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Friday, September 30, 2011

Puffle Launch on Android TODAY :)

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
Thanks to everyone that picked up a copy of Puffle Launch on their iPods, iPhones and iPads... You guys made it a Top 10 app on the App Store!
Back when we announced the mobile version, many of you asked for the game on your Android device. I'm happy to say... Puffle Launch is available on the Android Market TODAY!

Let us know what you think of the Android version, and what you'd like to see improved in future updates. We'd love to hear your thoughts on how to make it better.
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Thanks for the Update Billybob:) This News makes MANY Penguins HAPPY :) You can buy it here at Android Market :)

Puffle Launch Mobile App FAQ Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin App :)

Farm Animals Party INVITATION :)

It was so Much FUN to Play with you at the Bumper cars Party and some of you wished for another Fair Party so here it is :) You are Invited to The Farm Animals one Room Mini Party :)

Date: Saturday October 1, 2011 :)

Time: 10.00 am PST (If you need help with the Time look at the clock at Snow Forts :)

Room: Beach

Server: Will be added here a few minutes before the Party starts :)

UPDATE: The Party is in Server Klondike :)

Party Outfit: Try to dress up as a Farm Animal or a Farmer that take care of the Animals :)

Postcard Tips: Sadly my Buddy List is Full so I can’t add OR see if you send me a Buddy Invite so please don’t ask me to add! BUT You don’t need to be on my Buddy List to be my Friend :) If you have a Postcard from me we are Club Penguin Friends :)

…I can’t see you while sending Postcards so during the Party I will send none as I want to be able to TALK, PLAY and have FUN TOGETHER with you :) After the Farm Animals Party is over I will waddle up to the Beacon and there I will send Postcards :) If you want a Postcard your Mailbox must have LESS than 50 saved Postcards in it otherwise I can’t send you one and please don’t crowd instead spread out so I can click on you :)

…Welcome to the Farm Animals Party :)

Club Penguin Farm Animals Party Invitation fair 2011, Saraapril

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

UPDATE: Farm Animals Party :) FUN with Friends :)

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

HURRAY! MORE FUN at The Fair Artwork is Posted on Club Penguin Community :) This HAPPY Penguin Girl has earned Tickets playing Fair Games and will now Trade them for Prizes in the Forest Prize Booth :) I LOVE that the Penguin girl both has Tickets in her flipper and in her Pocket and look how cute the Purple Puffle is with a Jingle Jangle hat on :) GREAT ARTWORK Camilota4 :)

…Elisabath02 has made a HAPPY Penguin girl on her way to see The Great Puffle Circus :) I like that the Yellow Puffle is standing outside the Circus Tent to Welcome her :) GOOD WORK :)

…The Fair Prize Trapeze Hat is a Perfect Fit for a cool Night Club Dancing Penguin :) I LOVE all the colors and Movements in this Picture :) GREAT WORK :)

…and now the Delightful Diving PINK Puffle will show you the most amazing Trick…I LOVE The Great Puffle Circus and I like how confident the Pink Puffle looks like and that the Ring Master Penguin looks little worried asking the audience for silence…COOL DRAWING :)

…WOW! So many Puffles performing and TOGETHER they make this Circus GREAT :) I LOVE all the details in this Drawing WELL DONE :)

…TONS of Balloons and a Ticket Rain! COOL Idea :) I like the sparkle from the Green Penguins tooth! WELL DONE :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

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Penguin Around the World :)

Today we got more Adventure Pictures from Aunt Arctic :) The Orange Puffle had so Much FUN Playing with this BIG Wagon :) BUT WAIT!!! Aunt Arctic has messed up the Pictures AGAIN! This is an OLD Picture and you can see it here Penguins Around the World :)

…Cool Bike Black Puffle BUT why so Grumpy…LOL :)

…A Honey Bee sitting in a Tree :)

…The PINK Puffle had so Much FUN driving a Blue Bumper car :)

…Time to ROCK!

…The Black Puffle showed Fire Sensei and Rock Penguin how to play Tennis :)

…Thanks for the Pictures Aunt A and if possible can we get Only NEW Pictures next time?

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