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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How do I Unlock Items Online? Club Penguin :)

How do I unlock my items online? Help Guide, Walkthrough Tutorial Cheats :)

Code Unlocks Tutorial :) How Do I Unlock Items? And Treasure Book Answers :)

1. When you see this icon , you know your Club Penguin toy or product has a code that will unlock items online. Make sure to keep the code safe – it can only be used once, so don't lose it!

2. Go to Login with your penguin name and password. If you don't already have a penguin, first create a free account.

3. You'll need your toy code (on the back of the coin) , or your book with you. Choose the product that you have, and follow the steps below:

How to unlock a toy code:

1. If you have a toy, click on the "I've got a Code" tab, then enter your toy code and click the 'Next' button. Make sure you enter the code exactly as it appears

2. Enter your code correctly, and you'll gain access to the Treasure Book!

3. If you unlock a puffle code, you'll be asked to give your pet a name! If you already have the maximum 20 puffles, you'll receive a bonus item instead.

4. If your code unlocks a special item that you already have the maximum of, you'll receive a bonus item instead.

5. To learn how to choose your items, see “Choosing your Treasure Book items” below.

How to unlock a book code:

1. If you have a book, first click on the "I've got a Book" tab, and find the code word by following the directions given in the question. Be sure to enter the word exactly as it appears in the book.

2. Enter the word correctly, and you'll receive a special book item for your penguin and some coins.

3. You can only have one book item - any further book codes you enter will give you coins.

Choosing your Treasure Book items:

1. The top bar of the Treasure Book shows how many items you get to unlock. Flip through the pages, then select the items you want.

2. Once you're finished selecting your final item, click 'Yes' to redeem it. You'll be taken to a congratulations screen, where you can either click "Enter another code" to add more codes, or "Play now!" to access your account.

3. If you unlock 5 items, you'll be able to access the rare, Super Exclusive items page AND receive 2 extra bonus items!

2011-10-04 23.16.17 3 - Copy

Treasure Book items work for both members and free accounts. If you have a code that doesn't work, or experience any other difficulties, please contact Club Penguin Community Support.

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Under the Label TOYS you will find Much MORE Club Penguin Items and you can buy Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items on Disney Store :)

Nyan Puffle Part 2 Puffle Hat :)

Club Penguin has made a NEW Nyan Puffle Video this time the Orange Puffle finds a HAT! Puffle Hats are HERE!!!

…I LOVE this FUNNY Video and I Vote for Number 3 :)

Nyan Puffle Part 1 YouTube Video by Happy77 :)

I LOVE PINK Princess Puffle Hat :)

The Puffle Hats are AWESOME and I LOVE them ALL so MUCH!!!! The Pretty PINK Princess Cap is so cute on Sweet and she LOVES to wear it :) Here Sweet and I are HAPPILY Waddling around TOGETHER in the Forest :) BUT I have one question Why is my Puffles Princess Hat BIGGER than Mine? LOL :)

Puffle Hats :)

How to add a Puffle Hat on My Puffle?

Club Penguin Membership FUN October 2011 :)

What’s New? October is FULL of new features and spooky surprises for members!

  • Be the first to style your pet with all new Puffle Hats from the Puffle Catalog
  • Enter the dark Chamber if you dare…and claim your slimy prize
  • Get the new Halloween Costumes – from headless horsemen to unicorns
  • And coming in November: Prepare for an epic Card-Jitsu Party tournament!

See earlier Membership FUN September 2011 :)

Unlock Items Online Update :)

The Unlock items Online icon is Updated and looks like this Now :)

…You find the icon here at Disney Club Penguin Home Page…

…and here at the Suggested Severs page :) This is how the Unlock items Online Icon looked like earlier Today Puffle Hats login Background :)

…if you click on the Unlock items Online icon at the Home Page you will have to login before you can open the chest :) Click on the Penguin you want to Unlock items to…

…Next :)

2011-10-04 21.01.24 - Copy

…Login as a different Penguin…DONE :)

…if you click on the icon at the Suggested Servers page you will get this Treasure Chest :) Unlock your item. Choose an option. I’ve got a Book :) I’ve got a Code :)

How do I Unlock items Online? Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: Treasure Book Answers :)

Puffle with Hat TOYS :)

Today Disney Club Penguin Updated their Toys Page :) Three Plush Puffles with Hats can be bought as part of Series 10 Puffles :) White Puffle with Puffle Launch Hat :) Blue Puffle with Pharaoh Hat :) Orange Puffle with Frankenpuffle Hat :) I LOVE that when buying this we can unlock these cool Puffle Hats to our Puffles Online too :) Puffle Hats :) UPDATE: Unlock Puffle Bandanas Puffle Hats :)

Featured Toy! Exclusive Puffle Hats!

