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Saturday, October 1, 2011

OH NO!!!

My potted plants didn't start growing after I sang to them last week on the contrary they seem to do WORSE! This is NOT Good! Did I sang the wrong song or…WAIT! Now I remember! I started to sing for my plants just after I ate Mom’s yummy pasta salad with GARLIC! OH NO!!!

…What to do? WHAT TO DO!?! I need to be QUICK before my plants DIES!

…I will try to add something sweet like Cotton Candy hopefully this will help…

…See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier Flower Songs :)

My Buddy List is EMPTY! BUG!

Right now I have the Empty Buddy List BUG!

…BUT Billybob told us that this Bug was FIXED! Buddy List Bug Update by Billybob :) Sigh…There are WAY too many Bugs in Club Penguin! At least the Users in Room Feature works :)

…this Bug makes me worried! I HOPE Club Penguin will manage to add all the NEW Features they promised us WITHOUT major Bugs this time…Special Update Video from Billybob :)

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UPDATE: My Buddy List is Back :)

No Buddy Online OR…BUG!

Sometimes the ”Your Suggested Servers” list indicate that No Buddies are online BUT some are playing in available servers anyway…BUG!

…Both I and Littletias are in the same Room BUT the friend icon that should be there is NOT! And no matter what room Littletias is in the question mark for find buddy online is NOT working!

…Please Club Penguin can you fix this? Thanks :) See more problems at Buddy List BUG!

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Farm Animals Party :) FUN with Friends :)

THANKS to EVERYONE that came to the Farm Animal Party :) It was so Much FUN to meet you all and Talk, Dance and Play TOGETHER :) Farm Animal Party INVITATION :)

…All Cows to the Barn :)

…The Roosters are HUNGRY and so am I LOL :) Candy Apples to EVERYONE :)

…They are YUMMY :)

…FUN talking with Friends :)


…THANKS to ALL Farmers that helped Feed the Cows, Roosters, Sheep, Dogs, Cats and all other Animals :)

…Time to end this Farm Animal Party and waddle to the Beacon to Send Postcards :)

…To the Beacon :)

…Sadly I had the Postcard BUG so I couldn't send Postcards this Time! BUGS ARE NOT COOL!

…Sorry Friends I really wish Club Penguin could fix all the BUGS! As you wish I will open my Igloo instead…


…My Puffles and I are so HAPPY that you could come :) Help yourself to Ice-Cream, Candy Apples and Yummy Blueberry Jam :)

…Then we had FUN TOGETHER at The GREAT Puffle Circus :)

…This Unicycle TOGETHER Trick is very Hard and almost impossible to do without falling off BUT we did it! GREAT WORK EVERYONE…LOL :)

…Time for next Room but first I will change outfit…There! Thanks for waiting :)

…Time for a Yummy Hot Chocolate Treat :) I LOVE the Yellow Car Table :)

…Let’s make the Snow Cone Pin :) And a BIG THANKS to EVERYONE that entertained us all with different kinds of Circus Acts :)

…THANKS Mayaal this is the BEST Milkshake I EVER Tasted :)

…AND the YUMMIEST Ice Cream, Snow Cones, Cotton Candy and Popcorn too :) THANKS EVERYONE :)

…THANKS for all the FUN Friends :) See you all another time in Club Penguin :) Waddle on :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

Under this label you will find MORE FUN with Friends :)

Ignore List BUG! And MORE!

Right now there is a Bug with the Ignore list! If you add someone to the Ignore list you normally can’t hear that Penguin BUT right now you will!

…Thanks Littletias for helping me testing this :) I will take you off my Ignore List now OR…just kidding…LOL :) Done! Yes I KNOW it’s my turn to empty the dishwasher WAIT! I will Ignore you again…NOPE That Feature is GONE! And even if we BOTH Log off and then Login again I can’t Ignore my brother…

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Send Mail…Postcard BUG!

Right now I have a Send a Mail BUG! When I click on Send Mail the Catalog doesn't open!

…I have no Problem to open the Stamp Book :) I hope Club Penguin fix this Send a Mail Bug soon!

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UPDATE: October 2, 2011 This Bug is now Fixed :)

Club Penguin Payday :) October 1, 2011 :)

Today October 1, 2011 hard working Penguins will get their paychecks in the mail :) I’m an EPF Agents

…and a Tour Guide :) So I have earned 600 coins :)

...Recycle in! Instead of Recycle! The Text should be ENGLISH in this Sever NOT German! BUG!

…THANK-YOU Club Penguin for these coins I will need them later Today when I send Postcards to my Friends :) Farm Animal Party INVITATION :) Now I will see if there is anyone around that wants to have a FUN and Friendly Snowball Fight here at the Fair decorated Snow Forts :) Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

…yes it is :) GREAT thrown Smookey20050 :)

See earlier Paycheck in Mailbox September 1, 2011 :)

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