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Monday, October 3, 2011

Club Penguin FAN Art :)

I LOVE the Puffle Circus :) Look! The Blue Puffles is performing for us :) I like that you drawn the cute blue Puffle while bouncing upside down :) GOOD WORK :)

...HURRAY! HURRAY!! GREAT PUFFLE BOUNCING! I LOVE the clapping Penguins and HAPPY Smiles in this Drawing :) AWESOME WORK :)

…Fair games are so Much FUN and here you have drawn the Memory Game :) Thanks for this drawing :) GOOD WORK :) Club Penguin Fair Party 2011 :)

…As Billybob showed us earlier Puffle Hats and Puffles with Hats Toys will soon be here :) LOOK! A GREEN Halloween Franken Puffle…SCARY! BUT I like the cute smile :) GOOD WORK :)

…WOW! This Puffle has the Secret Hidden Sombrero Hat on that right now can be seen in Club Penguin Times :) GREAT SMILE and GREAT Details in this Drawing AWESOME ARTWORK :)

…LOOK at ME Cadence! I can DANCE :) GREAT Movements and GREAT ARTWORK :)

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Penguins Around the World :)

Aunt Arctic sent me More Pictures and wrote that right now Rockhopper planning a trip to Mexico :) WOW! That will be an interesting Country to Explore :)

…Sensei looked for signs but found none…

…BUT the Puffles had FUN training Card-Jitsu :) Oops! Aunt A it looks like the Brown Puffle got startled when you look this picture…LOL :)

…Gary did some Glasses Experiments and…

…Cadence and Lolz trained TOGETHER on a NEW Dance :)

…While the Orange Puffle found a NEW COOL Fur style :)

…Thanks for the Adventure Update AA :) Have a FUN week :)

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Oops! Booth Background Detail Bug!

In the Forest Prize Booth you can see that the Background on display is from LAST Year NOT this Year! Oops! This Detail Bug has been here since the Party Started!

…But don’t worry when you click on the Prizes you will find this Years Fair Background :) Fair Prizes to Win :)

Thanks A11766 for this Bug you have a GREAT eye for details :)

Club Penguin Fair 2011 CHEATS :)

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