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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Puffle Shuffle Game BUG!

When I play Puffle Shuffle it doesn't show how many tickets I earn as it should! BUG!

…Thanks A11766 for telling me about this Bug :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

Club Penguin Puffle Pyjamas :)

Look at this Super cute Pyjamas in Purple and Grey with the White Puffle and the text I’m cute and Fluffy! I like all the HAPPY PINK, Purple and White Puffles on the pants :)

This is what Disney tells us: What could be cuter than pyjamas with puffles on it? One of those Club Penguin pets appears in glitter print on the long sleeve top above the 'I'm cute and fluffy' slogan, while dozens more cover the comfy patterned bottoms.

Product Details
  • Girls' 2 piece pyjama set
  • Long sleeve top
  • Large glitter print Club Penguin design and slogan
  • Elasticated bottoms with all-over pattern
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for children aged 5 years+
  • Exclusive to Disney Store
  • Can be personalised
  • Choose a maximum of 12 characters including spaces
  • Personalisation applied using embroidery
  • Personalisation will appear on the top right of the top
Please note:
  • Personalisation is optional and the product shown is also available without personalisation
  • Different techniques suit specific fonts and we work hard to match the typeface to the product
  • While we make every effort to add your message as shown, actual colours are subject to availability
  • Personalisation service available with standard delivery only and the usual returns policy does not apply - please see terms & conditions Disney Store UK :) Thanks (Penguin name?) for telling me about this :)

Hmmm…It doesn't look like Glitter Print on this Picture!?!

…Here is a close up on the Pajamas so you better can see the Quality and how the Puffles look like :)

Club Penguin Girls Hat :) PINK Puffle :)

Club Penguin Big Face Hooded Top :) PINK Puffle :)

Under the Label TOYS you will find Much MORE Club Penguin Items and you can buy Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items on Disney Store :)

Bumper Car Party :) FUN with Friends :)

THANKS to EVERYONE that came to the Bumper Cars Party it was so Much FUN to talk and Play TOGETHER with you :) Bumper Cars Party Invitation:) Welcome to the Bumper Cars Party :)

…Thanks Perfume233 :)


…LOL :) GREAT JOKE Azerty15 :)

…It was so HARD but FUN to Move Around :)

…Thanks for the song Bonbon Salad :) Oops! Sophie0983…LOL :)

…I LOVE to talk TOGETHER with Friends and I tried to answer as many questions as possible :) Sierra890 asked me What’s your favorite Color? The answer is PINK!!!

…THANKS for reading my Blog :)

…THANKS Lightygreen :) One Balloon Please :)

…TOGETHER we had so Much CRAZY Bumper Cars FUN :)

…Hugs Back :)

…After the Party I will send Postcards :)

…Dorian1453 gave Popcorn to EVERYONE :)

…Driving and eating at the same time is DANGEROUS…OOPS! CRASH! LOL :)

…My Car moves again WOHOOO!!!


…THANKS for the Rare Flower it was so PRETTY :) And THANKS for all the Party Food you brought with you :) Yummy Cake! Pizza! Popcorn and Ice-Cream :) I ate so much that I almost got stuck in the car…LOL :)

…Bumper Cars Parade :)

…TOGETHER we Drove Waddled into the Plaza :)

…This is FUN :)

…Through the Forest and…

…to the Community Garden :)

…Time to send Postcards :)

…I tried to send as many as Possible :) Sadly some Penguins had a FULL Mailbox (just like me) so I couldn't send one when they asked me to…

…THANKS for all THE FUN! Bye for now and Remember TOGETHER WE ROCK!

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

Haley7249’s Birthday Party :) FUN with Friends :)

Haley7249 invited me to her Birthday Party :)

…WOW! you have so much Yummy CANDY  :) I LOVE this Tasteful decorated Igloo :) Hi Coolgirl670 :)

…We had so much FUN Dancing and Talking TOGETHER :) Today you are older than Yesterday…LOL :)

…Time to open your Presents :) I gave Haley7249 a little Pony statue and Coolgirl670 brought the best homemade ice-cream I ever have tasted :)

…Happy Birthday to you…La la la laaaa…

…Bumper Cars FUN :)

…HAPPY Bumper Cars RUNNING! Thanks for keeping the Puffles safe Eheffernan5 they haven’t moved during the Party so I think they are a little scared of the cars…LOL :)

…Thank for the Party Haley7249 and have a GREAT BIRTHDAY :)

See More FUN with Friends :)

Bumper Cars Party INVITATION :)

I LOVE to Play TOGETHER with Friends in Club Penguin and Today you are Invited to a One Room Mini Party :)

Date: Saturday September 24, 2011 :)

Time: 11.00 am PST (If you need help with the Time look at the clock at Snow Forts :)

Room: Stadium

Server: Will be added here a few minutes before the Party starts :)

UPDATE: The Party is in Server Northern Lights :)

Party Tips: If you have a car take it with you if not you are Welcome anyway :) Sadly my Buddy List is Full so I can’t add OR see if you send me a Buddy Invite so please don’t ask me to add! BUT You don’t need to be on my Buddy List to be my Friend :) If you have a Postcard from me we are Club Penguin Friends :)

…I can’t see you while sending Postcards so during the Party I will send none as I want to be able to TALK, PLAY and have FUN TOGETHER with you :) After the Bumper Cars Party is over I will waddle to the Community Garden to send Postcards :) If you want a Postcard your Mailbox must have LESS than 50 saved Postcards in it otherwise I can’t send you one…

…Welcome to the One Room Party :)

…Now I will Practice my Bumper Skills…LOL :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

UPDATE: Bumper cars Party :) FUN with Friends :)

Club Penguin Sub Menu BUG!

Look at this! I’m at Fun Activities on Disney Club Penguin’s Website BUT the Navigation Bar shows Global Citizenship…

…and when I looking at Fan Gallery I get the Mobil Apps Highlighted…BUG!

…Thanks Gärtrudä for telling me about this :)

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UPDATE: October 4, 2011 This Bug is now Fixed :)

Balloon Pop Game Location BUG!

In the Club Penguin Times issue 309 we can read Tips for Fair Games and here Club Penguin has messed up! Walk your Puffle into Balloon Pop at the Forest for a fun surprise…


…BUG!!! The Balloon Pop Game is as ALWAYS located here in the Bonus Game Room!

…Time to Play :)

…Thanks Bballnpba201 and Trainman1405 for this Fair Party 2011 Bug :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

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