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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Right now I can’t Login to Disney Club Penguin!

See more Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

UPDATE: I can now log in to Club Penguin again in Browser Chrome, IE9 and Firefox :)

Parents Update August 2011 :)

Message from Disney Club Penguin:
Hi Parents!

Many of you are getting into back-to-school mode and prepping for a successful year. When it comes to learning, there are lots of activities in Club Penguin that can help kick-start your child's natural curiosity.

Adopt a puffle
Adopting a puffle from the Pet Shop is a great introduction to the responsibilities and rewards of pet care. Puffle Handbook Adopt a Puffle :)

Play Bits & Bolts
This counting game exposes your child to multiples and odd, even, and prime numbers. Find this arcade game in the Lounge above the Night Club. How to play Bits and Bolts Arcade Game CHEATS :)

Become a secret agent
By becoming a member of the Elite Penguin Force, your child can help others, solve problems and protect Club Penguin. Let them know there are missions to complete in the Command Room! EPF – Elite Penguin Force!

Count the jelly beans
The Bean Counters game in the Coffee Shop introduces players to color theory. Before pressing play, click the thread on the coffee bag to spill out the jelly beans. Click a jelly bean to access the secret level! Secret Level in Bean Counters Game :)

Be a tour guide
This job encourages your child to help others, meet friends, and develop social skills. Take the test and earn the Tour Guide hat in the Ski Village. How to be a GREAT Tour Guide :)

Chances are your child has learned something new in Club Penguin. Encourage them to share their adventures and achievements with you - and with us! We can't wait to hear from you.
- The Club Penguin Team

See earlier Parents Update :)

Membership FUN August 2011 :)

Membership means more extreme snow adventures!

This badge is your key to unlock exclusive items, games, parties and events. Check out what you can access with your badge in August.

See earlier Membership FUN June 2011 :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Due to an enjoying cold with high Fever I’m little delayed with Blogging Today I will blog about Bugs and Details here as soon as possible…ACHOO!

UPDATE: THANKS for all kind and encouraging comments :) I don’t have high Fever anymore so I feel much better now :)

The Old Crab I once met is in the New EPF Login Background! Read more here What’s up with the Crabs in Club Penguin? My Stories and Adventures :) To see another Sneak Peek of the Crab look at this Post Operation Black Out Sneak Peek!

In these Posts from Today you will find MORE Bugs and Details!

Team Blue vs. Team Red at The Stage is Back :)

Club Penguin Times issue 304 :)

Track Herbert Stamp CHEATS :)



Club Penguin Postcards Update :)

Today we got the Postcards Catalog Updated again :) There are no New Cards BUT some old Favorites are Back :) This is the 33 cards you can choose from right now :) EPF Invitation!

Featured Postcards :)

Friendship :)

Puffles :)

Party :)

Games :)

Rooms :)

…Under the label Mail and Cards you will find ALL Disney Club Penguin Postcards :)


Today a NEW level was added to the Elite Penguin Force System Defender Game! How to Play Disney Club Penguin’s System Defender EPF CHEATS :)

Warning System Under Attack!

The EPF Mainframe is under attack! Multiple enemy signals detected. You must defend the system at any cost. Click on Defend System…

…Tips: Build strong in the Beginning of the Game and closer to the Mainframe later :)

G: Agents, there’s no time to explain. Herbert will attack any second.

Rookie: Whoa! What’s going on G?

G: No time. Keep him busy as long as you can. I’m tracking his location.

Jet Pack Guy: Understood, G. We got this. Incoming wave of bots!

Herbert: MWAHAHA! Surprise, Epic Penguin Failures! I’m back!

Jet Pack Guy: Herbert! Don’t you ever learn? You’ll never defeat the EPF.

Herbert: We’ll see about that, Sunglasses McJetPack. Or whatever your name is.

Herbert: Klutzy! Send in the next wave!

G: Good work everyone. I’ve muted the line – Herbert can’t hear us.

Rookie: G what’s happening??? I’m so confused!

G: We’ve known for weeks that Herbert was going to attack. But we couldn’t tell anyone.

