Hats for ALL my 20 Puffles so I better start to save my coins so I can afford that…

    I met Happy77 on Server Marshmallow :) FUN with Friends :)

    (This Post was Posted by Billybob Yesterday when I were Playing TOGETHER with Happy77 and other FUN Friends I were so EXCITED that I FORGOT to post about this…Sorry…THANKS Coolcatpower for reminding me to post about this :)

    What Now Club Penguin Wicked Winter Snowboard Contest :)

    If you are a New Zealand resident you can enter this COOL Snowboard Design CONTEST :) We want to see your Wicked Winter Snowboard!

    …Watch this Video for ideas :) What Now – Wicked Winter Snowboard :)

    Official Contest Info: What Now is getting slick on the slopes this winter, and we want to send you straight into the action! You and your family could be hitting the Club Penguin skifields at Turoa and Whakapapa for a winter experience like no other! You’ll get all the training you need to shred up the slopes in style, and we’ve got you covered for travel, accommodation, mountain passes and gear hire! To get in the draw for this amazing family adventure, we want you to design a wicked winter snowboard. Everyone who enters goes in the draw for our ten weekly prize packs of awesome Club Penguin gear, including soft toys, coin cards, and a twelve-month membership! It’s cold outside, but that’s the perfect time to get cool on the ski slopes, thanks to Club Penguin and What Now!

    How to enter and win!

    1. Design and Make your Wicked Winter Snowboard
    2. Write your details into the online entry form
    3. Have your parent or guardian read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
    4. Upload a picture of your Wicked Winter Snowboard
    5. Watch What Now to win!

    …Saraapril’s Snowboard Design Tips: Be Creative and Go HAPPY CRAZY FUNNY :) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

    Read MORE here Club Penguin Mini X Games Whakapapa, NZ :)

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