Build igloo empires, go trick-or-treating, or hit the slopes together... in matching hats! These exclusive puffle plush toys come with their own unique hats. Each toy has a special coin code that unlocks the same hat in Club Penguin.
Available for a limited time only.

4" White Puffle with Snowflake Helmet :)

Hit the slopes together! This puffle includes a special coin code that unlocks this exclusive hat in Club Penguin! Available for a limited time only. White Puffle with Snowflake Helmet + 1 treasurebook item


4" Blue Puffle with Pharaoh Hat :) Rule ancient kingdoms together!This puffle includes a special coin code that unlocks this exclusive hat in Club Penguin! Available for a limited time only. Blue Puffle with Pharaoh Hat + 1 treasurebook item

4" Orange Puffle with Franken Hat :) It's aliiiive! Scare trick-or-treaters together! This puffle includes a special coin code that unlocks this exclusive hat in Club Penguin! Available for a limited time only. Orange Puffle with Franken Hat + 1 treasurebook item

Unlock Items Online! Club Penguin toys come with a special code to unlock exclusive virtual items. What item will you unlock? How do I Unlock items Online? Club Penguin :)

Where to Buy? Take Club Penguin with you wherever you go. Get the latest toy penguins, puffles and more! Shop online or visit a toy store near you. Where to buy Club Penguin Toys?

The Treasure Book :) Check out all the virtual items you can unlock using your special code. The Treasure Book is full of exclusive and rare items. What item will you choose? The Treasure Book :)

…Some other Plush Toys comes with specific items to Unlock too :)

More Plush Puffles Series 10 :)

…Under the Label TOYS you will find Much MORE Club Penguin Items and you can buy Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items on Disney Store :)

Puffle Catalog CHEATS :)

The Puffle Catalog is updated with PUFFLE HATS and a NEW NAME :) You find the Catalog here inside the Pet Shop :)

FOOD :) Stock up on tasty treats for your Puffle. Head to your igloo to find out what snacks your pet likes best! Bunch of 5 carrots 20 coins, Bunch of 10 Carrots 40 coins, Pack of Puffle O’s 200 coins, Box of Pizza 40 coins, 2 Boxes of Pizza 80 coins and 3 Boxes of Pizza 120 coins :) ALL Penguins can buy Food for their Puffles and non Member Free Playing Penguins can buy Super Toys for the Puffles they have Adopted :)

…Pack of Bubble Gum 50 coins, Box of Cookies 100 coins, Double Dish 80 coins and Water Bottle 50 coins :) Bedzzz :) Give your Pet a soft area to snooze. They’ll find sweet dremzzz in these bedzzz :) Brown Bed 250 coins, Yellow Bed 250 coins, Red Bed 250 coins, Blue Bed 250 coins, Purple Bed 250 coins, Pink Bed 250 coins, Orange Bed 250 coins and Green Bed 250 coins :)

…White Bed 250 coins and Grey Bed 250 coins :)

…Water Dish 50 coins :)

Puffle Hats :) Help your Puffle express its unique personality with a stylish hat! Sombrero 200 coins, Pirate Hat 200 coins, Princess Cap 200 coins, Candy Cane Cap 200 coins and Propeller Cap 200 coins :)

…Tiara 200 coins, Headphones 200 coins, Gear Hat 200 coins, Jester Hat 200 coins and Crown 200 coins :)

Toys :) This furniture will inspire your Puffle to play! Running Wheel 150 coins, Puffle Washer 450 coins, Salon Chair 400 coins, Large Scratching Post 250 coins and Puffle Igloo 400 coins :)

…Mouse over this Page to find the Hidden Secret Puffle Condo 280 coins :)

Super Toys :) Treat your Puffle to a Special Toy! Important: Each Puffle species will only play with its own Toy. To Play, drag each Toy to Your Puffle :) Red Puffle’s Cannon 200 coins, Blue Puffle’s Bouncy Ball 200 coins, Green Puffle’s Propeller Cap 200 coins, Purple Puffle’s Disco Ball 200 coins and Yellow Puffle’s Director’s Chair and Camera 200 coins :)

…Black Puffle’s Hot Sause 200 coins, White Puffle’s Skate 200 coins, PINK Puffle’s Trampoline 200 coins, Brown Puffle’s Rocket 200 coins and Orange Puffle’s Wagon 200 coins :)

Houses :) Give your Puffle a comfy spot to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy Igloo :) Orange House 500 coins, Green House 500 coins, Purple House 500 coins, Yellow House 500 coins, Brown House 500 coins, Blue House 500 coins and Pink House 500 coins :)

…White House 500 coins, Red House 500 coins and Grey House 500 coins :)

…The End :)

…The earlier Puffle Catalog were called Pet Furniture Love your Pet :)

How to add a Puffle Hat on my Puffle?

Puffle Handbook Adopt a Puffle :)

Take care of your Puffle in your Igloo :)

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