Director: We got a tip that he had full access to the Comm App. So we closed communications.

G: We have a plan. We’re going to trace his line. But we need to keep him attacking.

Director: We’re counting on all you you. G – unmute the line…

Herbert: Time for attack pattern: Ultra Orangutan of DOOM!

Herbert: You agents are much quieter than usual. Scared speechless, are we?

Jet Pack Guy: More like we’re bored. Is that all you got?

Herbert: What?! I’ll show you! Klutzy, send in the next wave! Full power!

Klutzy: Click click click. =(

Jet Pack Guy: If we’re going to survive, I think we’re going to need more purple cannons…

G: Line Muted. We’re safe to talk for a moment.

Jet Pack Guy: Did you track Herbert’s location, G? Do you know where he is?

G: Halfway there. We know for sure he’s in the mountains somewhere. Still processing…

Director: If Herbert attempts to retreat, do whatever you can to keep him on the line.

G: It’s dangerous, but we’re counting on you – keep it up! Unmuting Line.

Herbert: HELLO? Anyone there?! How dare you ignore me? Well, try to ignore THIS!

Herbert: Blast it all! There are too many cannons now. We need to retreat, Klutzy.

Herbert: You fools may have won, but I’ll be back! With better bots than ever.

Jet Pack Guy: We all know that’s a waste of time. Admit it – your inventions stink.

Herbert: WHAT??? You fool!

Herbert: You want to see TRUE power?

Herbert: I’ll SHOW you true power!

Herbert: Klutzy! Send in out most powerful wave! SEND IN EVERYTHING!


G: It’s done! We’ve got him!

Director: Disconnect Herbert from the mainframe, now!

Herbert: What? What are you…


G: Great work everyone! We have Herbert’s location!

G: His hideout is at Toughest Mountain. I knew it! We can begin our next operation!

Jet Pack Guy: Director, with all due respect, what is going on?

Director: In short, we’ve been preparing a plan to finally capture Herbert.

Director: G will provide more information soon. Be ready… for Operation Hibernation. Secret Message from the Director!

DONE! System Defended! You successfully defended the EPF mainframe computer. All systems are returned to normal. 2 Medal earned. And Track Herbert Stamp Earned :)

…System Defender Stamps 13 of 13…WAIT that is WRONG! It should be 14 of 14…This is a BUG!

…Sadly I only got ONE Medal not two as Promised…BUG! Earlier I had 21 Medals and now I have 22…

…System Defender No Threats Detected! If you want to Play more click on Advanced and…

…Select a Level…Track Herbert! Herbert P Bear is back with more tricks up his sleeve. Are you ready to face him? (There is a space before the word Herbert = Typo ) The Challenge level rating is now removed from ALL Levels!

…The Track Herbert Stamp is NOT in my Stamp Book! Another BUG!

…I contacted Club Penguin…they didn't answered my email BUT when I later on went to take a screenshot for this post the System Defender were Under ATTACK! AGAIN! Bug!?!

…Track Herbert Stamp Earned AGAIN!

…and this time I got the Stamp Message :)

…Now the Track Herbert Stamp is in my Stamp Book :)

…I earned ONE More Medal not Two so that Bug is still in the Game BUT as I kept the earlier Medal I got BOTH :) BUT due to the Bug I have now one Extra Career Total it should be 54 but are 55...Last time this happened to me it took Club Penguin FOREVER to fix it! Too many Medal Bug Fixed!

…Once again I can only say that it is WAY too many Bugs in Disney Club Penguin! Club Penguin Bugs!

Great Snow race Construction in Ski Village :)

UPDATE: Track Herbert in System Defender EPF VIDEO!

Track Herbert Stamp CHEATS :)

How to earn the Track Herbert Stamp? Complete the level ‘Track Herbert’ in System Defender Game! This is a Member Stamp! BUT right now ALL penguins can earn it so either that is a Bug OR the Membership Badge on this Stamp is a Bug!

DONE! Sadly the Stamp I just earned is NOT added in my Stamp Book! I will contact Club Penguin and ask them if they can fix this Bug :)

UPDATE: The Member icon is Removed and…

…The Stamp earned Bug is Fixed and this is how the Track Herbert Stamp looks like in my Stamp Book :) For more info read Warning System Defender Under ATTACK! EPF!

