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Monday, August 22, 2011

Spy Phone message from the Director!

I was in my Igloo working to make Herbert a nice soft Cushion when I heard that we got another Spy Phone message from the Director! Sadly I didn't get the Indication of that…

August 22, 2011


ORDERS: We have a very narrow opportunity. We need a team to sneak past Herbert's security systems, and capture him before he wakes up. Top Secret Sneak Peek for EPF Agents!

…Thanks EPF Agent Babybooby for telling me about this Message :) Okay Director! I just need to do a little more sewing and then I will be ready :) By the Way I have thought about if Herbert is a Girl or not and I still thinks he is a BOY! Just more sensitive than other Polar Bears as he can’t handle the Cold! Is Herbert P Bear a GIRL! OR…

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Is Herbert P Bear a GIRL? OR…

Right now the Elite Penguin Force tries to make Herbert P Bear to Hibernate (go to a deep sleep) BUT Polar Bears DON’T Hibernate! They are fasting instead! The exception is when a Female Polar Bear expecting cubs!

…Has the EPF messed up and mistaken Herbert as a He when Herbert actually is a She? OR if Herbert actually is a he will this Hibernate mission Fail? BUT at the same time Herbert HATES the Cold, can’t Swim and is a Vegetarian so Herbert is indeed Different from most Polar Bears so HE might Hibernate :) Time will tell…

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TOP SECRET Sneak Peek Video ONLY for EPF Agents!

Spy Phone message from the Director!

I was warming up by the Fire after a lot of Snowboard Training in the Cold Ski Hills when I got a NEW Spy Phone Message! Who can it be?

August 22, 2011


CLASSIFIED: Using System Defender, we traced Herbert's location. We've blasted the area with cold air, which should make him hibernate.

…Thanks EPF Agent Echo006 for telling me about this message :) Okay Director that sounds like a Plan that might work :) Now I will waddle home to make a big soft cushion and a warm blanket for him :)

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