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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I met Rockhopper in Server Aurora :) FUN with Friends :)

I was Server Hopping Tracking Rockhopper and Yarr and in the Captain’s Quarter I found my Friends :) Rockhopper doesn’t have a new background to give out this time BUT his Player card Picture is New :)

…Rockhopper wanted to look for Treasures :)

…but just as we were about to start play the Treasure Hunt game he…

…started to run around as a beard flee had bit him and changed his mind…LOL :) Back standing on the stairs Rockhopper asked if we could help him find him a Treasure :) Hi Muper Sario do you want to Play Treasure Hunt?

…WAIT! Rockhopper is HUNGRY! and said I be in mod for a squid Pizza! PIRATE PARADE!


…Waddle On :)

…I decided to use the Map and jump ahead to tell other Penguins that Rockhopper were in the Server so they didn't miss him :)

…Yes :) Rockhopper will soon be here :)

…What taking him so long? I went out to the Plaza and there were Lologuino and Firemelter99 helping other Penguins to find Rockhopper :) GREAT TEAMWORK!

…HURRAY! Rockhopper is here and he is HUNGRY!!! LOL :)

…Rockhopper is so kind and made sure that we ALL got our Favorite toppings on our Pizzas :) Thanks Rockhopper this seaweed Pizza you made is so Yummy :)

…Rockhopper smiled Happily and said Arr! only the finest ingredients! Make the BEST Pizza :)

…When we ALL had our stomachs filled with Pizza Rockhopper said Time to Find Treasure! To the Iceberg :)

…Hi Everyone don’t leave this room Rockhopper is on his way :)


…Both Yarr and Rockhopper LOVES to slide :) Weeee!!!!

…This is so Much FUN I said and Rockhopper answered That be better than a bowl of Treasure :)

…Rockhopper have to leave soon but first he  reminded everyone to pick up his Autographed Background :) If ye have me background ye be me buddy :)

…Yarr wanted to slide just one more time…


…Just before they left Rockhopper whispered to me: Say Hello to your Aunt Arctic from me and say that I will come by her Igloo to tell her about my latest Adventures…Okay Rockhopper I will :)

…Me hearties! thanks for the fun this be time for me to go!

…I need to plan my next adventure Farwell! Bye and Thanks for the FUN Rockhopper and Yarr :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

The Fair is Here by Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
It's finally here!!! I don't know about you, but this is one of my favorite parties. It's very cool to see you all celebrating with your new Fair items!

Sometimes with an update this huge, we have a few bugs we need to squash. The team worked through the night last night to squash them and they should be fixed now. We really appreciate you letting us know about them. Thanks for being so patient!
What do you think of the new stuff, like the Bumper Car course or Spin to Win? Let us know in the comments below!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

You very Welcome :) But there are still Bugs that needs to be Fixed! I LOVE the Bumper cars and ALL the Fair games :) Pizza Eating Contest is FUN too I ALWAYS WIN…LOL :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)


Right now I’m having FUN Playing Games to earn the Tickets I should have needed to get all the Fair items BUT as I got anyway due to a Club Penguin BUG! MAJOR fair 2011 Ticket BUG! I think it is more FUN to earn my items then get them for Free! So now I have so Much FUN earning Tickets :) I like that Club Penguin has updated some of the Fair Games so that the Orange Puffle and The Brown Puffle are Playing too :) Puffle Shuffle :)

…Puffle Paddle :)

…Feed-A-Puffle :) I LOVE that ALL Puffle Colors are in this Game so we ALL can Play TOGETHER :)

…Orange Puffle Bug! The Orange Puffle’s fur curl is visible BUT…

…another Puffle color jumps up!

…This is how I am dressed right now I LOVE the Squid Hug item :)Waddle On and Have TONS of Fair FUN :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

Saraapril’s Fair Decorated Stamp Book :)

I have decorated my Stamp Book Cover with HOT PINK, Stars, Music icon, Rockhopper and Fair Theme Pins :) LOOK! The Text Font on Saraapril is changed! How to Customize your Stamp Book :)

…This is how my Stamp Book was decorated earlier Saraapril’s Island Adventure Stamp Book :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

Buddy List BUG!

My Brother Littletias is on my Buddy List and TOGETHER we tested a BUG! Hi Littletias FUN to see you here in Club Penguin and in real life at the same time…LOL :)

…Here is the Bug! After Littletias logged out he was still shown as Online on my Buddy List!

…Thanks Indy 4321 for telling me about this Buddy List Bug :) Littletias and I did some more Testing and this time Littletias wasn't on my Buddy List even if he stood right beside me!

…BUT I was on HIS Buddy List!

…I logged off and I keep being shown Online on his Buddy List BUT when Littletias clicked on my location it said Saraapril is Offline!

…Thanks Littletias for helping me Testing this :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

Bumper FUN for EVERYONE BUG :)

The Bumper Cars room was announced as a Member Only Area BUT due to a Bug EVERYONE can enter and Slide Around at the Bumper Cars Arena :) Without the car you can’t bump down the obstacles BUT you can still have FUN Bumping around :)

…This Bug will make TONS of Non Members HAPPY :) FINALLY a HAPPY BUG :) THANKS Littletias for letting me borrow your Penguin for this Animation :) Club Penguin Membership FUN September 2011 :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

Prizes Booth BUG!

When I tested to Redeem Tickets I have earned in the Fair Games with a Non member Penguin I got this Message: Oops! You need to purchase a membership to buy %type%. We would love to have you join. Click the button below to see more about membership. WHAT!?! These Items in the Forest Booth are to win for ALL Penguins!!! To Test  I clicked Okay and…

...Then I got STUCK in a FOREVER LOADING BUG and had to Log off! Sigh…There are WAY to MANY BUGS on this Party!!!

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

UPDATE: These Bug are now Fixed :)

PIN BUG in Stamp Book!

Today I got some Pin BUGS! First I lost the Milkshake Pin and had to go and Pick it up again at The Dojo Courtyard and now I saw that the Purple Balloon Pin isn't in my Stamp Book…

…it should be on this Page…

…BUT I have the Purple Balloon Pin in my Inventory and I can add it to my Player card :)

…Again Club Penguin there are WAY to Many BUGS in this Fair Party 2011!!! Club Penguin BUGS!

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

UPDATE: The Purple Balloon Pin is added BUT the Released date is WRONG!!!

Puffle Soaker BUG! ANIMATED :)

When I Playing Puffle Soaker I sometimes get a Green Color BUG using the keyboard Arrows similar to the Cart Surfer BUG!

…Thanks Echo006 for telling me about this Game color Bug :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

Fair and Rockhopper Postcards added :)

The Fair and Rockhopper Postcards are here again so make sure to send a Greeting to your Friends :)

…Sadly the Fairy Fables Postcard isn't added!

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

Brown Puffle at Circus ANIMATED :)

Many of my Friends are Non Members so for all of you I have Animated the Brown Puffle at the Great Puffle Circus :) Drumroll…And now let’s Presenting The Great Pufflini! AWESOME! The Brown Puffle is both SMART and cute :) Claps, Claps :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

Free Background in Ski Village CHEATS :)

How to Find the Secret Step Up Background? If you click on the Camera you will have your Picture Taken and…

…You have found a Step Right Up Background :) Would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

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