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

UPDATE: Track Herbert in System Defender EPF VIDEO!

EPF Director’s Plan Secret EPF Message in Newspaper!

The Director has a Secret Message for us in this weeks Club Penguin Times issue 304 :) Click on the EPF icon…

Operation Hibernation!

Agents! The Comm App is still not secure.
Here are your orders for the upcoming operation:

Step 1. Track Herbert’s location
Step 2. Blast location with cold air (should put him into hibernation)
Step 3. Infiltrate Herbert’s lair
Step 4. Capture Herbert once and for all

- The Director

…PLEASE Director whatever you do PLEASE don’t let Elite Penguin Force harm Herbert! I’m sure we could be Friends with him if we only tried more! Playing with Herbert and Klutzy – My Stories and Adventures :)


Club Penguin Times issue 304 :)

Workers needed in the Ski Village! EPF Announcement!

Workers needed in the Ski Village :)

Gary needs help setting up the AC 3000 for the Great Snow Race.

Construction crews have been working hard in the Ski Village. The Club Penguin Times caught up with Gary outside the Everyday Phoning Facility. Detail: Look at the Picture a Crab is helping out! Can it be Klutzy?

“The Great Snow Race is a large scale operation,” said Gary. “That means we need everyone’s help.” “Construction of the Air Conditioner 3000 is extremely important.” “We simply cannot succeed without it.” “Freezing temperatures are of the utmost importance,” said Gary.  “Especially if we want a high velocity sled track!” “The island must prepare for extreme events on August 25.”

EPF Announcement :)

The Director has an important message for the citizens of Club Penguin. Greetings citizens, Do not be alarmed. To keep this message from falling into the ‘wrong paws’, it has been sprayed with a powerful fish oil.

I am speaking to you publicly because the EPF needs your help.Simply put, we require more agents for an assignment of the utmost importance.

Details of the assignment must remain classified, but know that its success depends on you. To protect the island, you must answer the call. Interested citizens should report to the Everyday Phoning Facility.

Thank you for your time.
–The Director EPF Director’s Plan Secret Message in Newspaper!

Upcoming Events :)

Starting Now Snow & Sport Postcards Invite your buddy to a high-speed game of Sled Racing!

Starting Aug. 25 The Great Snow Race Calling all snowboarders, skiers and skaters.Let the games begin!

Sep. 1 Pay Day Tour Guides—check your mailbox for your monthly pay check!

Starting Aug. 25: New Party Stamps for sports fans!

Find the collectible pins! Hidden now until August 24
Next pins hidden: August 25 – September 7 Checkered Flag Pin CHEATS :)

News Flash :)

Team Blue and Team Red are competing now at the Stage! Wear your favorite team color and join the rally. Just watch out for flying dodgeballs!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic, Do construction workers get paid? – Connie Struction

Dear Connie Struction,
Why yes, construction workers get paid in the Cave Mine! To earn coins, start in the Mine, and head through the tunnel lit by light bulbs. The tunnel will lead you to the Cave Mine—and a treasure trove of coins! Inside you’ll find a orange mining hat, and a pile of dirt that needs digging up. To earn coins, make sure the mining hat is the only item you’re wearing. Then press the ‘D’ while standing on the dirt pile. You’ll be digging up coins in no time! There’s no end to the treasure buried in the Cave Mine. So if you don’t find coins in one area of the pile, try another! There’s lots to go around. Keep up the hard work!

The orange Puffle appeared in the Box Dimension in 2010.

