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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Club Penguin on Console and Mobile?

In the Future we might be able to Play Club Penguin on Mobiles and Consoles just the way we are used to do on Internet Today :) According to Disney chief financial officer Jay Rasulo: The holy grail is an integrated system where you play Club Penguin, there's a mobile version, an online version and a console version," Rasulo added. "We haven't had this integrated strategy before." Variety

…I REALLY hope this will come true then I can Play Club Penguin EVERYWHERE! ALL THE TIME! LOL :)

Club Penguin App :) Saraapril in Disney Club Penguin :)

Puffle Polo-T-Shirt :) And Disney Store Online in German :)

This Puffle Polo T-Shirt in Grey and Dark Blue is PERFECT BOTH for Boys and Girls :) I like the Orange detail and light Blue Buttons :) And the cute, Funny and Cool expressions on the Brown Puffle, Red Puffle, Blue Puffle, Black Puffle, Orange Puffle and Green Puffle :)

Club Penguin - Polo T-Shirt with Puffles on :)

This is what Disney say about this product: Here's how to look smart with a dash of Club Penguin fun. The trendy striped polo shirt is finished with a bright contrast fabric around the buttons, printed Puffles beside a rubber badge, and a rubber logo badge near the hem.

Product Details
  • Boys' polo shirt
  • Buttons on bright contrast fabric
  • Printed Club Penguin character artwork
  • Two rubber badges
  • 85% cotton, 15% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for children aged 5 years+
  • Exclusive to Disney Store

Club Penguin Blue Hooded Top with Puffles :)

Club Penguin T-Shirt with Puffles :)

Disney Club Penguin Store is now available in German too :) I like how they spell Club Penguin is spelled Pinguin Club :)

Disney Club Penguin Store in French

Under the Label TOYS you will find Much MORE Club Penguin Items and you can buy Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items on Disney Store :)

Waiting for Rockhopper and Yarr :)

The Fair 2011 will start soon and I’m up here at the Beacon so I can tell Aunt Arctic the SECOND Rockhopper and Yarr Docks with the Migrator! She is as always SUPER EXCITED to meet Rockhopper and keeps running around cleaning her already perfectly cleaned Igloo…LOL :) I looking forward to see my Friends again too :) I have missed them SO MUCH and I can hardly WAIT to hear what Tales Rockhopper will tell us about his and Yarr’s Adventures this time :)

…Hmmm…The Migrator should be closer to shore Today then this…BUG! Well…I hope Migrator will get Strong winds so they will be here in time anyway…

…As always Rockhopper will bring us Rare items :) LOOK! That Balloon Yarr holding is another NEW balloon color item :) Thanks Funnybum554 for noticing the Balloon :)

…See you ALL at the Fair :) There will be so Much FUN to do that I will try to be EVERYWHERE and play ALL the Games at the same time…LOL :)

Club Penguin Fair Preparations 2011 :)

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