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Friday, September 9, 2011

Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

CONGRATS Swimpink01 your Igloo is Featured on Disney Club Penguin Community :) I LOVE this Fall Fair Igloo :) There are so much Yummy FOOD available :) I would like to have a Yummy Ice-Cream and then play Games trying to win a Plush Toy :) WELL DONE :)

Message to Club Penguin: This is the Second Igloo you posted this week…ONE Featured Igloo a Week Please! It’s a BIG deal to be Featured so PLEASE give everyone time to SEE the Igloo before you replace it!

See earlier CP Featured Igloo :)

Club Penguin Mobile Website Puffle Launch App Ad :)

Here is a Picture of the Puffle Launch App seen from an iPod on Club Penguin Mobile website :)

…Thanks Trainman1405 for posting about this :) Here is the link to use from Mobile :)

UPDATE: Here’s how it looks on an iPad :)

…Thanks Trainman1405 and Pen50gi for the Picture :)

Club Penguin Apps :)

Test Servers Beta Team is Over!

Just as we where told Yesterday the Test Servers are removed from the Beta Team File List! Test Server Update Beta Team :)

…I hope you all had FUN helping Disney Club Penguin Testing the New Chat Filter :) As many of you noticed there were LOTS of Bugs in the Test Server just as Billybob had warned us about :) Thanks to EVERYONE I met and had FUN TOGETHER with in the Test Servers some of you will be posted on a FUN with Friends Post during this Weekend :)

Join Club Penguin Beta Team :)

Herbert gone from Home Page!

If you click on the x to remove the Puffle Launch App Video from Disney Club Penguin’s Home page you will see that Herbert is no longer hiding behind the Lighthouse! Club Penguin Home Page Update :)

…That make sense as he is Hibernated :) Herbert Cam EPF :) To start the Video again just click on the Puffle launch Cannon :)

…Thanks Kingkong06 for telling me that Herbert is gone from the Home Page :) You have a GREAT eye for details :) Under the label Club Penguin Opening Picture you will find ALL Home Pages and Opening Backgrounds Club Penguin has released so far :)

UPDATE: The PINK Penguin girl with the Stamp Book is now Animated too :) Thanks Agent Hush for noticing that :) NEW ANIMATED Club Penguin Home Page :) The Only Penguin that NOT move is the Blue Cave Penguin! Hopefully Club Penguin will fix that Bug soon :)

UPDATE: The Migrator with Rockhopper and Yarr is removed too! Thanks Again Kingkong06 :)

UPDATE: The brown Ninja has a PINK part on the Black Belt! Thanks Perapin for telling me about this Bug :)

UPDATE: 15 September 2011 One Bug is Back and another Fixed…Read more at Puffle Launch Ad Removed!

Fall Fair Tree :)

The Tree Rockhopper gave me is now covered with Orange leaves and color matching my Fall Fair Igloo so well :) By the way if you are hungry for a Fish burger you are welcome to visit my Igloo and I sell five different kinds of Vegetarian burgers too :)

…See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier Pretty Anyway :)

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