Dear Aunt Arctic, How did we discover puffles? – Sir Chad Find

Dear Sir Chad Find,
It’s hard to believe, but for a long while, no one knew puffles existed!Puffles were first spotted back in 2005 at the Snow Forts. That year we discovered the pink, blue, green, and black puffles! In 2006, purple puffles started showing off in the Pet Shop. That same year, Captain Rockhopper found Yarr at sea. Soon after, Rockhopper brought red puffles to the island—so everyone could adopt one!Artistic yellow puffles were drawn to the Stage in 2007. Shy white puffles came down from the mountains to meet us at the 2009 Puffle Party. And in 2010, zany orange puffles popped up in the Box Dimension! Our most recent discovery is the inventive brown puffle. We met these clever pets during the Wilderness Expedition. Who knows what puffle species we’ll discover next! Orange Puffle in Box Dimension ANIMATED :)

Secrets Classified Giant Squid :)

The next time you're exploring the depths in Aqua Grabber, keep watch for a strange shadow. Divers claim they've sighted a giant squid deep underwater. How to spot squid in Aqua Grabber CHEATS :)

The same squid is said to appear in the black puffle level of Puffle Resue. (Typo it should be Rescue) Follow the Squid VIDEO :)

And island adventurers say the giant squid once helped them find an important bottled message. Feed the Squid :)

Have you spotted this mysterious sea creature?

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 303 :)

Great Snow Race Construction in Ski Village :)

Gary the Gadget Guy has placed the AC 3000 here at the Ski Village so we can get MORE snow and Ice to the Party :)

…OR!?! ATTENTION! Hidden Elite Penguin Force Secret message from the Director in the Club Penguin Times Newspaper!

What’s Wrong with Gary the Gadget Guy? My Stories and Adventures :)

Elite Penguin Force…Tubas? VIDEO Club Penguin :)

NEW ANIMATED Club Penguin Home Page Picture :)

EPF Login Background :)

Club Penguin Times issue 304 :)

EPF Director’s Plan Secret EPF Message in Newspaper!

Track Herbert Stamp CHEATS :)


Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Membership FUN August 2011 :)

Track Herbert in System Defender EPF VIDEO!

Spy Phone message from Gary!

Spy Phone message from Gary!

The Great Snow Race 2011 Sneak Peek Video :)

Oops! Too COLD for FLOWERS!

Result BUG in System Defender!

FUN with Friends :)

Spy Phone message from the Director!

Is Herbert P Bear a GIRL? OR…

Spy Phone message from the Director!

Spy Phone Message from the Director!

Spy Phone Message from Director!

New System Defender Level by Billybob!

The Great Snow Race Party 2011 CHEATS  :)

Team Blue vs. Team Red at The Stage is Back :)

The Team Red and Team Blue are back at the Stage :)

…Throw a snowball in here and it will become a doge ball :) You can click on the Basketball Goal too :) You can adjust the Spotlights in here and click on the Red or Blue Squares to adjust the score :)

…BUT! Sadly there is a BUG with the Snowball Throwing right now! Thanks Dj Wazzer for telling me about the Snowball Bug :) And if anyone can spot the Yellow Puffle Shakespeare in here Please let me know :)

…The Costume Trunk :)

Since the beginning of time, two teams have struggled for greatness. Bearing for ancient colors of their ancestors, they have met on every field of contest known to penguin-kind. Now, Team Blue and Team Red will clash in the greatest game in all of history: Dodge Ball. Who will win? Find out in…


Off the court, Jeff is an average citizen. But on the court, he is The Law. Watch out! “When this ref calls foul, you best throw in the towel.”

Tate the Migrator

The next member of the Team Blue Crew, Tate is ready for anything – except maybe icebergs. “There’s no greater Migrator than my Migrator.”

Zeus the Mouse

Head of the Team Blue Crew, this slightly unsure mascot is here to dodge the ball and hopefully throw it, too. “There’s no excuse when the moose is on the loose.”


Head of the Read Team, Scarlet is an unstoppable force on the court. She can launch a power ball without messing her hair. “You’re good… But I’m better!”

Eric The Red

Silent. Skilled. Perfect. Eric the Red is known for his intense abilities. Rumored to have ninja training, Eric can peg a Puffle O from across the room. “…”

…Mouse over this Page in The Catalog to find the Hidden Secret Red Viking Helmet 750 coins BUT it doesn't matter how many times you close and open the Red Viking Helmet you still don’t get the Secret Blue Viking Helmet! This must be a BUG!

The Director :)

…Oops The Script for the Play Secret of the Bamboo Forest is still here…

…HURRAY! Script Bug Fixed :)

…BUT the Enchanted Feather Pin is STILL HERE at the Beacon! Bug!

Lets go back to the Stage and take a closer look at the Team Blue vs. Team Red Script :)

Jeff: It's the final match of the Dodge ball championship!
Zeus: Alright, here we go. Don't get nervous. Don't get nervous.
Tate: Arr! Don't worry Zeus, we're ready for this. Chin up, sailor!
Zeus: I'll try.
Jeff: In this corner, those marvelous mascots, the BLUE TEAM!
Jeff: And in this corner, the defending champs, the RED TEAM!
Scarlet: Well, this should be easy, right Eric?
Eric: . . .
Scarlet: Haha! Good one!
Jeff: Alright guys, I want a nice friendly game. I mean it.
Scarlet: You got it ref. A nice SHORT friendly game.
Tate: Hey! I heard that!
Jeff: Alright, here we go. GAME ON!
Scarlet: Ready or not, here comes my super ultra mega power ball!
note: (Scarlet throws a dodge ball.)
Zeus: Yikes! That almost took my antlers off!
Tate: Look out Zeus!
note: (Eric throws a dodge ball and misses.)
Tate: HA! Is that all you got?
Eric: . . . note: (Eric throws a dodge ball, and pegs Tate!)
Tate: Oh no! I'm down! I'm down!
Scarlet: Ha ha ha! More like Tate the SUNKEN Migrator!
Jeff: TWEET! Clean hit! Tate is out!
Eric: . . .
Zeus: Oh no! I'm all alone! I can't do this!
Scarlet: Alright, just one more power ball, and this game is OVER!
Jeff: TWEET! Foul! Too many shoes on the court!
Zeus: Wait, what?
Jeff: Someone has to take off his or her shoes. I mean it!
Scarlet: Fine, I'll take off my shoes.
Jeff: Game on!
Scarlet: Alright Zeus, any last words before you're out?
Zeus: Umm... How about 'yikes!'
Jeff: TWEET! Foul! No saying 'yikes' on the court!
Scarlet: What? That's just silly!
Zeus: Umm, sorry? I won't do it again...
Jeff: Game on!
Scarlet: As I was saying, here comes my most powerful dodge ball!
Jeff: TWEET! Foul!
Scarlet: Now what?!
Jeff: Your name is too long. You must shorten it.
Scarlet: Okay, this is getting crazy! I'm just going to throw the ball.
note: (Scarlet throws  dodge ball)
Zeus: Gadzooks!
note: (Dodge ball misses Zeus, rebounds backs)
Scarlet: Look out! Runaway dodge ball!
Eric: ! ! !
note: (Dodge ball misses Team Red, rebounds and hits Jeff!)
Jeff: TWEET! Clean hit! The ref is out!
Zeus: But wait... YOU'RE the ref!
Scarlet: Yeah, I didn't mean to hit you.
Jeff: Doesn't matter. Rules are rules. TWEET! Game on!!
Scarlet: Alright then. Let's finish this, Blue Team!
Zeus: You're on!
note: (They finish the game. It's up to you to decide who wins!)
Tate: And the winner is...
Everyone: RED TEAM!
Everyone: BLUE TEAM!
Everyone: IT'S A TIE!note: THE END.
note: Director
Director: Places please!
Director: 5 minute call, actors to the stage.
Director: Let's take it from the top!
Director: It's a wrap!

And Now a Guided Tour: Greetings from the Plaza! From here, you can visit the Pizza Parlor cheer on Team Blue and Team Red at the Stage...or you can adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop.

…Welcome to the Stage. Tickets please! Currently showing Team Blue vs. Team Red. If you're interested in a job actors, directors, and moose mascots are needed!

…Time to find some Friends to challenge in a Friendly Game :)

Under the label The Stage you will find more info about all the Club Penguin Plays :)

UPDATE: Thanks Guy Fieri for finding Shakespeare :) Click on Go Blue sign or Team Red sign and the Yellow Puffle will come and cheer :)


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